Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update on the Wizard of Oz

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Ronbo said...

As I said way back in 2008, when Obama was elected president for the first time, that the America we knew would disappear while he was president.

...And it's going, going, GOING...

The Republic hasn't completely disappeared - a Communist Regime would never tolerate an independent patriot media on a forum like the Internet, where a nobody like me can freely speak my mind to a world wide audience, nor would any dictatorship tolerate the existence of millions of late model military style rifles in the hands of private citizens.

However, with the move by the Obama Regime to gut the Second Amendment (which will leave the First Amendment without protection), well supported by the legion of willing stooges and fellow travelers in the Leftist Media, the die is cast for the final showdown between liberty and tyranny.

At least this is my educated opinion from my study of American history where We The People rose twice in rebellion in less than 250 years to what many believed was the tyranny of Big Government.

Yes, I know most of my fellow Americans, even those on the patriot side, think my predictions of civil war (or revolution, take your pick) are a little over the top...and maybe they are...and maybe the American People are just too much into the "womb to the tomb" socialism provided by the Obama Regime to rise in rebellion.

But perhaps not.

Perhaps the seeming quiet of what many are already calling the American Resistance Movement is the same sort of determined resolution to resist tyranny that happened at Lexington, Massachusetts on an April morning in 1775, when men with guns in their hands waited in dark of the early dawn for the approach of enemy troops marching north from Boston.