Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Prize Joke

By Alan Caruba

There was a time when the Nobel Peace Prize meant something. It went to men and women who earned their stature with lives of courage such as Andrei Sakharov who openly opposed the oppression of the former Soviet Union and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who gave his life for the cause of civil rights.

Giving the prize to Barack Hussein Obama has rendered it a joke.

In office less than a year, Obama has, in the words of a recent Saturday Night Live satirical skit, done “nothing” to deserve what once was one of the highest international accolades anyone could receive.

In addition to men and women of genuine repute, in more recent times the pathetic Norwegian committee responsible for selecting the winners of the Peace Prize has given it to the father of modern terrorism, Yassir Arafat whose Palestinian Liberation Organization continues to make war on Israel when it isn’t also defending itself against Hamas, another Palestinian group equally devoted to the annihilation of a sovereign nation and its people.

Other winners include Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations who presided over one of the worst scandals of that scandal-ridden institution, the Oil-For-Food scheme that enriched Saddam Hussein and who had previously turned a blind eye to the Rwandan intra-tribal massacres. Earlier the award had gone to the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces, now more famed for the rape of populations they are sent to protect and idleness while others are slaughtered.

Among the Americans who earned the prize in recent times were Jimmy Carter and Al Gore. Carter, a former U.S. President, has disgraced himself by his appalling anti-Semitism and friendship with the most scurrilous figures on the world scene.

Al Gore, a former Vice President, will be written into the history books as having been the leading voice for the greatest hoax, global warming, of the modern era.

Begun in 1901, the Nobel Peace Prize once stood for true achievement. It has long since become a pathetic instrument by a handful of men on the committee tasked with awarding it. The award to President Obama is a blatant effort to influence his decision on the conflict in Afghanistan.

The official reason for the award to Obama was “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Perhaps the committee had in mind his extraordinary world tour at the beginning of his presidency to apologize for what he perceived to be America’s failures.

In reality, the only thing his brief tenure in office has earned him is the contempt of the world’s leaders for his endless posturing, his preference for words over action, and his constant search for the world’s center stage spotlight.

Little wonder that Reuters reported that the announcement was greeted with “gasps of astonishment from journalists” in Oslo.

They aren’t the only ones who are astonished.


dakotas5 said...

Spelled peace wrong.Should have been piece as in piece of... I'll let ya'll finish.

Guy said...

Now I've seen everything. When even the jokers at Saturday Night Live can see that Osama has accomplished NOTHING, it's absolutely amazing to me that anybody out there could possibly even consider him for such an award. I mean seriously ... even George Bush would be a more deserving candidate. At least he actually took some significant action, bringing down an aggressive and dangerous regime and freeing a whole nation of people. But, I guess that doesn't qualify ...

Things like this are a clear indication of how sick our world is becoming. Fantasy is peddled as reality, and reality is ignored by people who are obsessed with furthering their own political agendas. Well, they aren't fooling me, and from the looks of things, they aren't fooling anyone else either. Another great tradition has been watered down and destroyed by "forward thinking" liberals who couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. Great ...

Buzzg said...

I thought Algore was as low as they could go. It does make sense in a weird sort of way that an award which has no meaning should go to someone who has done nothing.

Craig said...

The joke is people like you who can't be proud of their president when he wins the world's highest honor. As usual you're your snarky self. Since you hate taxes, regulation and government so much, and you love guns wouldn't you be happier in Somalia?

Rich Kozlovich said...

As I heard the announcement this morning I couldn't help but was a spontaneous laugh no less. And then I thought of that song..."Send in the Clowns".

SOOOO...let's all sing a shortened stanza or two from that song...Ready….all together now;

Don't you love farce?
My fault, I fear.
I thought that you'd want what I want - Sorry, my dear.
But where are the clowns?
There ought to be clowns.
Quick, send in the clowns.
Don't bother - they're here.

Unknown said...

I'm relieved that I'm not the only one to perceive that "him" receiving this prestigious award is an "Obamanation".
The world is setting itself up for a big disappointment. When they wake up to the fact the he has defrauded them (as well as many Americans), they "might" realize they have crowned "the Prince of Buffoons".
Of course, the Europeans seem like they never learn.They have had their Stalins, their Hitlers, their Napoleons', their Caesars. They seem ripe for a new one.

