Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Getting Colder Everywhere

By Alan Caruba

There’s an ancient Scandinavian legend that says, “A long time ago, the universe was made of ice. Then one day the ice began to melt and a mist rose into the sky. Out of the mist came a giant made of frost and the earth and the heavens were made from his body. This is how the world began and this is how the world will end, not by fire, but by ice. The seas will freeze and winters will never end.”

Thus begins “Not by Fire, but by Ice”, a book by my friend, Robert W. Felix, published initially in 2005. You can pick up a copy from www.iceagenow.com. While you’re there, pick up “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps” as well. Taken together, both books explain why the Earth, now at the end of an interglacial cycle, is heading into its next ice age and why Darwin got it wrong with his theory of slow, evolutionary mutations accounting for various species being different from one another.

The Earth is some 4.5 billion years old. Homo sapiens, the human race as we know it, have been around for about 40,000 years. We date our modern ancestry back to the Cro-Magnon man who superseded the Neanderthals. The development of agriculture, growing food rather than hunting it, dates back some 7,000 years and civilization in the form of city-states and nations is relatively new; only about 5,000 years.

For all that time, tribes tried very hard to appease the gods of sun and rain to ensure a good harvest. They would sacrifice the spare virgin or offer the hearts of captives. There were elaborate dances and prayers created by the shamans and priests, but humans never quite got the knack of actually controlling the weather or climate because they can’t and never could.

That is until Greenus Homo Sapian came along. This creature who emerged out of the conservation movement hit its stride around the 1970s. Greenus is the Bigfoot of climate, the Satchquatch of weather.

After devoting a decade in the 1970s to correctly predicting that a new ice age was on the way, Greenus, also known as Greens, discovered that they could scare a lot more people by claiming that the Earth was suddenly and dramatically warming.

It turned out to be a fabulous fund-raiser and allowed them to pursue an agenda intended to rid the Earth of as many nasty Homo sapiens as possible. This would be accomplished by getting all kinds of beneficial chemicals banned from use; pesticides, herbicides, anything made from plastic, as well as genetically modified crops that could feed the billions of Homo sapiens.

Mostly, though, the Greens’ enemy were “fossil” or “dirty” fuels that just happened to generate the energy required for all modern society everywhere; coal, oil and natural gas.

The instrument of this “global warming”, according to the Greens, was carbon dioxide, a gas that is vital to all life on Earth. Without carbon dioxide (CO2) not a single bit of vegetation would grow. Remember agriculture? No crops, no food. And, if CO2 was forcibly limited by crazy “Cap-and-Trade” schemes, the Greens could depress the economies of nations.

Carbon dioxide was especially abundant in the atmosphere during the Jurassic period and the vegetation was so thick that lizard-like creatures became giants called dinosaurs. They were the masters of the Earth until something happened and they disappeared. Did a giant meteor wipe them out or was it a cyclical magnetic reversal that corresponds time and again with species extinction and the sudden appearance of entirely new species?

The “global warming” myth originated in the United Nations, an organization seeking to be the single, unelected governing institution for the entire Earth. A conspiracy of alleged scientists was brought together as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 1988. Ever since, we have been assailed with claims that “global warming” was such a threat to the Earth and mankind that radical changes were required to avoid it.

The Greens, however, are running smack into a brick wall called reality.

All over the Earth, temperatures have been steadily falling. It is getting cooler and colder everywhere.

In a recent, desperate effort, the Union of Concerned Scientists announced that “Global warming made it less cool.” That’s right. It’s getting cooler because it’s getting warmer.

Newborn babes arrive fresh from the womb laughing at this absurdity.

At sites like Iceagenow.com and over at the most excellent www.climatedepot.com anyone with access to the Internet can learn about how weather records are being broken daily around the Earth as it cools. In Al Gore’s hometown of Nashville, cold temperatures broke a record set in 1877 when Rutherford B. Hayes was president.

Chicago, Cincinnati, Peoria, California, the Arctic—everywhere!

So, who are you going to believe? The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change? The Union of Concerned Scientists? The Sierra Club? Friends of the Earth? U.S. government agencies like NOAA? The National Geographic? Newsweek? Time? President Obama? His cabinet Secretaries? The endless succession of “czars” he keeps appointing?

Congress? You better not believe Congress because they are getting ready to pass the “Cap-and-Trade” bill, incongruously named the American Clean Energy and Security Act. It will crush what’s left of the U.S. economy by imposing taxes on all energy use while dolling out billions to the least effective form of energy, wind and solar energy.

As America and the rest of the globe grow colder, do you really want to pay more for the energy to heat your home? All in the name of avoiding a “global warming” that is not happening?

Or will you cast out the liars in Congress who keep telling you that it’s getting warmer when it’s obviously getting colder?

Will you rebuke a President who is lying to you by returning the Republican Party to power in 2010?

It's getting colder everywhere.


Dave's Daily Day Dream said...

You asked me,"Will you rebuke a President who is lying to you by returning the Republican Party to power in 2010?" I will rebuke him, but I sure as heck won't work for the New World Order crowd in either party of record. Please, let's realize that there are other organized parties of political importance. They might not win, but the idea is to get the word out about what's REALLY happening in our country. It doesn't matter - Republican or Democrat - either allegiance leads to Constitutional destruction and further subjugation to a few elites whose goal lies on the dark side.
PLEASE remember to
1. Follow the money, follow the power
2. Discern illusion from reality, especially with media outlets
3. Listen to experts who offer a meaningful critique
4. Study & verify sources and footnotes
5. Apply liberal doses of common sense

Anonymous said...


