Thursday, July 16, 2009

Liars and the Global Warming Lies They're Telling

By Alan Caruba

It must be that the believers in “global warming” all live in caves and do not wander out to discover what is really happening on the planet.

The constant and hysterical cries from the global warming crowd claim that we have merely months, weeks and days before we’re toast.

Of course, the “solution” they offer is the appalling “Cap-and-Trade” bill that the Obama gang is trying to rush through Congress. We are supposed to believe that a huge tax on all use of electricity will “solve” the peril of global warming by cutting “greenhouse gas emissions.”

We are supposed to believe it is wise policy to slow or stop the building of coal-fired or nuclear plants to generate electricity.

We are supposed to believe that the vast coal, oil, and natural gas resources throughout the nation are not to be extracted to keep us warm in the coming years of cold weather or to fuel the nation’s vast fleet of cars and trucks.

For many throughout the nation and the world, a walk outside tells them a very different story.

Over at the headlines read: “Baltimore: ‘Record low temp tied, another on the way—a summer without much heat.’” And “Not so peachy: Ohio cold snap takes bite out of local peach crop.” Remember, it’s JULY.

At you will find notices of cold spells in Peru, the coldest May in New Zealand, reports of frost in Canada, and of temperature records shattered in northern Michigan and throughout New England.’s Chief Meteorologist, Joe Bastardi, an expert on long range forecasting, is predicting that “cooler-than-normal weather this summer in the Northeast could point to a cold, snowy winter for the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states.”

Ironically, Bastardi predicts that the cold weather will be “centered over the area from Boston to Washington, D.C.” On September 8, the “climate bill”, aka “Cap-and-Trade” is scheduled for a vote and who knows, the snow could be several feet thick in the streets outside the Capitol? Last year when protesters gathered to demand the coal-fired plant providing energy to the Capitol Building be shut down did so in a snow storm!

Is the Earth cooling? Yes and it has been for a decade. The cooling is likely to continue for several more decades and you better pray it doesn’t turn into a full-fledged new ice age because the planet is at the end of a 11,500 year interglacial period similar to previous cycles that preceded ice ages.

Bastardi attributes his forecast to factors that include “a combination of El Nino and worldwide volcanic activity over the past six to nine months” which he says “may have played a role in causing this trend.”

Not mentioned is the present inactivity of sunspots, solar storms on the Sun that has been ongoing for quite some while. For an explanation of why this is bad news relative to the planet’s overall climate, click here.

The purpose of this exercise is, of course, to point out the obvious. The climate of the Earth, wherever one happens to be is cooling and is likely to continue.

That is why anyone and everyone citing “global warming” is a liar and deserves the contempt, derision, and acrimony of the Earth’s entire population.


juvat said...

Mr. Caruba, you make some very valid points, but I think your summary runs a little short. To me, the data you provide says that man has very little, if any, impact on the climate of the earth. The climate of the earth warms and cools in cycles of varying length and severity and the causes of these cycles is unknown and unknowable by current methods.

Alan Caruba said...

That's because it is a "summary", Juvat, but your point is well taken. Meteorologists will tell you that the natural phenomena of clouds are still a mystery to them.

Anonymous said...

As could be predicted, the requested meeting by Steve Fielding, the Aussie Senator, with Al Gore came to nothing - that's because blow-hard Al dodged the issue.
In Australia to whip up support to an increasingly AGW sceptical populace found himself in a cleft stick. Fielding, a former warmist, had travelled to the States and done his research and came out a sceptic based on solid science. He is in a unique position in that his vote will either confirm or deny the Aussie Emissions Trading Bill soon to be voted upon.
Gore, knowing that he faced a poisoned chalice if he accepted the meeting did the only thing he knows how to do really well - he legged-it for the exit.
I so hope that Fielding keeps his nerve and votes down the Bill but watch out for 'democratic changes' to eliminate his vote as Rudd will try to force the issue in some way.
Such 'democratic changes' are being seen in the UK (where true democracy exists in words, only) where public majority objections to planning permission (of wind farms in this example) are being seriously eroded in forced over-riding by a Gov. intent of as much national harm as it can get away with in sychophantic fashion to its masters in the EU. Unfortunately, the Opposition Tory Party have bought into the bogus science and we can count on them to follow suit.
The public can see through the fraud but our goverments are still besotted with a collective madness right out of the Jumbo Book of fairy Tales.

Alan Caruba said...

If Fielding's vote defeats the measure, Aussies ought to erect a statue in his honor. It will be a lot cheaper than have to pay for increased rates for electricity and whatever other penelties await.

Carolyn said...

Hi Mr. Caruba- My dad told me the only good thing about summer so far (they live a little northwest of Toronto) is that it hasn't snowed! Everyone is cold and damp up there- but some still talk about global warming. It's madness- My husband likes watching the new PBS stations that have all those nature type shows. I hear the same drivel every show- we're evolved from something (but they don't know if slime or apes) and we're all gonna die because of global warming. And they call Bible believing Christians nuts~
God Bless!

Louise W said...

