Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Electing a Moron

By Alan Caruba

It’s not that long ago that former President George W. Bush was being characterized as a dimwit. In truth, because he was not a smooth talker, he often came across as less than a deep thinker. I am not sure the job requires a deep thinker because those who fit that description often turned out to be a disaster. The job’s best description is “leader.”

It is important to remember that the decade in which Bush served was one of consumer confidence, a healthy economy, marred initially by 9/11 and later by the decision to invade Iraq and depose a vicious despot who had warred with Iran and invaded Kuwait. Many Americans grew tired of the war and the subsequent occupation.

Only at the very end of Bush’s term, September 2008, did the nation suddenly encounter the financial turmoil that the mortgage “bubble” generated. It was long in coming and fearful in its immediate consequences. Congress voted a $700 billion bailout program for banks and insurance companies.

Candidate Obama had almost nothing to say about the crisis, but all during the campaign the mainstream media kept telling us that he had a giant IQ. He had already written two books even if both were about himself.

And, yes, he had taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago, but few on the faculty have any recall of him. Indeed, his college transcripts, as well as his birth certificate, are all still carefully hidden from public view.

So we have only the last six months by which to judge him by his actions. A delightful blog by Theo Sparks has posted two lists demonstrating that just over half the voters in 2008 elected a moron.

So far on Obama’s watch:

He has doubled the national debt.

Announced the termination of the space defense system the day after the North Koreans launched an ICBM.

Against the advice and urgings for his own CIA director and the prior four directors, he released information on intelligence gathering.

Announced that he would close Guantanamo without having any idea what to do with its detainees, all of whom are hard-core jihadists. Several of those released have since returned to the terrorist trade.

Spent a lot of time in foreign nations apologizing for things about which most Americans take pride.

Told Mexicans that the violence in their country was our fault because some of the guns they use to kill each other had been purchased in the U.S.

Appointed an Attorney General who orchestrated the forced removal and return to Cuba of a nine-year-old whose mother died to give him a life of freedom in America.

Caused panic in New York by authorizing the flight of Air Force One over New York for a photo you can purchase with Photo Shop for less than a dollar. The flight cost $400.000.

Told the Iranian protesters in the streets of Tehran that the U.S. would not “meddle” in the affairs of their nation, but did not hesitate to tell the Prime Minister of Israel that his nation had to stop building new settlements to house its growing population.

Initiated the nationalization of the U.S. auto industry and gave a lot of money to insurance giant AIG without any pre-conditions.

Intends to nationalize the health insurance industry.

Is pushing a Cap-and-Trade bill that would be the largest tax in the history of the nation.

When the Honduran Supreme Court deposed a communist president, he sided, along with Cuba’s Raul Castro and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, with the exiled president.

President Obama, a former community organizer, claimed through a spokesperson that he was unaware of the initial nationwide “tea party” tax protests involving thousands. On July 4, an estimated million Americans participated in still more protests coast to coast.

Among his choice of friends, he was unaware that he started his political career in the living room of a former domestic terrorist, a member of the Weather Underground.

He was unaware that the pastor of the church he attended for twenty years was a racist who hates America.

He was unaware that his own aunt was living in the U.S. illegally or that his brother lives on pennies a day in a hut in Kenya.

Among his first choices for cabinet positions, he was unaware that he nominated a man to be Secretary of Commerce who was under investigation in a bribery scandal.

He was unaware that his choice for Secretary of Treasury was a tax cheat. Indeed, he was unaware that several of his top choices fit that description.

As President and the representative of the American people, he managed to offend the Queen of England, insult the British people by returning a bust of Winston Churchill, and make a deep bow to the King of Saudi Arabia, something no President in history has ever done before any monarch.

It is evident to all that President Obama is (a) incapable of delivering any kind of speech without the use of a TelePrompter and (b) incapable of answering any question from a member of the press in under ten minutes’ time.

So what do we know about the people who voted for him? According the Rasmussen Consumer Index, among Democrats confidence is up from 53.7 a year ago to 79.5 this year. Among Republicans, it has dropped from 99.4 last year to 68.6 today,

Democrats apparently think the economy has improved despite the loss of more than 2.5 million jobs in the first quarter of 2009. Under Obama, the U.S. unemployment rate has risen from 7.6 to 9.5%, the highest in 26 years.

To put it another way, the U.S. has lost 16,000 jobs each day since Democrats passed a multi-billion dollar “stimulus” bill. The nation’s Gross Domestic Product fell at 5.5 percent in the first quarter of 2009.

The stock market is down 3,000 points from a year ago.

This means that Democrats, voters and members of Congress, are either deluded and/or as moronic as the man they elected President.

The only justification for the debacle the President has offered thus far has been to blame everything on George W. Bush.

Meanwhile, his Vice President is candidly telling anyone who will listen that the geniuses Obama selected to advise him are clueless, having failed to grasp the gravity of the situation or offer solutions other than those that will put more people out of work, raise taxes, increase inflation, and further bankrupt a bankrupt nation.

How do I know it’s bankrupt? Because President Obama is on record saying, “We’re out of money.”

When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

Unless, of course, you’re a moron.


Unknown said...

My vote is that they are all "morons" led by the king of the morons.
Has any of these 'morons' ever had a real job?
I have two questions for you Alan.
#1. If Obama was foreign born and his mother is an American citizen, wouldn't that qualify him for complete citizenship? Or Would that exclude him from being the president?
#2. Although, this has been debated that Obama has a birth certificate in Hawaii ( most say this has been proved). But, if it proves he was foreign born, although, he has an American mother can he be impeached or be removed from office?

Alan Caruba said...

