Saturday, December 21, 2013

Obama Must Be Forced to Resign

By Alan Caruba

A December 17 Reuters article was titled, “Obama’s Current Approval Rating Is The Ugliest Since Nixon.”

“President Barack Obama is ending his fifth year in office with the lowest approval ratings at this point in the presidency since President Richard Nixon, according to a new Washington Post/ABC poll released Tuesday.”

Nixon was forced to resign on April 22, 1974 after two long years that followed the revelations about Watergate, a break-in of the Democratic Party offices in Washington, DC. The backlash against the horrors of Obamacare, concerns about the “deal” with Iran, and a succession of scandals from Fast and Furious to Benghazi, have raised fear and anger over his judgment, competence, and behavior in office.

Having lived through the years that led to Nixon’s resignation, I am seeing the same national resistance that Obama’s five years in office have led to. Nixon was never a “popular” President, widely seen as “Tricky Dick”, but like Obama, he was twice elected to the office. His Vice President, Gerald Ford, who assumed the presidency was defeated by Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, and, four years later, an unhappy electorate defeated Carter and elected Ronald Reagan who would serve two terms. Even the popular Bill Clinton faced impeachment.

Not since the days of the Great Depression in the 1930s have Americans endured an economy that has failed to overcome slow growth despite Obama’s full first term in office and another year in his second term.

Ignoring the central role of a free market prolongs bad economic conditions and high taxation to maintain an ever-expanding central government led to big problems for European nations and promises the same—or worse—for the U.S.
When you add in the increased debt imposed in Obama’s first term you are looking at the road to ruin. Blaming “millionaires and billionaires” or “income inequality” is the very essence of communism. It is a rejection of our capitalistic economic system.

Financial ruin for America is embedded in its huge debt, its deficits, and its multi-trillions of dollars in unfunded debt that already insolvent Social Security and Medicare programs represent. And Medicare was looted to fund Obamacare!

The destruction of our healthcare system, one sixth of the nation’s economy, is widely regarded as a disaster and it bears the President’s name. Passed late at night prior to Christmas in 2009 and signed into law by Barack Obama, Obamacare is distinguished by the lies the President told all Americans about their right to keep their healthcare insurance plans, retain their personal physicians, and see their costs reduced. It has done the opposite and it is impossible to believe the President did not know this would occur.

The nation has reached a point when the President must be told to resign.

Whether a Congress, also held in extraordinary low esteem, can or will do this is unknown. While I have said in the past that Obama cannot be removed by impeachment, I now believe that if the House would initiate impeachment proceedings that in itself would focus public attention, for example, on the President’s excessive use of executive orders to by-pass Congress and his unconstitutional altering--tweaking--of the Obamacare law.
His first term was filled with scandals that included using the IRS for political gain. His role in dragging down the nation’s international position as an exemplar and protector of freedom has made the world less safe. These and other issues need a review and discussion that would not occur in the mainstream press in any other way.

This isn’t about a President who authorized a break-in. This is about a President who is a current and future threat to the Constitution, the nation’s military strength, and the restoration of its economy.
This is about a President who can use existing laws to declare martial law based on a manufactured crisis. Existing law would permit him to seize control of all aspects of life in America.

The nation’s mainstream print and broadcast media is showing signs of disillusionment, but not enough to abandon a President they have supported with deliberately biased reporting.

Complicating a demand for his resignation is a divided Republican Party whose elites have rejected the Tea Party movement that has already elected a number of members to Congress. Many find little to differentiate the GOP from the Democratic Party, but there are differences and the House of Representatives is proof of that.

Many Americans sense that the nation is at a very dangerous point.

Dramatic action is needed. A demand for Obama’s resignation via petitions and other measures is needed to save America from the worst President ever elected to that office.

Editor's note: In the Daily, an interview with Rep. Amash (R-MI) reveals his comparable concern about the powers Obama is asserting for the executive office. It's worth viewing the video.


© Alan Caruba, 2013


Ronbo said...

Great minds think alike!

Six months ago in an article on my blog I said pretty much the same thing - that Obama could be forced out by his own Democrat Party elite in parallel with the forced resignation of Nixon by the GOP elders in 1974.