The only things warming are those who are hot under the collar about the warming myth. Hard core global warming believers are almost impossible to convert. They have believed the lies for so long, to change their view would require repentance and they will never do that. Their favorite precaher, Al Gore, will drink Kool Ade before he would give in. It will take an ice age to freeze their windmills and crack their solar panals before they will say "uncle."

Continue, Alan, debunking all the lies and those who tell them. Perhaps it will reach some people who can still think for themselves.

Guy said...

Well, it's happened again...

Yesterday, July 16th, Osama, in a statement to Congress, implored them to "act quickly ..." to pass the Health Care Reform bill. It's so obvious what this guy is doing, and it makes me sick. He's trying to overwhelm us with new legislation, one bill after the next, each too big and complicated for anyone to read and understand, and spaced so closely together that it's impossible to focus enough resistance on any one bill to stop it. He wants to push all this crap through before there's time for anyone to become informed enough to mount any sort of resistance to his plans. At the moment, we have, among others, Cap and Trade, Health Care, and Immigration being rammed down our throat. Any one of these proposals would warrant the full attention of the people for several months before passage, and he wants them all done in a few short days. The good news is that I THINK people are finally waking up to what is going on. I'm starting to hear rumblings from various personalities and groups, asking why everything has to be done so quickly. It's against our principles to move so fast on legislation without taking the time to study it carefully, and I'm hoping people are finally catching on to what Osama has in mind here. They had better, or else one day soon, they are going to wake up to a nightmare of biblical proportions ...

The Investor's Business Daily had a great piece a couple days ago, calling for a "Read the Bill Bill" which would make it mandatory for our representatives to at least READ what they are voting for. It's absolutely mind boggling to me that anyone would have to have to propose such nonsense, but when you're surrounded with morons, I guess you have to spell things out for them.

You may already be aware of this group, but if not, please check out

Sadly, or thankfully as the case may be, my representative is one of the good guys, so he won't be getting a pink slip from me!

Anonymous said...


There is record cold weather from Canada to Florida, and throughout the Midwest and in S. America, while few if any areas have reported any record highs. Record breaking cold is more recent over the last century than record breaking heat.

That is the exact opposite of what would occur if the world were warming.

Elizabeth said...

A woman I know who was SOOOOO pro Obama, is changing her party afiliation in response to his lovely selling out of "the folks" to the unions in the GM deal. It is fascinating to begin to help people see the truth.
Keep in mind that the global warming clan has started using "climate change" as the buzzword...that way it doesn't or is still OUR FAULT!!! and we

eveable said...

I live in Canada. I did not believe any summer could be colder than the last one but this one is. It was a nice day today, it got to 23 C(77 F), but it is now raining and the temperature is dropping. We are looking at highs of 17 C (66 F) for the next few days with lows in the 50's. I have not turned the furnace off yet and it looks like I may not. Last year it was off for a month.
The idiocy of our politians in raising energy prices to combat global warming is....lunacy. I am sure the problem is the fact that the average person does not know enough about science or anything to realize how stupid this is. Also politiians do not know much about science or anything. But they know their voters want something done about global warming so they are doing their best.
So people, talk to your MPP or congress person. Let them know you do not support this. Talk to your neighbours and co-workers about how cold it is becoming. Talk to them about the increase in the Arctic and Antartic Ice. Talk to them about what a scam global warming is. I really think they do not know.

Alan Caruba said...

I recommend everyone who is concerned about the cooling go to and purchase a copy of Robert W. Felix's book, "Not by Fire, but by Ice" about the science regarding ice age cycles. Then go out and buy a warm winter overcoat...I did.

Anonymous said...

More anecdotal evidence of climate change, opposite what the IPCC predicts, of course.

Here in Cent. FL I can hear the thunder while I type this, as the front is just now moving in here.

And, we had one last month, too.

Anonymous said...

I would say "you've made the big time" except you are the 'big time' (otherwise they wouldn't notice you).

Yours is the 5th article down on this page of one of my top ten most favorite blogs, Greenie Watch.

Unknown said...

Hi can any one advise me.
I observe a warming at the poles and a cooling at the equatorial regions. Is this correct? And its been suggested that a "greenhouse" affect would cause this?
I do not believe mans technology has anything to do with this.
Apparently, at one time (before the food) the world climate was evenly distributed with a high cloud cover? David.

Alan Caruba said...

And just where are you coming up with these perceptions of the Earth's climate?

Frankly, none of what you suggest appears to have any basis in fact.

Unknown said...

I saw glacial shrinkage evidence presented. (satellite images)
And also geological evidence on the (biblical)flood.
I am subject to information feed and would like to know what IS true and what IS NOT true.
I did ask "is this correct" and say "apparently".
You have just refuted these "questions" and not really answered them.
I can suggest "experts" who could "argue" about it.
But that is not my aim.
Thank you.

Alan Caruba said...

Let me recommend you scan the links to various websites on my blog.

Check out,, with up to date good stuff. There are others, but I can assure you they are all science-based and very good sources of information.

You can stop worrying about global's the next Ice Age that is the real problem.