Carolyn said...

I am disgusted as usual- I remember well the last one which went to Gore when it should have gone to that wonderful woman who rescues Jewish babies during the war. Seems to me the only "peace" prize winners anymore are those who bash and harm Israel.
So- what's next for messiahbamma? The Nobel prize for economics for his good intentions on screwing up our economy? PUHLEEZ!
God Bless you Mr. Caruba~

Guy said...

Look Craig .... I'm always perfectly happy to be proud of ANYONE who wins an award for actually doing something, but please tell me just what Obama has done that qualifies him for a Nobel Peace prize? The process by which he was selected began BEFORE he was even elected President, and at that point in his career, he had done absolutely nothing that even qualified him for a NOMINATION. Face it ... he won the award simply for being elected, as if that somehow makes the world a safer, more peaceful place. His selection is nothing more than a show of support for liberals, by liberals. The validity of the Nobel Peace Prize has been watered down with several of their recent selections. Obama's selection for this award is being ridiculed around the world, and reveals, without question, that the process has been corrupted. Are we supposed to just close our eyes, and be happy that he won, when it clearly means that the process has been corrupted? Oh yeah, I forgot ... corruption is fine, as long as a liberal Democrat benefits from it. As far as moving to Somalia is concerned, I would say the same thing to you. If you love corruption and out-of-control government so much, you'd love Somalia. I'll buy your ticket ...

Buzzg said...

How anyone could even consider being proud of that idiot in the White House is beyond me. Then, pride comes before the fall. The world's highest honor in these United States is the Congressional Medal of Honor, not some party favor handed out for doing nothing.

Buzzg said...

This is a bit long, but it's an interesting chronology.

If George W. Bush had been the first President to need a teleprompter installed to be able to get through a press conference, would you have laughed and said this is more proof of how inept he is on his own and is really controlled by smarter men behind the scenes?

If George W. Bush had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to take Laura Bush to a play in NYC, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had reduced your retirement plan's holdings of GM stock by 90% and given the unions a majority stake in GM, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had given the Queen of England an iPod containing videos of his speeches, would you have thought this embarrassingly narcissistic and tacky?

If George W. Bush had bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia , would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had visited Austria and made reference to the non-existent "Austrian language," would you have brushed it off as a minor slip?

If George W. Bush had been so Spanish illiterate as to refer to "Cinco de Cuatro" in front of the Mexican ambassador when it was the 5th of May (Cinco de Mayo), and continued to flub it when he tried again, would you have winced in embarrassment?

If George W. Bush had burned 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to go plant a single tree on Earth Day, would you have concluded he's a hypocrite?

If George W. Bush's administration had okayed Air Force One flying low over millions of people followed by a jet fighter in downtown Manhattan causing widespread panic, would you have wondered whether they actually get what happened on 9-11?

If George W. Bush had failed to send relief aid to flood victims throughout the Midwest with more people killed or made homeless than in New Orleans, would you want it made into a major ongoing political issue with claims of racism and incompetence?

If George W. Bush had ordered the firing of the CEO of a major corporation, even though he had no constitutional authority to do so, would you have approved?

If George W Bush had proposed to double the national debt, which had taken more than two centuries to accumulate, in one year, would you have approved?

So, tell me again, what is it about Obama that makes him so brilliant and impressive? Can't think of anything? Don't worry. He's done all this in about 9 months -- so you'll have a bit over three years and to come up with an answer.

Alan Caruba said...

Buzzg gets today's award for logic and one hell of a response to Craig!

Carolyn said...

LOL Buzz and Mr. Caruba. But forgot one. If GW had have campaigned in all 57 States, would he have even been elected?!

Unknown said...

Have you seen this video Alan? It scares the s**t out of me, I can tell you.

What is happening in your country? (And consequently OURS, the UK.)

Unknown said...


It's not just your kinsmen that are incredulous at this award, just look at most of the UK political bloggers. As far as I'm concerned he got the award because he's black, there's no other reason for it.

I was pleased when the American people voted in a black man as president because I never thought it would happen in my lifetime but I've slowly come to realise it's his politics that are sick making.

A confirmed smoker who has turned on smokers gets my undevided scorn and makes me look at what else he is up to, especially in healthcare.