Thursday, August 19, 2010

People Have Noticed

By Alan Caruba

"Apres moi le deluge”, “After me, the flood” and though attributed to the French King Louis XV, historians believe it was actually said by Jeanne Poisson, Madame de Pompadour. The last members of the monarchy spent France into the poorhouse until they had their heads separated from their bodies via the guillotine.

People have noticed the same eerie disconnect from the suffering of the populace as Barack and Michelle Obama party on. There has been a succession of vacations topped off by Michelle in Spain on the U.S. dime. Keeping track of the vacations, about seventeen this year, has become a media pastime.

Twenty months into his first and last term, President Obama, has wasted a trillion dollars we didn’t have on a stimulus package that was little more than a wish list of pet projects for Democrat congressmen and bailouts of the teacher’s unions whose members would otherwise have to join the long lines at the unemployment office.

People noticed.

Obama has had notably little success in foreign affairs, failing to draw the line with the Russians on issues of defensive missiles in Europe, managing to insult the British in a dozen ways, and being mocked by the Iranian leaders as they get ready to fire up a nuclear reactor.

People noticed.

When he finally decided what to do in Afghanistan, he made the announcement at West Point, including a date when the new infusion of troops would leave. The cadets slept through the speech and the Taliban circled their calendar for 2011.

People noticed.

Barely in office a day, he was all for closing down Guantanamo until he learned there was no place for the detainees. The states did not want them in their prisons and foreign nations did not want them for any reason. When his Attorney General wanted to try the mastermind of 9/11 in New York City the outcry was deafening.

People noticed.

Many of those he wanted to appoint to his administration turned out to be tax cheats or had to withdraw due to charges of unethical behavior or corruption. Despite a pledge to drive out the lobbyists, a number of appointees were lobbyists. A whole slew of “czars” turned out to include a number of loonies who were either outright communists or who believed weird science theories.

People noticed.

Despite widespread, vocal opposition, Obamacare was forced upon an unwilling America and now we are learning it will increase costs and deny care, just as we knew it would.

People noticed.

Bush had his Katrina, but Obama had the Gulf of Mexico oil leak. His administration mismanaged it beyond belief and then he arbitrarily shut down oil production from other rigs, adding more people to the unemployment lines.

People noticed.

Obama used the occasion of a Ramadan dinner at the White House to wade into the controversy regarding a plan to build a mosque within two blocks of where 3,000 Americans died from an Islamic terrorist attack. Then he had to back off what he said.

People noticed.

Obama appointed two women to the Supreme Court, both of whom think the Constitution was written on silly putty. One had never been a judge.

People noticed.

Muslim murder at Fort Hood, a failed Christmas bomber on a commercial jet, and another failed bomber in Times Square. The response to all three incidents was slow and very, very politically correct, tip-toeing around using the word “Muslim.”

People noticed.

Rather than take dramatic action to stem the flood of illegal aliens along the southern border, the Obama administration brought a suit against Arizona at the same time twenty other states are writing and passing similar legislation to enforce immigration laws. Then they threatened Sheriff Joe Arpaio with a legal suit charging that he was anti-Hispanic!

People noticed.

Along the way the Tea Party movement occurred and Nancy Pelosi called them Nazis. Harry Reid became even creepier than anyone could imagine. The voters elected Republican governors in Virginia and New Jersey, and a Republican Senator to fill Teddy Kennedy’s vacant seat.

People noticed.

On November 2nd, the voters will go to the polls for a midterm election and the odds are that many Democrats will just stay home while the independents and Republicans will turn out in huge numbers.

The power in Congress will shift, perhaps dramatically, because people noticed.

© Alan Caruba, 2010


Ol James said...

Bravo, Mr. Alan, BRAVO!!!
THAT was MOST inspiring,
Articulate and
WELL to the point!
The outline, impeccable.
To bad our Community Organizer in Chief can not do as well.
Truly Inspiring Sir.
A sermon that the Pope would be jealous of.
With your permission I am sharing..

Alan Caruba said...

Ol James you do not need my permission to share it, but I am pleased you asked.

TexasFred said...

This will be MY 1st post tomorrow, with proper citation of course...

Alan, I always like your work, you are damned good, but once in a while, you're simply AMAZING...

This is one of those times!

loplop said...

It is definitely past time for a tide change. I can only pray you are correct, as this country is absolutely headed down the tubes...

Unknown said...

"The response to all three incidents was slow and very, very politically correct, tip-toeing around using the word “Muslim.” "

Well there's an article on LRW that about sums up my response to that bigotry.

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, Fred!

Ronbo said...

Events should be very interesting when the Republican Congress takes control in 2011, as most experts predict: It only takes a simple majority in the House to impeach Obama - and although he likely wouldn't be removed by the Senate - he would join Bill Clinton in the rogue's gallery of failed and disgraced presidents.

Alan Caruba said...

Ronbo: It may surprise you that I would not want a GOP controlled Congress to impeach Obama. I think that would be a waste of the valuable time needed to reverse the damage of Obamacare and other measures he has enacted. Obama has already indicted himself in the eyes of Americans, many of whom voted for him. Let history judge him just as it did with Carter.