Friday, September 12, 2014

Warning Signs Passes 3.7 Million Visits

More and more people are discovering Warning Signs and visiting to read my commentaries, posted from Sunday through Thursday every week. I am pleased to report we have passed 3.7 million visits and I am looking forward to making it to 4 million before the end of 2014.

That many visits are very welcome and they are an indication of the value given to the commentaries that range over issues, events and personalities in the news. The goal is to provide information that you will not necessarily find in the mainstream media, often with a historic context for what is happening in our complex world and nation.

It is donations that make this happen. It is donations that defray the IT and office costs. The value you put on having access to Warning Signs’ commentary must be measured by the donation you make.

Donate now and congratulate yourself for being part of the effort that makes Warning Signs possible.
Thank You!
 Alan Caruba


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