Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

October 9th marks the beginning of my 77th year. Every birthday is welcome and I am happy to know that my commentaries reach out to inform and entertain a lot of people via the Internet thanks to the many websites and blogs that share them. They have become my reason to get up every morning.
I am not sure that age provides that many lessons except maybe to accept the person we are with the talents and, yes, the flaws—these can be corrected. What history teaches is that mankind has been repeating the same mistakes for a very long time and I don’t expect that to change. We humans don’t seem to have much inclination to except “others” for reasons that we deem “different.”  We are not that different.
That is what I write about, knowing that there are among us some truly evil people with evil intentions. The ancients knew that too. The good news is that there are many good people and, one hopes, they outnumber the bad ones.
If you are a frequent visitor to my blog and enjoy the commentaries, this would be an ideal occasion to give Warning Signs a donation as a birthday gift. No amount is too small. Thanks!
So, now I’m onto a new year of life and for that I give thanks to God for His blessing of good health, for the joy of having had two wonderful parents, for my friends, and for my readers.

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