Monday, April 20, 2009

Nutty Stuff About Greens and Cows

By Alan Caruba

If, as Earth Day approaches on April 22nd, you think you’re reading and hearing more abject nonsense and pure insanity about the environment, you’re right.

The mainstream media is set to go crazy with all manner of “Green” articles about the human assaults on the Earth that are intended to make you change your every lifestyle choice to become more “sustainable.”

The usual prophets of doom will be given prime space on opinion pages to tell us over and over that the Earth cannot possibly exist much longer if we continue to drive our cars and trucks, if we continue to heat or cool our homes and apartments, if we insist on flying anywhere for a vacation, if we do anything that might make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

A paroxysm of insanity always coalesces around Earth Day, but it never goes away because hundreds of thousands of people now make a living inventing statistics regarding the “carbon footprint” of everything.

They infest our colleges and university, burning through billions of dollars in government grants devoted to “climate change” and they are employed by countless “environmental” organizations that exist solely to enrich their coffers while preaching the most absurd nonsense to those who naively believe the Greens are seeking to “save the Earth.”

Climate change is one of President Obama’s priorities and it will be used to justify horrid “cap-and-trade” legislation intended to impose a tax on the use of all forms of energy. No doubt your local utility is already shelling out millions of dollars to purchase these utterly bogus “carbon credits” in order to be allowed to continue providing electricity by burning coal or having the audacity to build a nuclear plant. Coal accounts for fifty percent of the electricity we use and nuclear for twenty percent.

The other way of bankrupting America is the President’s proposed health care program that will put the government in control of the nation’s vast health care system, making us all wards of the state in order to secure any care. Comparable systems in England and Canada are nothing short of a disaster.

The ruination of the U.S. dollar is being accomplished by massive borrowing and spending programs allegedly to “stimulate” the economy when history offers ample proof that every time the government gets involved in the business, industrial or financial sector, it lays waste to it. The automotive industry is just one example.

All this is by way of my taking note of a recent Associated Press story about a U.S. dairy industry program intended to “engineer the ‘cow of the future’ to pass less gas, a project aimed at cutting the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020…”

“The cow project aims to reduce intestinal methane, the single largest component of the dairy industry’s carbon footprint” according to Thomas P. Gallagher, chief executive office of the U.S. Dairy and Dairy Management Inc’s Innovation Center in Rosemont, Illinois.

The Associated Press article informs the reader that “Greenhouse gas emissions are blamed for global warming. Cutting the dairy industry’s emissions by 25 percent would be equivalent to removing about 1.25 million passenger cars from the nation’s roads every year, Gallagher said.”

The article does not mention that there is NO global warming occurring and that reducing emissions of “intestinal methane” qualifies as one of the most stupid ideas ever produced by the Greens propagating this hoax. It does note that “The University of Arkansas’ Applied Sustainability Center estimates the dairy industry contributes less than 2 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Center does not offer any statistics regarding the greenhouse gas emissions of elephants, antelope, otters, squirrels, lions, and tigers and bears, oh my!

Tinkering with the digestive system of cows is just one aspect of the way the Greens have sought to extend their control over every aspect of food, from its production to its consumption, revealing the totalitarian nature of environmentalism.

It’s also just nuts!

Aside from the fact that the statistics cited are pure invention and fantasy, the reader is advised to understand that any mention of “greenhouse gas emissions” or “sustainability” is just another way of saying that the Greens intend to coerce everyone, including cows, into bowing down to their false gods.

If everyone involved with advancing the goals of the Greens were to be fired tomorrow and required to get real jobs, the economy would prosper beyond our wildest hopes and dreams.


Guy said...

I wonder where this is all going. It's OBVIOUS that if flatulance or CO2 was really a threat to our environment, we would have all been dead a long time ago. It seems pretty obvious to me that this whole greenhouse gas thing is just an excuse to impose taxes on us without the "imposers" appearing to be the bad guys. I just want to know what, if anything, we can do to get the truth out to the average citizen. If we don't strike back at these thieves soon, our economy is going to be ruined, and our country will be so weak, we'll be a prime target for our enemies. But, then, perhaps that's what our new President has in mind. When every thing I see him doing is destructive to our country and our way of life, how could any rational person conclude otherwise? But I guess I'm probably just a racist ...

Alan Caruba said...

No, you are not crazy...the President and those he has chosen to head his energy, environmental, and other departments and agencies are dedicated GREENS.

They are saying crazy things to frighten people to accept restrictions, taxes, etc that will destroy our economy and way of life.

The Tea Parties are just a prelude to the protests yet to come.

Brian G Valentine said...

So, what's the point of the picture of Hillary Clinton with a pink bag on her back?

Alan Caruba said...

Actually, Brian, that's the editor of the Huffington Post.

Brian G Valentine said...
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Carolyn said...

Am I the only one who feels like running screaming in the streets and teearing my hair out in frustration? Will the madness ever stop? OK- rhetorical questions, but these people are crazy. What's worse, is sooo many people are listening to them!

Rich Kozlovich said...

I love all the inconsistencies in green arguments. According to them, bovine flatulence is causing global warming, in spite of the fact that the Earth cooling. That leaves me to wonder if the American buffalo ever had flatulence. Using their reasoning we then I have to ask; does this mean that hunting the American buffalo almost to extinction was a good thing?

Brian G Valentine said...

Tomorrow Apr 22 is Earth Day.

I can think of a number of childish responses from me that I would like to do in protest, but instead of doing that I’m going to pen a note of thanks to Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma.

One person in the United States Senate unafraid to defend Western Civilization and common sense – despite the ridicule heaped upon him by the Know-Nothings and indeed his own fellow elected representatives.

Jim Inhofe helps maintain my faith in miracles!

Valverde said...

To really alleviate Global Smarming just get rid of all the politicians in Washington PC. The hot air that comes from there definitely raises the temperature. At least, my temperature.