Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Gangster Government

By Alan Caruba

There was a time when our government was responsive to the public will. They actually paid attention to what individuals or groups of citizens said. The government was limited by the Constitution and the individual States were understood to be sovereign republics as well.

We now have a gangster government whose elected Representatives and Senators—at least a majority of them—no longer care what Americans think and are indifferent to the Constitution.

We have a President eager to cede our national sovereignty to international organizations, giving them the right to tell us how to run our affairs.

I don’t frankly care how many “Tea Parties” are held around the nation. The only one that will count will be a million or more Americans showing up in Washington, D.C. and demanding that the Constitution be obeyed and demanding an end to the insane borrowing and spending that will render the dollar less useful than toilet paper.

The Constitution consistently refers to “the people” and that means YOU.

I don’t see much else changing the direction that Congress and the White House is taking. When Newsweek has the audacity of saying “We’re All Socialists Now” on the cover of one of its editions, you know the nation is in serious trouble.

The “catch” is whether younger generations of Americans have the guts to show up. Or the smarts!

The great tide working against the long history of the nation that fiercely protected its sovereignty has been the indoctrination of Americans since the end of World War II to yield to international organizations and, in particular, to the United Nations. Its ceaseless efforts to become a world government are widely documented and even trumpeted by the UN itself.

This indoctrination has been part of the curriculum of every school in America, along with a constant theme of environmentalism and the primacy of the planet over its individual nation states. No one seems to find any irony and danger in the demands that the industrialized and wealthy states of the West punish themselves with “cap-and-trade” taxation of their energy use while China, India and developing nations are exempt.

Perhaps the members of Congress and those in the White House know something that Americans do not? Perhaps they know how polarized the electorate is between those who have swallowed the socialist propaganda in whole and those who oppose its expansion?

Simply put, the generation that venerates Barack Obama has dangerously low skill levels in reading, mathematics and science, vital for the development of a professional class of engineers, physicians, and other jobs that require such knowledge. Comparisons with other nations reveal vast gaps between Americans who have graduated from our nation’s schools since the 1960s to the present.

As two million baby boomers begin to retire, the nation’s education system has only produced about 200,000 qualified replacements. For the past three decades, the United States that used to be in first place worldwide now ranks third for science and engineering graduates.

Too many younger Americans lack the education and skills to separate propaganda from fact, to make judgments that will affect the future and too many older Americans are failing to actively resist the financial burdens being put on them, their children, and their grandchildren by the current Congress and White House.

A gangster government is deliberately destroying America and it is not being challenged in the courts or in the streets.


Rich Kozlovich said...

I just read your article in from your National Anxiety Center web site regarding the Green Bank Account and sanity. These two articles go hand in hand. The inability to think clearly, factually, and logically organize information into some orderly manner is so obviously lacking amongst the general public because of a weak public education system.

When in early education self esteem is more important than reading, writing and arithmetic then we can’t expect any better from those in leadership positions who are also the product of that system. As for those so-called esteemed universities; they don’t seem to be doing any better, because they keep turning out people as radical and irrational as FDR….actually worse.

When everything they do is in direct opposition to their stated goals you have to conclude that they seriously impaired intellectually or mentally. Holding totally divergent views in your head at the same time and believing that they are both correct is insanity. Either that or they believe that we all too stupid to realize that this is what they are doing. I am inclined to believe the latter. A family friend’s son in his mid 20’s recently said something to me that I find myself repeating lately; “a person can be smart, but people are stupid”. I have decided that stupid starts at the top and runs downhill.

Carolyn said...

I know it's not much, and it will be a long time before we see what will come of it, but this is one of the many reasons why I'm homeschooling my son. I thank God that there are millions of parents who are doing more on a shoestring budget to teach their kids the real history of America, and the basics such as the three R's. So much more than the government schools which are spending billions and all they have to show for it is what you said here.
I shudder to think though that our rights to school our kids at home will be trampled as well. Seems like the leftists in this country not only hate what America has been for millions who emigrated here, they don't know and pay attention to their own historical and legal documents, nor do they know that many of the founding fathers either were schooled at home or homeschooled their kids and/or grand kids.
It's sad to me as someone who moved to America from Canada, who loves the rich and Blessed History of this beautiful and unique country- to see it abused and basically flushed down the toilet- all in the false ideals of global/soclialist utopias. It's a shame. God Bless you Mr. Caruba~

Matthew Burke said...

Alan, I seeded your "Our Gangster Gov't" on and already there have been 47 comments!

You can view it here:

I agree with you wholeheartedly that the tea party that must make an impact is the one in D.C. Hopefully, it will get our "leader's" attention.


Alan Caruba said...

Thank you Carolyn and Capitalist. I probably shouldn't admit how much fun it is to write for this blog, but it sure beats the psychiastrist's couch!

Valverde said...

I agree with you that a million person (or more) march on Washington PC would need to happen in order to get their attention, but I hate to think of where that would lead. Until the ire of the NRA and like minded patriots was raised, the US was actively buying all used brass, i.e., shell casings they could buy. Their reason, if the "gun nuts" as some Brady Buncher called them don't have any ammo then it doesn't matter if they have their guns. Fortunately, some patriots caught on before that went too far. This just shows where the Nobama regime wants to go. What's next? Concentration camps? They have areas set aside out west in the boonies that they call "re-education centers" (I think that name is right) so it isn't too far from Commie Russia for us here in the USA. I should call him Comrade Nobama.

Alan Caruba said...

It is my understanding that the Department of Defense has reversed its position against allowing ammo firms buying spent brass casings.

This is good news, but we need to watch every move the Obama administration makes because, as Americans are discovering, they have a radically different view of the future than the rest of us.