Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What is Wrong with Obama?

By Alan Caruba

“Why are they all so afraid to say it: There’s something seriously wrong with Barack Obama. And until the day he’s no longer in the White House, there will be something seriously wrong with America.”
-- Judi McLeod, Editor of

Like a broken record, Obama is still talking about Washington’s lobbyists and “special interests.”

Obama is a president who looks and sounds “normal”, but whose behavior all points to a variety of pathologies, beginning with narcissism and proceeding through an obsessive attachment to a Marxist ideology, the centralizing of all power, that has been tried and has failed everywhere.

There is, too, the complete inability to accept responsibility for his saying instead that “It’s George Bush’s fault” to “I inherited a mess” to “the Republicans must compromise.”

Clearly, the midterm election results reflect a rejection of Obama’s legislative agenda that included Obamacare, Cap-and-Trade, massive bailouts, a wasteful stimulus bill, an anti-energy agenda, a refusal to recognize the threat of Islamo-fascism, rejection of traditional U.S. allies such as Great Britain and Israel, and too much more to enumerate.

What was initially described as a cool, detached, and intellectual approach to the office is now beginning to look like a pathological lack of concern for Americans and the nation’s future. What emerged during his post-election press conference was, on careful analysis, little more than the same canned responses and rhetoric that has been his hallmark before and since taking office.

There was his tendency to give lengthy, lecturing answers to questions, wrapping them in rhetorical gauze to disguise anything specific. What emerged from the tide of words were the same failed policies that have stripped Democrat control of the House and yielded only a slim margin in the Senate.

At what point can we expect him to stop lying about “energy independence” when no nation on earth is energy independent? When he launched a war on coal? When his administration has stymied virtually all exploration and drilling for oil? When the need for more nuclear power is clothed in talk of “reducing greenhouse gas emissions” that pose no threat to the environment?

At what point will he stop talking about “electric cars” when they are too expensive and cannot provide the mileage Americans expect and need? When his administration keeps ratcheting up mileage requirements the render cars more dangerous to drive? Or ethanol standards that increase damage to auto and other types of engines?

At what point will he stop talking about “greenhouse gas emissions”, the alleged “cause” of “global warming” when there is no global warming and about carbon dioxide that plays no role in climate change?

At what point will he equate Obamacare and other policies with his acknowledgement that Americans feel government is becoming too intrusive in their lives?

At what point will he ever understand or acknowledge that it was his administration’s policies that increased the national debt?

His great regret, he said, was not communicating more effectively with Americans, but this president was on television all the time from “The View” to “The Jon Stewart Show”, or giving endless speeches.

Of the many Democrat office holders who were rejected by voters, he called them “terrific public servants” who “showed courage” as they threw away common sense, sound economics, and ignored the wishes of their constituents to support policies they clearly knew were widely and strongly opposed; members of Congress who repeatedly voted for legislation they had not read!

How many times were Americans expected to personally show up in Washington, D.C. to protest?

Obama compared himself to Reagan and Clinton who both encountered midterm losses in their party ranks, but Obama seemed oblivious to the fact that this particular election was historic in the proportion of the rejection involved. Not just Congress, but numerous Democratic governorships were lost as well by his party.

One would think that he might signal a move to the center, but Obama is so driven by his personal pathologies and Marxist ideology that he is incapable of doing this, even though he did give ground on the likelihood of extending the Bush tax cuts, a vote the formerly Democrat dominated Congress failed to take before leaving to campaign for reelection.

Obama is left now with the option to use executive orders to “transform” a nation that has rejected his agenda.

He is left now with the veto power to thwart legislative action to address the nation’s ailing economy.

He continues to be surrounded by a shadowy and largely unknown coterie of White House “czars” to carry out his policies.

Nothing Obama said during his press conference offers any comfort. Rather, a close examination suggests that there is “something seriously wrong” with the 44th President of the United States.

© Alan Caruba, 2010


mawm said...

The problem is not only Obama's, but also that of the coterie of far-left wingers who suddenly found themselves with a hand on the controls of government, and having attained that much dreamed of position, they are going to fight tooth and nail not to relinquish it as they lie and cheat and manipulate us into the slavery of hard-core Marxism.

It is just decades ago that they would have been lined up against a wall and shot.

May the memory of the failure of this government remain in the minds of America forever.

Ronbo said...

Obama had a news conference today - only his third or fourth since becoming president - and you'd think he'd be a little bit concerned about the most epic Democrat mid term defeat since 1938; yet our El Presidente was calm, cool and collected.

The man is as crazy as a bug in the rug.

If I were a worried man, I'd be awake all night knowing this psycho has the codes to our nuclear weapons...

LarryOldtimer said...

If Obama and his minions are not out to destroy the US, they might as well be.

Obama obviously has a mental illness and is incapable of governing. It is time for the Vice President and Congress to invoke the provisions of Section 4 of the 25th amendment to our Constitution.

Alan Caruba said...

@Larry: That will never happen. It would be seen as a coup d'tat. No, we're stuck with Obama for two more years. Then he will join Jimmy Carter as a failure or worse.

LarryOldtimer said...

Alan, or perhaps even Biden knows better than to be President as of now. Even if I were much younger, I wouldn't be President of this nation for all the tea in China.

Quite frankly, Obama is sounding a lot like Hitler in Hitler's latter days.

cmblake6 said...

Absolutely superb, and now linked at mine!

BF Admin said...

I expect to see him work through the EPA, czars and other outlets for his crazy agenda, bypassing Congress at every turn. We'll have to be more vigilant than ever.