Tuesday, April 28, 2009

USA Becoming Leading Apologist for Everything

By Alan Caruba

If some found fault in George W. Bush’s muscular approach to foreign affairs which included the belief that the entire West had a stake in fighting al Qaeda and the general threat of resurgent Islamic fundamentalism, the policy pendulum has now swung to the view that the United States of America is to blame for everything that is wrong in the world.

Those who think the USA is to blame for 9/11 need read no further. Blaming America now includes “global warming.”

Unfortunately, the United Kingdom’s Guardian newspaper deliberately distorted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's statement at a UN climate change conference to make it sound like the USA was taking responsibility in its words, as the leader “of the world’s polluters.” What Secretary Clinton actually said was that the United States "wants you to grow" and is intent on finding solutions that will allow countries to combat climate change without stunting development."

"Of course, each economy here is different. Some, like mine, are responsible for past emissions; others for fast-growing current emissions," she said. "We may be at different stages of development ... but we all have to do our part."

The "pollution" cited is carbon dioxide, a gas that plays no role whatever in so-called “climate change”, the other name for “global warming.” It is a gas that is vital to all life on planet Earth.

Ever since the Supreme Court, in one of the most idiotic decisions it has rendered in modern times, concluded that CO2 is a “pollutant” and therefore subject to regulation and control by the Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA has engaged in a full-bore effort to extend its clammy grasp on CO2 and, by extension, control of all energy use in the nation.

We know that energy use is bad because President Obama, for example, has openly stated he wants to “bankrupt” the coal industry and one of former President Bush’s final acts in office, the opening of our offshore continental shelf to exploration for energy reserves, has been since rescinded.

How this fits into Obama’s call for “energy independence” remains a mystery unless he intends to blanket the nation with wind and solar farms. Who needs food crops or livestock anyway?

At a United Nations meeting in Copenhagen, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “issued a mea culpa (on Monday) on America’s role in causing climate change,” said the Guardian article. That’s right; the USA now “causes” climate change. We are responsible for the average temperature of the planet, all hurricanes, floods, droughts, and, well, everything.

Let us all pause for a moment to ignore the role of the Sun, the oceans, clouds and other natural factors beyond humanity’s control.

The object of the UN meeting was to continue the fraud known as the Kyoto Protocols that imposed emissions restrictions on those nations foolish enough to sign onto them. They are the UN’s solution to something that is not happening. They also place great economic burdens on the signatory nations that must pay for the privilege of using coal, natural gas and oil or drastically cut back on their use.

The UN Protocols exempt nations like China and India, along with most Third World developing nations. Okay, so a third of the Earth’s population is off the hook, but, if you believe Hillary and Barack, the U.S. is still to blame for something that has nothing to do with the Earth's climate.

When the Protocols were first proposed, the then-US Senate voted unanimously in 1997 against participating in this lying power grab by the UN.

Not so for the Obama administration. Having completed his global “apology tour”, the new mantra of the United States government is that we are to blame for having taken the lead against the Islamic terrorists, the effort to protect Afghanistan against the Taliban, and the freeing of Iraq from a psychopathic dictator, Saddam Hussein.

Please ignore the fact that jihad is a sacred duty of all Muslims dating back to the seventh century.

We now live in a nation whose President bows to Saudi royalty while being rebuffed by its alleged allies on requests to help resolve the global financial crisis or to participate in a military response to a rampaging jihad that, among other things, appears close to taking over Pakistan.

If you think that things have gotten worse since President Obama took the oath of office on January 20, you’re right.

If you think they will continue to get worse, you’re right.

Editor's note: Within an hour or so after the initial posting of this commentary, it was revealed that the Guardian report of Secretary Clinton's statement at the climate conference was a deliberate distortion. The original text of this post was revised to reflect this.


Brian G Valentine said...

Of course the USA is to blame for everything, everybody knows that, and Democrats know that better than anybody.

But if you have been offended by the US in the past, then please have a little patience for President Obama to come and apologize to you, personally.

The President has a very busy schedule doing this and he can't get to everyone at once.

And dictators especially: President Obama is especially interested in hearing your scathing evaluations of the US! Now you have the freedom to whoop up support for all the anti-American abuse you can think of - and do it, unimpeded. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Carolyn said...

Yes, the USA is just so evil. I read the other day that Obama used 9000 gallons of fuel flying around on earth day. USA bad- India, China poor people trying to have the same materialistic and abundant life the USA has enjoyed. Go figure again, people all hate the USA, but they all want to have the same standard of living as the US. They also are jumping the fence by the millions- yet everyone hates the USA. I've said it before. Those who trash this Beautiful and Blessed country need not live here! They are most welcome to leave. God Bless you Mr. Caruba!

Brian G Valentine said...

Good God, who needs jihaddis wnen we have Hillary Clinton.

"She's going to shame dictators with an icy stare!" drooled some sorrowful feminists when it was evident that their favorite candidate wasn't destined to be called Mister President.

Correction: She's going to shame the Republic that didn't want her as Chief Executive with bone-headed liberalism that would gag a Swedish socialist

LoneRider said...

So, I wonder how much effort the current administration is going put into protecting the IP of American countries in China and India???

Just asking.....

bostmass said...

Great article, Alan. One of the misconceptions people have about the SCOTUS ruling is that the 9 lifers ruled CO2 a pollutant. What they actually said was that the EPA could evaluate CO2 and decide if it is a pollutant or not. SCOTUS didn't make any scientific decisions, they simply opened the door for the EPA to do so.

Regrettably, the EPA made one of its worst political decisions since banning DDT. The EPA did not base its ruling on science, but rather on the wishes of Obama and Gore and a democrat-controlled congress.

Alan Caruba said...

Thanks for the clarification regarding the Supreme Court ruling. If the cap-and-trade bill gets through Congress and EPA can rule on CO2 emissions, it's all over for this nation because the economy will be strangled to death.

Brian G Valentine said...

So now you are aware, Alan, why I want to howl some truth to Al Gore in front of a lot of people

- instead of looking in the other direction, "ignoring" him