Sunday, August 7, 2011

Video: Telling It Like It IS!


Rich Kozlovich said...

GREAT VIDEO! More fire and less diplomacy! Especially fire that is well thought out, decisive and unafraid.

LarryOldtimer said...

Unfortunately, the usual "one-note Johnnies" are here again, recommending tax rate increases to reduce our national debt, which is absurd, as it always has been and always will be.

Any significant tax rate increase at all at this time would kill and bury what is left (not much) of our existing economy.

All that could help us would be a return to activities which would add value, not price alone, to our processes, and get rid of the useless hugely paid managers in all areas of both the private sector and public sector, and de-legislate laws which obstruct individuals from being self-employed, which are legion.

Guy in Ohio said...

"Is it safe to say you aren't a fan of the President? ..."


TJP said...

She asks of Obama at the end of the video, "Why can't you put together a plan?"

Sadly, I think, he HAS put together a plan and is implementing it--to ruin this country as it was founded. Now it's just a waiting game until Obama and the Senate are voted out before a REAL plan can be enacted to save us.

Guy in Ohio said...

Yes TJP, it's an unavoidable conclusion isn't it? I've tried as hard as I can to believe that Obama is just inept, and inexperienced, but I find myself forced to abandon all reality to reach that conclusion in the face of all the evidence to the contrary.

No, when ALL the evidence indicates that he has a perfectly good education, and is surrounded with equally intelligent economic experts, yet he REFUSES to make even the tiniest policy changes that could help American businesses and bring jobs back to America, we have no choice but to conclude that it is his intent to collapse our economy.

Apparently, when it comes to furthering their progressive Socialist agenda, no crisis is too big or too damaging. They will bring this economic collapse upon us, and then, they will make absolutely sure that the crisis doesn't go to waste.

They should all be arrested and prosecuted for treason.

Dave's Daily Day Dream said...

I'm glad we're starting to use the word treason when we speak of the president's complicity in all that's going on.
But the spineless PTBs who run our country couldn't even convict a proven serial adulterer years ago, and they sure won't approach investigating our current regime's treachery.

Wendell Malone said...

I say its time to let the firing binge begin. Let's start with impeaching Mr. Obama, firing his administration, and all of the liberal leftists socialist democrats who keep him in power. They are destroying our great nation a little bit more each day they remain in office. Maybe when America is completely broke, people will wake up and see these people for who they really are.