Friday, April 17, 2009

Stop the EPA Before it Destroys America!

By Alan Caruba

If the Environmental Protection Agency were some benign government unit tucked away in the corner of some massive federal government building, we could safely conclude it was doing its job to keep the nation’s air and water clean.

It is the very antithesis of that. It is a Green Gestapo that has wreaked havoc with all aspects of the nation’s industrial and agricultural communities, run roughshod over property rights, declared puddles to be navigable waters, and removed invaluable, beneficial chemicals from use to protect the lives and property of all Americans.

In much the same way as the FBI maintains a “Ten Most Wanted” list of criminals, so does the EPA.

The EPA’s former director, Carol Browner, was recently discovered to be a commissioner in Socialist International, described by Steven Milloy of as “a decidedly anti-capitalistic political cause.” Socialist International’s principles are the communist principles set forth by Karl Marx.

Browner is presently the chief White House advisor to the President on environmental issues.

The announcement that the EPA has declared carbon dioxide a “pollutant” and all so-called greenhouse gases a danger to human health and welfare now clears the way to regulate every single economic activity in the nation, most notably the emissions from automobiles.

The EPA is poised to further ruin the quintessentially American auto industry with regulatory power that will determine what kind of automobile Americans will be permitted to drive, limiting the use of internal combustion, and forcing the purchase of high cost hybrids and those run on massive batteries.

Naturally, the announcement was greeted with joy by the likes of the demented Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and a panoply of environment organizations such as the Environmental Defense Fund.

The EDF hailed the announcement saying “The U.S. is taking its first steps as a nation to confront climate change.” Vickie Patton, EDF’s deputy general counsel, went on to say “Global warming threatens our health, our economy, and our children’s prosperity.”

Only there is NO global warming and there is NOTHING that the U.S. government or all the governments of all the nations of the world can do about “climate change.” This is a “threat” that does not exist!

What the EPA and other elements of government can and will do is use the international “global warming” hoax to pass new laws and more regulations to destroy the economic viability of all activities that utilize energy.

Here’s why CO2 and the so-called “greenhouse” gases do not perform a “greenhouse” function. As explained by retired analytical chemist, Hans Schreuder:

“With no atmosphere at all, our moon is very hot in sunshine (over 100°C) and very cold in the shade (less than minus 150°C).”

“With earth receiving as good as the same amount of solar irradiation, our atmosphere thus acts as a cooling medium during the hours of sunshine and a blanket during the hours of darkness.”

“Global warming, global cooling and all climate change is caused by the daily revolutions of our earth around its own axis, throughout which time the varying amounts of heat gained during the day and similar variations of heat lost during the night make the weather what it is: ranging from plus 50°C to minus 50°C (even more extreme in places), unpredictable beyond a few days and at times violent or totally quiet.”

“That's quite apart from the seasonal differences caused by the annual trip around the sun and the varying distance that our planet revolves around our sun and we're not even considering even greater forces of influence.”

The entire white paper is available at

Throughout its history the EPA has deliberately distorted actual science to advance its own warped “environmental” agenda. This EPA ruling permits the government to control all aspects of CO2 emissions, short of the exhalation of CO2 by human beings.

Humans emit CO2. Animals emit CO2. And energy use emits CO2.

It is not a “pollutant” or a threat to health; it is a natural gas vital to all life on Earth via the process of photosynthesis by all plant life. Without CO2 all vegetation dies and with it all animal life.

Congress has a long record of restricting access to the nation’s vast reserves of coal, oil and natural gas. Our “dependency”; the importation of these energy sources is entirely the result of national policies. Now add thousands of regulations on all USE of energy.

Some will mark the announcement as the beginning of the decline of the American economy, but the U.S. government has long been engaged in all manner of control over everything required for a successful economy.

What begins is the end to the abundant choices Americans have always had regarding the manufacture, distribution, and purchase of anything and everything common to our present lifestyle.

It is a cruel despotism that has been unleashed on all Americans.


beemanned said...

Thank you for the clear response to the EPA's non-scientific writings. On the EPA site I tried and tried to find real data that would be presented to come up with their "conclusions". I could find none.
Why must the US population sit back and take non-substantiated opinion and watch it become law/regulation.


elmerbittlinger said...

servitude to its people
is the only legitimate
function of government

when government dictates
to its people

it has no legitimacy

Palmerston North said...

