Friday, September 26, 2008

Gore the Vandal

By Alan Caruba

Did you see the news item about Al Gore’s speech this week in which he urged “civil disobedience” to stop the construction of coal-fired plants to meet our nation’s growing need for more electrical power?

Gore epitomizes what I suspect future generations will call “The Great Global Warming Hoax”, but in the meantime, he is able to generate the bogus science and anti-energy propaganda that is at the core of environmental ideology.

If it is possible, Great Britain is infected even worse with this idiocy. In early September, a jury hearing a case in which thousands of dollars of damage had been perpetrated against a coal-fired power station decided that the six people involved had a “lawful excuse” to vandalize the Kingsnorth power station in Kent because global warming posed an even greater threat and the plant was contributing to it.

One of those testifying at the trial was NASA’s James Hansen who is generally credited with starting the global warming panic back in the 1988 with testimony before Congress that we were doomed. At the UK trial, he called for a moratorium on coal-fired plants.

So far as Al Gore and his fellow global warming charlatans are concerned, the reduction of energy, whether it be electricity to power our homes and businesses or oil to fuel our cars and trucks, must be curtailed and then replaced with “clean” alternatives such as wind and solar power, and biofuels.

Meanwhile, Gore grows wealthy giving speeches and collecting money for “carbon credits”, the modern equivalent of Confederate currency.

There is no global warming. The Earth is into a cooling cycle that is now a decade old. It is getting colder all over the Earth and it will continue for several decades or, if we are at the beginning of a new Ice Age—a possibility—the prospects are beyond imagining. The assertion that carbon dioxide (CO2) is responsible for a global warming that is not happening is equally absurd.

It just so happens that generating power, with the exception of nuclear and hydroelectric, generates CO2.

The good news that some 28 coal-fired plants are under construction in the United States and another 20 projects have permits or are near the start of construction. Electrical power will flow, though it is widely agreed that the “grid” that distributes it is in much need of expansion and upgrading.

Gore’s advocacy of vandalism against coal-fired plants is yet another example of his growing desperation. It does not matter that he received a Nobel Peace Prize or an Oscar for the lies perpetrated by his so-called documentary. All that says is that the institutions bestowing these honors are corrupt, stupid, or both.

When you consider how close the United States came to electing Al Gore President, a shiver of cold fear should go through you and it should remind you that the same party that nominated him has nominated a Marxist Manchurian candidate to be your next President.

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Longstreet said...

Absolutely right, Alan... except for one thing. Confederate money was and IS of more value than "Carbon Credits"! HA! I could not resist!

Have a gudun!