Thursday, October 15, 2009

Watching Democrats Commit Political Suicide

By Alan Caruba

I don’t venture much into political prognostication. I follow politics, but not so much to comment on the day-to-day madness of Washington, D.C., but because the legislation that does get passed often has long term penalties for Americans and for our economy.

All that legislation that began so long ago that inserted the government into the mortgage loan and banking business ultimately resulted in the bubble that came close to wreaking the economy. It all stemmed from the liberal notion of “social justice” that included a hitherto unknown “right” to own a home even if you clearly could not afford to.

Out of that came Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae, the “securitization” of masses of bad loans they owned and sold. And out of that came the destruction of investment houses and banks. As usual, the U.S. taxpayer picked up the cost because it is our billions that were spread around Wall Street and used to “bail out” General Motors, et cetera.

The bizarre “reform” of Medicare and the nation’s healthcare system, a private enterprise at this point, is another aspect of “social justice” because its advocates keep claiming that people who cannot afford health insurance should be provided with it by the rest of us.

It turns out that people who do have a health insurance plan like their plan and do not want the federal government to mess with it or to get between them, their doctors, and the provision of medical and healthcare services.

I have not written about the machinations of Madame “crazy eyes” Pelosi, the Lord High Executioner, Harry Reid, or the other rascals in Congress trying to merge five different versions of a bill that the American people do not want.

The worst of it is that few in Congress have even read the proposed legislation, nor are likely to do so before voting on it. The best of it is that they will all be Democrats.

When you add in the carbon/energy tax that the Democrats are also trying to impose, along with the most astonishing imposition of communism in the form of a proposed federal “zoning” provision that would shift control, if not ownership, of every square inch of America to the federal government, you have two of the most horrid pieces of legislation ever proposed in the modern era.

It’s not like the Democrats don’t know that these proposed new laws are widely and vocally hated.

The Tea Parties that spontaneously occurred early in the year, followed by the huge rally in Washington on September 12 would, one might suppose, cause Democrats to show some caution, but it is abundantly clear that the Democrats in Congress don’t give a crap about the voters/citizens of the United States of America.

There are some “blue dog” Democrats expressing opposition, but that herd of brain-dead, power-obsessed elected “leaders” has waited since 2008 to turn the ship of state around and head for the socialist paradise that began so many years ago with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was ten years into the Great Depression without once having figured out what he was doing wrong. Only the advent of World War Two saved him.

I will not predict what will happen with either piece of legislation. I think the Democrats will pass some version of both and that is very bad news for the economy and the rest of us.

It is, however, very good news insofar as it will constitute the political suicide of the Democrat Party. It will ensure that Republicans will regain control of Congress next year when the midterm elections are held.

The Republican Party has been declared dead in the past and, at one point, split apart allowing Woodrow Wilson to get elected. It is about to come roaring back to life.

When that happens, the questionable presidency of the former Indonesian citizen, Barack Hussein Obama, will become a lame duck in which his dreams of becoming the next Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez will be nullified.

Obama does not have the political smarts of “Slick Willy” Clinton. Faced with a Republican Congress, Clinton tacked to the center and even to the right a bit. Obama is a “red diaper baby” whose communism is so deeply imprinted on his brain he will be unable to do that.

And the bonus is that Pelosi, Reid, and the Democrat chairpersons of congressional committees will be out of power.

A chastened Republican Party may actually return to its central principles of fiscal prudence, a strong national defense, and support for the dollar. That is, at least, my hope.


Louise W said...

There is a madness in the administration that defies logic. Unless, of course, there is a not so hidden agenda to destroy the country as we have known it. Their abject hope is to crush capitalism and destroy The Constitution of our great nation. If they do that, there will be no elections next year!

Alan Caruba said...

Louise, there will most certainly be elections next year no matter what the White House intends to do.

I have friends high up in military ranks--Generals--who privately tell me the US military would never permit the overthrow of the Constitution.

Buzzg said...

Leave us not forget that it was a coalition of McCain/Feingold et al that brought us "Campaign Finance Reform". Constantly, we are bombarded with 'bi-partisan' efforts, 'meeting of the minds' legislation, and finally Olympia Snowe defecting on so-called "Health Care Reform" which is nothing more than government intervention into our very personal lives. The Constitution has already been abrogated and shredded. Read Article 1, Section 8 and tell me if you find any constitutional legality for disbursing funds from the public treasury to business, special interests, or individuals.
My contention is that it makes no difference now which side of the aisle they come from. A "new world order" is the goal and has been since George H. W. Bush first vocalized the idea from his bully pulpit as Presidente. A one party system is the mandate.
The citizens of this country had better realize very quickly that they are going to have to wrest the reins of government from the hands of the tyrants that now surround us from within the beltway and in our own state legislatures. They've got the bit in their teeth and they're heading down the road to tyranny. They will lie to you to get elected. They will give you money from state and national treasuries to placate you, all the while driving you further into dependence.
Wake up, don't give up and don't count on any of them to right the wrongs they have perpetrated.

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