Saturday, September 5, 2009

Here Comes the President. Hide the Kids!

By Alan Caruba

So the President wants to get the school year off with a speech to all the kids from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Under normal circumstances, this would not arouse my comment although it must be said that I do not recall any previous president doing this.

I do not recall schools announcing they would not let the President’s speech be heard by the children in their care and, most certainly, I do not recall parents saying they would rather keep their children home than have them exposed to the President’s message.

I am not aware of what that message would be. There has been speculation that President Obama just wants to encourage children to stay in school, study hard, and listen to their teachers.

The real message, however, is more subtle than that and people don’t like it. They don’t like the way, in the midst of a major recession, the President began his term in office by flying off to foreign lands, apologizing for America in one fashion or another, and saying strange things like America was not a Christian nation.

Americans are not keen on the imposition of more than thirty “czars”, on top of the existing structure of the executive wing where, until now, the secretaries of various departments were understood to be in charge. And, worse, it turns out that one of those czars, Van Jones, is a communist and former community organizer.

No, Obama’s message is the same one that all wannabe dictators seek to inculcate into the youth of the nation. It is the message that Hugo Chavez is imposing on Venezuela’s school system, magnifying himself into a god-like status. It’s the message that two generations in Cuba grew up with after Fidel took over in 1959.

These days we call it a “cult of personality” and we know it when we see it. Americans have begun to conclude they have already see far too much of Barack Obama. He has held more primetime press conferences in the first months of his term than George W. Bush had in his eight years in office.

This constant exposure goes well beyond the normal attention paid the President which, in itself, is a daily exercise of tea-leaf reading. This constant exposure is deliberate and, while rarely revealing anything specific, is intended to remind everyone that Barack Obama is President.

Now he wants to reach into the nation’s schoolrooms with that message. He wants school children to know that they should turn to him because he occupies the highest office in the land.

This process began during the 2008 campaign when Obama was lightly mocked as “the One” or “the Messiah” for the way his handlers presented him to the world. No one is laughing any more.

He needs a youth corps that looks to him, not their parents or mentors for direction. Chairman Mao had his Red Guards and, of course, there were the famed Hitler Youth. None of this is the stuff of fiction. It was real.

That’s why some schools are saying no and some parents will keep their children home when he speaks.

This President is building a shadow government inside the White House, chosen appointees who will answer to him in “a crisis” and we all know “a crisis” is coming.


Travis sez said...

How good it is to see you're back in the swing of things again. Alan, you've described the gist of what this new president delivers. It's carefully chosen Utopian pap. No more, no less.

Unknown said...

Alan great post. That's exactly how I perceive what this egomaniac wants to do.

I, for one, have lived in a country that turned their backs on democracy and went to a socialist type government. Within a year, they destroyed their economy, caused hyperinflation, 25% unemployment (more like 45%), their(socialist-communist) so called goal was to terminate poverty and be more equitable for all. Pie in the sky. But in the end, there was unimaginable poverty, limited services( shortages of electricity, garbage pickup, sanitation), starvation, hyperinflation (their currency changed almost monthly). I thought my plane missed the country that I was suppose to be in and dropped me off in hell.
Thank God that country finally returned to their senses and put the loons back into the looney farms.
The one thing good about Obama is that he is a loon magnet. He had now made manifest the loons who were once hidden.

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, gentlemen.

We still are not out of the danger zone as regards Obama, but his loss of popularity and approval is a sign that he will not be able to "transform" the nation without a hell of a fight.

Louise W said...

Alan....good to have you online again. Good post and so right on.

Thank God people are waking up and realizing just what Obama is up to. The new Green Czar, Van Jones, has become an albatross around Obama's neck. The hard hitting Glenn Beck will keep on hammering away until Jones is gone.

I really believe Obama has lost his ability to reason. How in God's name does he think American parents would let this speech go on without their approval? This is not Cuba or Venezuala..yet. And, if we all keep the pressure will never be!

Alan Caruba said...

As of Sunday AM, the news is that Van Jones, his communist choice as the "Green Jobs Czar" had resigned.

Americans are resisting now in greater numbers and I doubt that Obama and his cronies ever anticipated that.

Northpal said...

Glorious leader is just sharing his undeniable wisdom with the new servants to mankind. These future party members will be shaped in early development. This will help with the tasks which are needed to save the planet. Later in life when called upon, they will know whats expected of them. This will save valuable time and resources that can be channeled into swift action which may be the difference between collective success or failure.
As they grow, they have the chance to witness the confusion and impediments which their unit facilitators (parents) are complicit, all in the selfish pursuit of personal freedoms. The future is the children, not the parents,grandparents,older generation. They have to be strong and brave, for decisions they may one day have to make. This could be on the scale of Frau Goebbles sparing her beloved 6 children a life in misery and defeat by administering fatal drugs and then expiring her own life.
But in our darkest hour a remarkable man from a remarkable life has stepped forward. Thankfully the children now have a bright green carbon free less wasteful one world future.

Alan Caruba said...

Welcome NorthPal,

Well, let's see, you've either been reading Orwell, or are horribly paranoid, or have figured out what Obama's up to.

I think it's the last one. :-)

baump said...

Reagan and George W. Bush....2 other dictators who spoke to school students. Please check your memory against an internet search.

Alan Caruba said...

"Dictators"? You're nuts...and don't bother trying to comment here again.

Unknown said...

The difference with Obama from Bush and Reagan, is that neither of the latter expected... no, directed from the DOE... that all schools carry the message and the appropriate lesson guides as to how to interpret the information and "help" the president... to which they would later be held accountable via the letters they wrote and signed.

Northpal said...

'sjbdmc2 said...
Reagan and George W. Bush....2 other dictators who spoke to school students. Please check your memory against an internet search.'

Let him comment,he only affirms what we conclude. Obama is a dictator.
sjbdmc2 even attempts to justify Obama being a dictator. But the gist of it is, Obama supporters know he is a dictator, they accept he is a dictator,they support Obama as a dictator.
They willingly give their loyalties and allegiances to a person,place, or thing.
They shirk their birth right of sovereignty and freedom because of their distaste for responsibility. They know not of honor,loyalty,and solemn oath.
Obama supporters defiantly oppose what is every Americans crucial responsibility and the bedrock of this great nation.
Their lips move but never form the words -
"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic"

Skip Mendler said...

You need to watch this:

I think it puts things into perspective rather nicely.

Alan Caruba said...

Skip, I can't help thinking we're in trouble when we let Jon Stewart and Comedy Center define the issues for us.

Kyla Denae said...

I know this is old, but I just have to comment.

#1- Bush Sr. gave a speech like this. So did Clinton. And his son. In fact, there were hearings called by the democrats after Bush Sr. gave his! Quite a hot topic at that time.

#2- I watched the speech live. My mom made us. There was nothing, absolutely nothing, objectionable. It was a simple 'stay in school'. Bush Sr.'s speech was much worse, IMO- chock full of political policy-setting and agenda talking points.

I have given this appeal to plenty of people by now, but here it is again- please don't succumb to this kind of stuff. It's silly, and shows how petty our defense can be. Throwing a fit about this kind of simple thing will only trivialize our argument- especially when we make things up about it.