Saturday, December 7, 2013

Warning Signs Needs Your Support

As 2014 approaches, I hope you will add Warning Signs to your list of Christmas gifts, sending a small donation to help cover the cost of the enormous amount of time and effort that goes into providing its daily commentaries about the most urgent issues of our time. All donations are directed to the maintenance of the blog site and related office expenses.

I have been enormously encouraged by the many donations received in 2013, but 2014 is a critical year in which a November midterm election will determine whether those in Congress who voted for Obamacare and the increase in government spending can be removed and replaced with new faces devoted to the Constitution and the reversal of dangerous and foolish policies.

As far back as 2009 and earlier, Warning Signs spoke out against Barack Obama and identified his abuses and lack of competence. In the year ahead and those to come, this effort must continue. Your donation makes this possible.

Take a moment to click on our donation icon to give what you can as part of your effort to keep the revelations Warning Signs offers as it analyses domestic and foreign policies that endanger the nation and the world.


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