Will it happen?

We do know the Leftist ideology comes before the person, and we have seen many cases where stalwart Democrats, like Congressman Antony Weiner, found themselves forced out of office by their peers because of actions that made the brand look bad.

President Joe Biden?


Alan Caruba said...

We could survive Biden, but Obama is bent on an agenda to harm Americans and the nation.

I doubt there is enough courage to be found in Congress or the Democratic Party.

I thought it would be useful to put the idea before my readers.

RStabb said...

Grim times indeed. His ace in the hole is the color of his skin. Too many enjoying a free ride on the backs of the middle class.
There, I said it...Somebody had to.

Unknown said...

Alan, while I agree that Obama needs to go, I think we should prove he was not a legal president in the first place. Demand he have all his records released and I think as Jerome Corsi has so aptly proven, he is not qualified pursuant to the constitution. The first place to look is his Occidental records where there is more than sufficient proof that he attended on a foreign student scholarship.
When that is done, we can overturn all the laws he has signed, all the appointments he has made and all the presidential orders he has issued. That would also have the effect of quieting the left wing of the Democratic party for a very long time.
Merry Christmas.

Ronbo said...

"I doubt there is enough courage to be found in Congress or the Democratic Party."


However, if the Congress and the two major parties do not follow the Will of the People, there is only one last option on the table that Thomas Jefferson wrote well about on July 4, 1776.

rockyvnvmc said...

Expecting that this, would be, Tyrant will Resign is fools play.
While the House could Impeach him, it still wouldn't cause the Senate to Indict and Try him.
On the Other hand, appointing a 'Special Prosecutor' ala 'Watergate' with the power to fully investigate the Plethora of Valid evidence, that has Already been brought to light, would expose him for the 'Manchurian pResident' that he truly is. Once this, incontrovertible, evidence is brought to light, in would be a far simpler task to remove him from the 'People's House' (forcibly if necessary) where he has been Unconstitutionally Squatting and to Undo ALL of his signed legislation, Executive Orders and Appointments. An Important consideration, in turning our Republic back around and in returning the power back to the People, from whence it is justly derived.

Alan Caruba said...

Any scenario that would rid the US of Obama is just fine with me.

Unknown said...

This the first time I have seen a pundit make the claim I have made that an IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDING
even if doomed to failure would be beneficial. It would force the main stream media to respond to the litany of Obama administration's illegal and certainly unconstitutional acts aiming intentionally to "TRANSFORM AMERICA".

Anonymous said...

"Dramatic action is needed ..." Petitions??! Are you serious? Are you frick'in kidding me? What do you think the socialist minions have been doing for the past five years? The field is prepped and the enemy is ready for the gauntlet to be tossed. We have been distracted with the "news" while the real travesties have been going on right underneath our very noses.

Guy in Ohio said...

How hard is it to faithfully serve as President of the United States without breaking the law and subjecting yourself to impeachment? Pretty hard I guess based on what I've seen in my 55 years ...

Alan Caruba said...

Ray, you're right. Petitions won't get it done, but maybe some million-man marches might exert pressure. Better still, Congress needs to appoint a special investigator to determine whether he is eligible to be president.

Ronbo said...

I'm almost 100% certain that Obama will not be Impeached, and I think the likelihood of an Obama resignation is remote, even if 90% of the American People turn against him in poll after poll.

I think Obama will leave office one of four ways: (1) Assassination.(highly unlikely) (2) Natural death. (highly unlikely) (3) Fatal accident (unlikely)(4) He leaves office as scheduled on Jan. 20, 2017. (COULD BE)

I'm afraid the only option (a real nuclear option) for the American People to run this outlaw out of Dodge before 2017 would be by means of a heavily armed posse that marches on The White House with guns and torches.

The giant of American patriotism is still asleep, but one eye is opened, and radical actions that today seem in the realm of fictional thriller novels may, in fact, become reality.

Desperate times means desperate actions.

And the desperate times could start any day now with the collapse of the economy, which seems to running on empty.

Anonymous said...

