Thursday, March 31, 2011

Morons Who Hate Oil

By Alan Caruba

It may seem harsh to call people who actively spread lies about oil “morons”, but that assumes they do so out of ignorance as opposed to those who do so for some crazed “environmental” reason that is so out of touch with reality it invites scorn.

A case in point is a new book by Steve Hallett with John Wright, “Life Without Oil: Why We Must Shift to a New Energy Future” ($25.00, Prometheus Books). Suffice to say that Hallett is an associate professor in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at Purdue University while Wright is “a journalist specializing in energy and environmental issues” who is the Latin America news editor for Energy News Today. Wright’s previous book was “The Obama Haters.”

How does Hallet get from botany to a supposed expertise on oil, an energy source more associated with geology? As for Mr. Wright, there is a strong possibility that he is a liberal and an environmentalist, and therefore beyond all hope when it comes to things called FACTS.

The prologue of their book is nauseating in that it regurgitates every environmental lie including “global warming”, a hoax that was revealed in November 2009 to have been the invention of colluding “scientists” working for the U.N. International Panel on Climate Change. Suffice to say their leaked emails demonstrated their panic when the Earth, beginning in 1998, began to cool.

“We seem to have quite a few problems,” wrote the authors. “Global climate change, peak oil, overpopulation, collapsing fisheries, desertification, wealth inequity, species extinctions, freshwater shortages, hapless governments, deforestation, disease epidemics, and agricultural failures top the list.”

Okay, scratch “global climate change” because the climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years on planet Earth, moving between ice ages and warmer periods well known to climatologists and meteorologists. The rest is mostly bogus, but what caught my eye was “wealth inequity” which is not an “environmental” problem, but is the keystone of a document called The Communist Manifesto.

Here’s another gem from their book. “We don’t know exactly when our fossil fuels will run out, but we can predict it to within a few decades. By the end of this century, our oil and natural gas supplies will be virtually nonexistent, and limited coal supplies will be restricted to only a handful of countries.”

Whoa! Does anyone recall how the all those “experts” on global warming kept predicting it was coming in thirty years, fifty years, by the year 3,000? This is the same scam being perpetrated by these two morons. And who is to blame for this coming disaster? “We are to blame.” That’s right, the horrid human race is to blame for this, just as it is for everything else environmentalists want to ban.

There is no denying that we horrible human beings have been using oil now for a while now, primarily since around the 1850s, ever since we discovered its marvelous properties, the energy stored in its molecules, and its extraordinary ability to be part of more than 6,000 products.

A single 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline and the rest is used in the manufacture of motor oil, diesel fuel, floor wax, asphalt, transparent tape, deodorant, dyes, rubber cement, water pipes, aspirin, toothbrushes, heart valves, bandages, and the other 6,000 things we use in some fashion or other. Suffice to say that all plastic begins as oil.

Are we running out of oil? No. Let me repeat. No. There is no such thing as “peak oil” because every time someone has made the prediction that we are using up all the oil, we find some more. This not to say the Obama administration will let oil companies drill for it in America. Not only do we pay less for domestic oil as opposed to importing it, but we have so much domestic oil we wouldn’t have to import it.

There are, for example, 40 billion barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico and estimates of approximately 14 billion barrels off the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts. In the Bakken shale beneath North Dakota, in just the western third of the State it is estimated that there are more than 500 billion barrels that can be extracted.

According to the US Geological Survey and the Minerals Management Service at the Department of Interior that regulates America’s on and off-shore oil reserves, they estimate that America holds more than 21 billion barrels of “proven” conventional oil reserves. Add to this the estimated 100 billion barrels of oil reserves in the postage stamp-sized proposed drilling area of the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.

According to the Congressional Research Service, America’s combined energy resources, oil, coal, and natural gas, are the largest on Earth!

It is insane that Americans will be paying $4, $5 or more for a gallon of gasoline and it is insane to believe environmentalists when they tell you the Earth is running out of oil “by the end of this century.”

It is a kindness to call environmentalists “morons.” They are deliberately lying to everyone, using a massive, international propaganda machine, because in the end they want what Karl Marx and Barack Obama want, a redistribution of your money to other people.

© Alan Caruba, 2011


TexasFred said...


Corn oil comes from CORN...

Vegetable oil comes from vegetables..

Fish oil comes from fish...

Whale oil comes from whales...

Coal oil comes from coal...

Does motor oil come from motors?

Does gun oil come from guns?

And where in the hell does BABY oil come from for crying out loud?

Alan Caruba said...

If you squeeze a baby, something will come out, but it would be oil!

Will Harmon said...

Wind, solar, geothermal, tides, and hydro power combined can generate electricity in the volume needed to sustain our way of life and our economy let alone enable future growth and prosperity for our kids and grandkids. None of these so-called ‘alternative’ energies are what the tag implies. They can supplement, but they can never be an alternative to replace the triple power punch that oil, coal, and nuclear deliver UNLESS the left wing whack jobs can sell propaganda to the general public to pressure politicians to make policy such as we have that mandates America leaves all her vast reserves of fossil fuels in the ground never to be consumed. THEN when oil reaches $300 or $400 a barrel (because of a contrived shortage in the supply chain) and gasoline reaches $9-$10 a gallon, the ‘alternative’ fuels make more economic sense. This is the game plan and the only way they can accomplish this farce is to artificially force the price of fossil fuels up to the point where the ‘green’ sources are cheaper. This is insanity. So why? You can bet your last dollar that when people take positions that are illogical, there is greed and big money involved somewhere. I just know that a cadre of wealthy liberal and green activist ‘morons’ stand to make billions if they can pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and sell more junk science. Follow the money.

Dave's Daily Day Dream said...

An old adage, often repeated here, "follow the money, follow the POWER!"
Many of these folks have the money and all that is left for them to pursue is the power.

As we connect the dots all the way back to the nineteenth century, we can see the trends. Global pantheistic socialism - GPS. Easy to remember, easy to observe, but difficult somehow, to admit.

I've often wondered why.

LarryOldtimer said...

Those who advocate using solar or wind "alternatives" have no concept of what is called "engineering economics". The real costs of these financial fiascoes is huge compared with coal, petroleum and natural gas, which our nation has in great quantities. Moreover, solar and wind power are completely unreliable.

Given that carbon dioxide is essential to "life as we know it", and there is very little of it in Earth's atmosphere, less than 40 molecules among 99,960 molecules of almost entirely nitrogen and oxygen (why carbon dioxide is called a "trace gas" by chemists), one would have to wonder just why those with the "green agenda" would want to deprive green plants of this relatively scarce molecule necessary for the growth of said green plants.

kentuckyredbone said...

Very good informative article! I'm gonna have to share it with a few other boards!

Alan Caruba said...

@KentuckyRedbone. Thank you and welcome to the blog!

Frances said...

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