Saturday, January 5, 2013

News Notes from Warning Signs

By Alan Caruba

Attention editors: This is a personal communication for visitors to Warning Signs and should not be posted on your website.

Donations to Warning Signs in 2012 made it possible to replace an aging computer and that ensured that I could do the research necessary for the daily commentaries and to write them knowing that they have proven their value to the many visitors to my blog. Google statistics indicate an average of 100,000 visitors a month these days. Let’s keep this going and, of course, if you have any spare change after paying the Christmas bills and throughout the year ahead, a donation would be very welcome.

On the news front, a slowing economy is taking its toll on everyone including your devoted editor/writer of Warning Signs, so if you know of a corporation, a trade association, a think tank, or other potential clients that need high quality editorial services and/or public relations assistance, particularly as regards the issues I address—environmental claims and regulations, the food police, energy issues, education, science topics, and other “hot button” issues, do send them to where they can review my credentials and services.  Thanks.

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