But Barry told us what he was going to do and he is doing it quite spectacularly. And no one is doing a damn thing about it. Sorry, but petitions and marches just won't cut it. It was too late when this clown was elected for a second time.

Anonymous said...

First, I do not think enough Americans would or could be motivated to the kind of action you are talking about. Too much fear and apathy. Too many unknown consequences. Secondly, such action would probably result in, how do you say "martial law?"

Not that I am afraid. I say bring it on. IMAO, there is only one way to right this ship and it ain't going to be pretty and getting rid of the current tenant in the WH is only the first step. This requires a plan and leadership. New leadership, but who could unite this divided country and get us back to basics?

Ronbo said...

A wise man once said, "A government that cannot feed its people is only two weeks away from a revolution."

And we have seen his theory proven true in Egypt and Ukraine quite recently.

Does anyone think America would be an exception to the rule, especially as Obama's fingerprints are all over almost inevitable economic collapse?

Hungry, angry and betrayed people will make a revolution rather than to quietly starve to death in an alley.

Yes, today America is quiet, but it is the quiet before the storm, and those today who say Americans are "too timid, too law biding, too apathetic, too AFRAID" to throw themselves at an oppressive government have not read of our nation's bloody birth in revolution and civil war.

In short, we sit on top of a ticking revolutionary time bomb that will go off at some point in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Well said but when the SHTF, I do not think all that pent up energy will be focused on DC. Instead it will be "every man for himself" as in survivalist mode. And the puppeteers will go on manipulating and controlling even in the midst of the madness because that is what they want ... an opportunity to consolidate "their" power.

So again I ask, under whose leadership, and what plan will a resistance form because this will require a sustained effort to direct energies and strategies on multiple fronts. Our domestic enemies are also aided by foreign ones and since Barry's election, the floodgates have been opened to all kinds of vermin who give not a hoot about America or what it used to stand for. Their goal, to fundamentally transform this country. Right from the horses mouth!

Alan Caruba said...

I would think, offhand, that veteran's groups and elements of the NRA could organize. Local and state law enforcement
organizations might do so as well.

I don't think it will come to that. Pissing off 80 million gun owners is probably a bad idea.

Ronbo said...

...and I would note 80 million American gun owners and veterans could make a militia that would be the largest standing army in the world.

Furthermore, such a revolutionary army would not lack leadership, as Obama has purged over 200 of his best senior officers from the active duty forces, who would no doubt be happy to join and lead revolutionary forces.

Also, would what remains of the American military open fire on its own citizens? Would the military stand by in their barracks as Homeland Security committed mass murder in the streets?

The military oath is to the U.S. Constitution, i.e., We The People and not to President Obama, so I think a good guess would be that upwards of 80% of the active duty forces would rally to the rebel side.

Like I said before, I hope the Left has war gamed this potential revolutionary situation they have created in the last five years that could easily develop from a number of crisis; however, judging from the roll out of Obamacare, I think the Left will be stream rolled into the pavement should open civil war break out.

2014 will mark 100 years since the beginning of World War I.

Jim Sherwood said...

It is not only the actual culprits in the Obama administration, Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats that have brought millions of us to the boiling point. It is the realization that the constitutional mechanisms of Congressional oversight, and impeachment have been negated due to Republicans in Congress who as a consequence decades of accepting graft now find themselves checkmated by the criminal enterprise in the White House. In other words Obama thinks he can pretty well do anything he wishes with impunity for the next 3 years - UNLESS we the people wake up and realize that we must take the reins.

glendamay said...

Reality check: You dream some pretty big dreams friends which will NEVER come to pass, no matter how much you wish it so. Obama has slithered past EVERY debacle, aided and abetted by the usual apathy from EVERY corner and it shall remain so. If there is NO cohesive effort to unseat this charlatan given ALL the confirmed reasons, what makes you even REMOTELY think it will ever happen? It IS too late, the tide has turned in favor of the takers, the fraudsters, the me-firsters, the head-in-the-sandsters, and the moralists, right AND left. Too bad, hang on, the ride will only get bumpier.

RStabb said...

I'm afraid glendamay is right :o(