Here's a visual I just found that's none too encouraging. I don't know about you, but it leaves me cold.

On the lighter side, here's a "warning sign" that's mildly amusing.

Anonymous said...

With so many "educated" and "intelligent" people advocating the silliest nonsense, it's hard to imagine them as most fit to survive, or those who are fooled by them, for that matter. I mean, just how does folly or irrational self-destructive hatred confer any survival advantage?

For example, Bush, who was far from a real Conservative but at least an honorable and honest man, was hated so thoroughly that the MSM had no trouble telling all manner of vile lies about him. Since the topic now is climate, let's just consider the lies in that category. Here's just one of their many whoppers, which is easily and completely debunked here. [H/T - Heliogenic Climate Change]

They had to know they would be found out. So, why risk their reputation for the momentary gratification of their basest instincts? It is a form of madness.

Unbridled hatred is a poison to the mind and the soul, and if the mind is sick, the body will not be far behind.

Also, I wonder if Dave will ever realize that the reason the Dems are in power is because so many like him had to vote for off-road candidates, or didn't vote at all to protest McCain. If the risk to the Republic weren't so great, I would be more sympathetic. But just look at the damage they are doing. No amount of "well I voted for a better candidate" makes the havoc the Dems are now wreaking any less severe. Please keep that in mind in 2010, and especially in 2012.

Anonymous said...

P.S. - I just found out you're article is up over at ClimateRealists

Dave's Daily Day Dream said...

I have to vote my conscience and let the chips fall where they may. I could not vote for the R guy after his performance with Viet-Nam MIAs and survivors families. The D guy is a racist, agitator, inexperienced, uneducated pawn of the elite left, IMHO.
We have to start somewhere and by 2010, if enough people ask, maybe some actual truths may come out. Sorry to disappoint those who cannot see anything but a Republican messiah on the horizon. There is none and at least I won't be surprised when nothing happens like it didn't in 1994 with Newt, and all of the years of the Bush conservative movement.
At least this one is willing to be photographed kissing the Saudi King's ring! ;-)

Rich Kozlovich said...

I would like to interject one thought in Dave's defense. If Carter hadn't been president, do we really believe that Reagan would have been elected?

As one entomologist once said; “There is nothing like a good epidemic to get things started".

That has many philosophical applications.

Buzzg said...

Well, I'm concerned. I am concerned about a myriad of "things". However, while I rant when given the opportunity, I am not so concerned that I lose sight of our enemies objective. The objective, in the case of the current Anthropogenic Global Warming hysterical crowd, is not 'climate control'. That objective is ludicrous at the outset and unattainable. It is a distraction as purveyed by the stage magician. 'Look here, what is that over there'? While we search 'over there' the real event is happening before your eyes. It does us no good to rant about the foolishness of their cause/arguments/prophecies. That is the distraction. The real event that will ultimately transpire before our eyes will be control of the means of production. Fascism is just that; not ownership of the means of production, but control of that means and a rigid one party dictatorship . Socialism is ownership. Facisim is control. The current Cap and Tax fiasco being sold without debate and without "transparency" is the real enemy. The real magic trick. It will produce nothing but Trickle up Poverty.

Winston Churcill said it best; "The single failing of Captialism is the unequal distribution of wealth. The single guarantee of Socialism/Facism is the very equal distribution of poverty."
We waste time/resources/energy responding to every claim of the "Greens" fallacious accounts of melting ice caps, dying Polar bears ad nauseum and all the other predicted disasters. In the mean time, they create sufficient hysteria and low level panic to guarantee they will win their cause by distraction. Look, what's that over there?

Buzz Gunning
Grants Pass, OR

Dan said...

How fast do you think the temperatures will fall to where it is a legitimate problem, as in the "little ice age?" Are we talking years, decades, or centuries?

Alan Caruba said...

I am not sure that anyone has an answer to your question, although it can surely be said that, if it gets cold enough to kill off crops, than we shall see a sharp drop in foodstuffs of all kinds (remember, livestock depends on feed) and surely some element of starvation would set in.

The current cooling is predicted to last at least two decades, maybe more.

If the Sun does not begin to generate more magnetic storms, a sign of its vitality, then it is not impossible that the Earth could tip into a new Ice Age.

We are at the end of a typical 11,500 year interglacial cycle as it is.

Dan said...

I am actually more of a philosopher than a scientist - a left-brainer forces to live in a right-brain world. It truly amazes me how modern day politicians can so completely ignore reality. They must consider the average person a moron to believe they will swallow their lies. I often told my government students that politicians often try to define reality, rather than facing it.

Anonymous said...


If one person kills another, and he says it's "self defense," it's a lot easier to prove him to be a murderer if the victim can be clearly shown to have not been a threat, and especially if the murderer staged the crime scene to favor his story.

While Buzz is correct about their motive, proving that isn't an easy matter. We have to have evidence. Therefore, we can't not address the falsehood of their bogus "science." It is fortunate for us that the climate is providing us with the evidence we need by not behaving as they predict. If climate weren't so uncooperative with them, and continued to accidentally behave as they falselsy insist that it is, we would be at a great disadvantage. However, since climate proves them wrong, we must exploit that fact to it's fullest extent.

Also, because climate isn't behaving, they have to lie about that, which is the equivalent of "staging" the crime scene. Those blatant lies they tell in their desperation are even more helpful to us, as they are a clear proof of intent to deceive. It would be very foolish to not exploit those facts to the fullest.