This is a problem worldwide. Governments who have swallowed hook line and sinker phony global warming science are messing up peoples lives. Monckton has done a brilliant job of exposing CO2 nonsense.
Where I live the city has been turned over to a government corporation to turn it into a wind farm "to save the world"

Alan Caruba said...

Palmerston North...If New Zealand is an example, then there is no escape from the clutches of these demented Green do-gooders. They destroy private property values wherever they impose
"sustainability" for everything but the people who are forced to suffer the consequences.

Gramfan said...

Mr Caruba,
A new book is about to be released called "Heaven and Earth: Global Warming - The Missing Science" by Professor Ian Plimer.

As much as we know Plimer and many other like him are correct, sadly our governments are too far gone with this idea to change their minds.,,25348644-17803,00.html

I hope I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

The calamitous decision by the EPA is another nail in the coffin of civilization as we know, love and want it. It provides further proof that this is all a matter of political control and direction of population. Science has absolutely no part in governments', the US or that of any other one, climate policy.
The tentacles of the UN's Sustainable Development posse are all over this drive to chase the outlaw CO2, and other atmospheric gasses, into the Badlands.
I think it must be becoming acceptable to most of us, when we add-up the numbers and start to connect all the sequences, that there is an enormousand very covert world-wide project ongoing which trancends party lines. It started decades ago with the infamous personages already mentioned in your posts and comments.
The rediculous idea
that human-produced carbon dioxide will turn the earth into a pressure cooker, melt
the ice caps, and destroy human life, came out of a 1975 conference
in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, organized
by the influential anthropologist Margaret Mead, president of
the American Association for the Advancement of Science
(AAAS), in 1974.
One of Mead's proteges at this conference was none other than Obama's Science Advisor, John Holdren, a true disciple of malthusian fanatic Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb.
With this history 2+2 is definately adding up to 4; the figures are non-reducible - it all starts to add-up to something horrible. All the wrong people are in the right positions - in all countries.
If this crowd retains positions in power, and finalises its intent, our civilization is in dire straights, indeed.
Just when will populations realise the so-supple road upon which they are being encouraged?

Unknown said...

Got something to say about the EPA’s finding that greenhouse gases are a threat to public health and welfare? You’ve got 60 days to speak, or forever hold your peace.

Here’s how to submit written comments:

Fax: 202.566.1741
Snail mail:
Environmental Protection Agency
EPA Docket Center (EPA/DC)
Mailcode 6102T
Attention Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0171
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC, 20460
In person:
EPA Docket Center’s Public Reading Room
EPA West Building, Room 3334
1301 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC, 20004
There will also be two public hearings on the finding next month, one on each coast:

May 18 in Arlington, Va., at the EPA’s Potomac Yard Conference Center (which is, by the way, LEED-certified)
May 21 in Seattle, Wash., at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center

Unknown said...
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J. L. Krueger said...

When you look at all these loons the Obamasiah has put in place, his policies and priorities become crystal-clear. He and his goons are out to destroy America.

The USA committed suicide on 4 November 2008.

Frank Slojkowski said...

Two years ago, the Amnerican Radio Relay League (the national organization of Amateur Radio operators) took legal action against the FCC when the FCC promulgated rules for a new service that would be harmful to ham radio operations. (Stick with me on this.) The US Court of Appeals in DC found in the ARRL's favor, saying "The (FCC) failed to satisfy the notice and comment requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act by redacting studies on which it relied in promulgating the rule and failed to provide a reasoned explanation for its choice" of certain tecnical conclusions it reached.

The EPA has now pronounced that two plus two equals five. Are they not subject to court challenge to expose their detaled scientific reasoning for their conclusions and to defend them against alternate (and much more compelling) scientific evidence to the contrary, much as the FCC was? Does not the Administrative Procedure Act apply to the EPA as well?

Alan Caruba said...

Frank, you raise a useful and important point. In my personal view, the EPA will go through the public notice phase because it must. It has already made up its mind to regulate CO2 and will do so no matter how many protest it.

After that, dozens of law suits will kick in and ultimately the courts will decide the issue.

Given the astonishingly poor judgment of the Supreme Court that opened the door to this current crisis, one can only hope the case will be heard by a judge with some common sense and basic understanding of the science involved.

Brian G Valentine said...

You're damn right, Alan.

The only workable strategy: Make those EPA communists PROVE their "CO2/pollution" sh*t.

Hey, socialists who voted that jerk into office: Now decent people have to waste their time cleaning up your mess. Are you satisfied yet?