Jesse, my understanding was that his mother was too young to qualify for his being automatically accorded US citizenship and that, if born in Mombassa as is widely believed, he is most certainly not a US citizen.

Can he be impeached? I would certainly think so, but a decision by the Supreme Court regarding his failure to meet constitutional standards would be enough to disqualify him for the office and, by the way, every single decision make in that official capacity.

Doug said...

Yet, these same morons, particularly this last weekend, don't miss the opportunity to tell us that this Palin chick is dumber than dirt and had no business being a VP candidate.

Carolyn said...

Love this post Mr. Caruba, and the comments from the others. I can't add much else- well said! God Bless! (WOW! I have nothing else to say for a change!) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Diversity is Our Strength.


Unknown said...

Bush decide to invade Iraq when there was a real enemy still to be defeated in Afghanistan. Many, many good young US service personnel died because of that decision.
Bush is a fucking moron.

Alan Caruba said...

Josh, Warning Signs normally does not post comments that include any obscene words, but is making an exception in your case just to see what response you will receive.

Buzzg said...

I don't actually believe that Zero (O) is a moron though he gives a credible performance. I am convinced that he is doing exactly what he is told and the moronic Congress is enthralled and blind as usual. That man was put in the White House to destroy this country from within, and in that regard he is succeeding beyond his handler's wildest dreams. While in college, Columbia I believe, it has been reported and apparently documented that he applied for and received a grant from Indonesia as a foreign student. This issue has kept the court cases regarding his eligibility alive. The American people have no one to blame but themselves. Once a society discovers that it can vote itself largesse from the public coffers, it is doomed.

As for 'Josh', oh well, just another moronic Bush basher.

Grants Pass, OR

Firehand said...

Sure, Josh, because Saddam had nothing to do with anything, right? No support for terrorists, no stirring things up, etc? Just because every intelligence service in the freakin' world believed he was working on chemical and nuke weapons, means nothing, right? And of course the military in incapable of doing more than one thing at a time...

And setting up a functioning republic(even if they did use the 'parliament' model) in the mideast, dumb as hell, right?

Guy said...

Josh is a perfect example of the blindness I was talking about the last time I commented. He's consumed with his blind hatred for Bush, for Republicans, for anyone who hasn't been annointed by the media and party leaders that he follows. Bush could have been a saint, and Josh would have hated him. Bush could have been another Ronald Reagan, and Josh would still hate him. It's a sure bet he hated Reagan too. I think I speak for the vast majority of people we hear voicing their hatred for Obama when I say that they are doing so because of what he is DOING, not simply because of who or what he is. The people in this country, from either side of the aisle, that blindly follow without asking questions or opening their mind to logic and common sense are the root of the problem in this country today. I consider them all to be a waste of cells. Luckily, as history has often demonstrated, the blind and the ignorant are the first ones wiped out when the going gets tough, and guess what? The going is going to get tough. I see some bad times ahead for this country. When the patriots among us have finally had enough and rise up, chaos and anarchy will ensue, and things will go very badly for anyone who cannot think quickly, freely and rationally.....

elmerbittlinger said...

obama is not a moron
he's destroying the country's economy
he knows he's doing it
he's destroying the middle class
( the hated bourgeoise )
and therefore america itself
he knows he's doing it
he's on his way to imposing a communist society on the american people
he knows he's doing it
he's on his way to imposing islam as an government established religion
he knows he's doing all this
all of this and more has actually been premeditated
the highest duty of the united states military is to uphold the constitution
what must follow is obvious

Alan Caruba said...

Elmer, Obama cannot singlehandedly achieve the destruction of the U.S.

Moreover, his polling numbers, if you visit, are falling dramatically.

Members of Congress will desert him and, if the election in 2010 repeats the pattern of the past when unemployment was the deciding factor for change, he is likely to find himself an instant lame duck for his last two years in office.

Buzzg said...

Let us pray then, for lame duckness. Unfortunately, I think that too many of our residents in this country are quite content to let the government provide the "security" they think they're getting in exchange for liberty lost. The shrieking left has control of the press which is a major tactic enabling them to doctor the McNews. Would you like that with fries? My work on the bunker continues.

Grants Pass, OR

Alan Caruba said...

YTBA: Your comment was not posted because I am unfamilier with the website/blog to which you linked and am unaware that O met with Khadafi.

Anonymous said...

Alan love your columns as always.
As to meeting with Khadafi. At the G-8 summit Khadafi came up to Obama and shook his hand. I saw the picture and the article stated it that way. So I guess it wouldn't be considered having a arranged meeting with Khadafi. The article did say that Reagan would have rather cut off his right arm than done the same. Also it would be far from surprising if Obama did want to have a meeting with Khadafi after all he's one of only a few Dictators that Obama hasn't apologized to. Sorry I don't remember what site it was on that I saw the picture.

Unknown said...

First let me say that I am politically independent, in general terms I see the republicans as evil and duplicitous, and the democrats as weak and stupid,
but to blame the economy on the democrats reveals a startling level of stupidity, or maybe just more republican GOOD, democrat BAD!, or vice versa type of thinking.
until we stop parroting the crap dispensed by liberal/conservative talking heads on the TV and radio, and start thinking clearly about what is really important to our future, we are screwed.

The corporations that run this country DO NOT have your best interests in mind!

Alan Caruba said...

Machinist, you have staked out safe ground, criticizing both parties and criticing any effort to assign blame. And, if no one is to blame, than there's no point trying to determine who is responsible for the present mess we're in. My answer is Democrat policies that created Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, along with idiotic notions of social justice and fairness that have no relationship to a reality that is always unfair to some group. So, your complain falls on deaf ears. Choice a side or get out of the fight.