Alan Caruba said...

Brian, succinct and to the point as always!

Your comments will always be welcome here!

Brian G Valentine said...

Special message to Obama:

When you were working for the local government in Chicago, you stated that you were working to eradicate racism, among other things.

Now poor Black people in Chicago are claiming that outrageous energy prices foisted on them by elite whites who won't suffer too badly is in fact racism.

Are you going to stand by and let racism be part of the Federal institution of laws?

What the hell's wrong with you, anyway?

Guy said...


I'm afraid you have it all wrong. Haven't you heard? It WE who are the racists. Janeane Garofalo says so. Anyone who hasn't seen this, this is a must see piece of the crappiest left-wing journalism I think I've ever seen ...

This is just a short clip of what she said. I recommend you do a little research and read the whole text of the Interview. Keith Olbermann really outdoes himself this time.... What is this world coming to?

Brian G Valentine said...

Who knows what the world is coming to, I don't know why I have to support unemployed Communists who couldn't shove this crap down the Soviet Union anymore, so they came here to demolish the USA without a nuclear bomb.

By the way Obama, you're aware that your big fat slob pal Gore plans to cash in BIG TIME on this one, aren't you? He has said so many times, I guess you believe him, right? That's the reason he pressures you all the time to do this.

That's the reason he pawns all those pussies off on you for Government jobs who want to turn the place into Havana.

You don't feel like some sort of Blagojevich from Chicago doing this, do you?

Rich Kozlovich said...


Good job!

I would like to add some fuel to the fire. Wendell Krossa contributes articles to my blog, Paradigms and Demographics, (just type it in) and I posted his latest article yesterday entitled "The Basic Science of Carbon", with links to great sites dealing with the truth about carbon.

He ends his article by say, "To demonize carbon/CO2, as environmentalists have done, is to demonize life itself. This is ridiculous hysteria and entirely unscientific. The only way to fully understand this anti-carbon movement is to recognize that it is ideologically-driven extremism now gone utterly mad. Its real goal is to slow, halt, and even reverse economic growth and development and it uses carbon as a proxy to fight growth and the human enterprise. But the Green movement in demonizing carbon has become anti-green, anti-life, and anti-nature."

I would also like to recommend Steve Milloy's latest book, "Green Hell" if you would like to see other motives of the "green elite". Misanthropic madness is the driving force, but greed and power mongering is the end goal.

Bluejohn said...

Every SUV owner should drive to Washington and drive around the White House with horns blairing. The EPA is acting like the patients taking over the asylum. The fact that these people impose rules based onnothing but wishful thinking not science shows that this is all about control of the population and reducing freedoms. The last time this happened in America Boston held the tea party and Washington became president. Rise up and fight!

Brian G Valentine said...

Back in the 1950's, the State Department was accused of being a communist front organization.

Then everything the State Department was accused of, actually appeared in the form of the EPA.

It takes a special breed of person to want to harm your fellow countrymen for no other reason than some psycho's baseless claims of hurting Polar Bears.

Can't we move these people to Gtmo and house them there as terrorists?

Sandy said...

EPA may have some value but it is famous for unscientific pronouncements that lead to actions inimitable to the population. Their decisions are based on politics, not science. In California, for example, there were huge scares over arsenic as well as asbestos as being causal agents of death and disease. Both were incorrect. The arsenic was found to be biologically inert and there was no evidence to support environmental asbestos in California to be a health threat. They did not care and cost counties many millions of dollars in remediating non-existing problems.

Brian G Valentine said...

They sure are inimitable, Sandy, although you may have meant to say inimical.

These rulings don't just waste money, they cause harm; when old asbestos is put in the air by tearing it off ceilings and pipes, etc it is worse than if it just stayed glued to the building.

Don't forget to send your contributions to the Sierra club, so your money can be used to browbeat the EPA into making you live like Pithcanthropus erectus lived

Unknown said...

I agree that global warming is not a threat, but why the EPA is doing all these things is to protect the enviroment, which we are harming. Dont talk about something that you dont know all the facts to.

Alan Caruba said...

Lea, you need to educate yourself more about what the EPA does. It is a direct threat to private property rights, often depriving people of the use of their property for grazing or farming, and that's just for starters.

For the good it has done in cleaning the air and water, it has engaged in practices that are arbitrary and often very costly.

Remember, the scariest words you'll hear is "We're from the government and we're here to help you." You can begin to surrender your freedom at that point.