Thursday, November 24, 2011

America's Biggest Turkey: Barack Obama

By Alan Caruba

The 2012 national elections will be held on November 6 and I naturally want to get out ahead of all the other pundits and their predictions about its outcome. I cannot tell you who the Republican winner will be, but I can tell you that Barack Hussein Obama will be known as a former President.

He has most certainly turned out to be the biggest loser—a turkey—to hold the office of president. I can look back over my writings in 2008 and say “I told you so!” to anyone who voted for Obama.

It was surreal to watch how the mainstream media went out of its way to ignore the fact that there were virtually NO FACTS to cite regarding Obama-the-candidate. Any candidate who had gone to the extent of hiding the ordinary “paper trail” that all of us leave when we attend school, college, serve in the military, acquire a Social Security card, travel, or simply acquire friends and acquaintances, surely had something to hide.

To this day, no one seems to recall being in college with Obama, though he attended Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard. Surely you would think someone would pen a word or two of their memories of him. No student in the classes he taught on the Constitution at the University of Chicago has shared those days. If he dated anyone prior to Michelle, they remain incognito.

Like the fictional Shadow, Obama seemed to be able to “cloud men’s minds” when it came to any recall or inquiry about him.

The appalling performance of the mainstream media to get Obama elected was captured by Howard Kurtz, a columnist for The Washington Post who, on November 17, 2008, reported that NBC News was coming out with a DVD titled “Yes We Can: The Barack Obama Story” and that ABC and USA Today were following suit to rush out a book about the election.

“We seem to have crossed a cultural line into mythmaking,” said Kurtz. “Whew! Are journalists fostering the notion that Obama is invincible, the leader of what the New York Times dubbed ‘Generation O’?” Kurtz asked, “aren’t media people supposed to resist this kind of hyperventilating?”

The confidence I have in my prediction that he will be unemployed as of the afternoon of January 20, 2013 lies in the fact that he has spent the last three years being rebuffed on one policy or another, not the least of which was the Affordable Health Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Rejected by 26 States that brought suit against it, Obamacare’s constitutionality will be addressed by none less than the U.S. Supreme Court; a decision that may come in the spring of 2012. Given the court’s long record of precedents on comparable decision, it’s toast. Recently, in the electoral battleground State of Ohio, voters resoundingly rejected its mandate requiring everyone to buy health insurance under penalty of a fine.

2009 Inaugural Trash
In March 2010 an estimated one million people representing the Tea Party movement marched on Washington, D.C. to protest against passage Obamacare. They were a sharp contrast to the revelers that showed up for Obama’s inauguration and literally left tons of trash in their wake. We have seen this repeated by the Occupy movement participants.

There’s a term in boxing when a boxer has been hit hard enough to make him groggy, “stepping in post holes”, as he staggers around the ring. It seems an apt term for Obama who is finding fewer supporters and defenders beyond the hard core of liberal Democrats.

From promises to close Gitmo to efforts to try Islamic terrorists held there in civil courts, Obama was rebuffed.

Obama’s promises regarding jobs to be created by his “Stimulus” have proved baseless and costly.

On the numbers alone, Obama has been a disaster for America. Obama has presided over the first downgrade in the nation’s credit rating in its history. Federal spending has been the highest (25% of GDP) since World War II. Federal debt (67% if GDP) has been the highest since World War II.

Long-term unemployment (45.9%) is the highest since the 1930s. Those dependent on the government, receiving federal benefits (47%) is the highest in American history.

Obama’s aggressive anti-energy policies are costing jobs from the Gulf of Mexico to the now delayed Keystone XL pipeline and all points in between. Scandals involving the bankrupt Solyndra, a solar panel company and other “green energy” investments and loans are costing him support. This is true as well wherever coal is mined and where they drill for natural gas and oil.

Americans grew tired of his non-stop speeches and gaffs, with or without the Tele-Prompters that became a national joke. Now they must endure a year of his constant campaigning and his non-stop lies about Republicans and everything else.

His penchant for never accepting blame manifested itself in another punchline, “It’s George Bush’s fault.”

In 2010, voters returned power in the House of Representatives to the Republican Party. Does anyone at this point seriously think that these and other factors point to an Obama victory in 2012?

He will be defeated and by a margin that will astound everyone.

© Alan Caruba, 2011


Tom W. said...

Hi Alan:

I am very curious to hear your take on the sudden shoving out of Barack Obama's so aptly named 'body man', Reggie Love.

Until this story broke, I knew nothing of this person nor was I aware of any such close personal assistant to Obama earning a 6-figure salary! To me, the trivial tasks associated with Mr. Love's job could have been eliminated by the president carrying a male equivalent of a purse! Other than Mr. Love carrying around a bunch of minor personal items, he seems to have been paid more for his companionship than for being a personal trainer.

I have used a personal trainer for a limited time when I recovered from back surgery. My experience was exactly the same as everyone else who I knew that has used a personal trainer, including my mother. You meet with your trainer at gym for a set time, usually 60 minutes and then you work on your workout routine by yourself for 7 to 14 days, whereby you then meet with your physical trainer again.

When professionals only cater to one client and are also housed in that client’s personal residence that crosses the line of professionalism and enters into a weird social dynamic problem. It’s no different if a celebrity had a personal psychologist who only serviced this one celebrity and also lived in this celebrity’s house, this is not just a warning sign that something is not kosher—it’s a gigantic red flag!

I don’t want to sound crass but I believe Barack Obama’s slip is showing by him using taxpayer funds to hire Reggie Love as his personal cabana boy. Because a personal trainer does not shadow one client nor is utilized as a human walking purse! The tasks assigned to Mr. Love just don’t make any sense and I believe this is just a symptom of Barack Obama’s narcissistic personality. He must feel entitled to having his own boy toy with him wherever he goes; this action also speaks loudly as to why Obama champions gay rights.

But enough about my opinion, after all this is your blog and as I said in the beginning of my comment; I’m very curious about your take on this news story.

Thank you,


Alan Caruba said...

As far as I know, this position is one that most presidents have had. It is comparable to a valet and/or personal assistant. Even US Generals have a "body man" so they don't have to take their uniforms to the laundry, etc. I don't know how much he was paid, but six figures seems excessive, if true.

Ronbo said...


My observation is the same as yours regarding the outcome of an honest election next year.

The Republicans "Go Spain" and swept the national socialist DEMO rats out of power at most local, state and federal levels.

This is hardly a surprise: No nation, including Russia in 1918, has knowingly elected collectivist to office.

However, (drum roll!) this coven of Demo-Nazis seem to have no worry they will ever see the inside of a federal court CHARGED WITH TREASON when the opposition to them takes control of the machinery of government to include the courts.

So why no worry on the part of Obama regime radicals?

Simple: THE FIX IS IN!

One way or another the Demo-Nazis will steal the election of 2012 because they need the power of the federal government to (1) Forever crush the TPM and the Republican Party (2) To avoid prison/or execution for treason.

This election theft, which appears to be planned even as I type these lines, will not be tolerated by the American People.


It is. However, who prior to 2008 would have believed "The Manchurian Candidate" whose past life is little known and may be under the control of a dark cabal of domestic traitors and foreign terrorists would be elected president?

These days what was thought four years ago to be "impossible" and "unlikely" and "unthinkable" are today's headlines.

And this is just the beginning...

Good advice: Buy as much food, gold, weapons and ammunition as you can afford and make up an "escape plan" to get your family to "high ground" if the worst case should happen.

Guy in Ohio said...

I sure hope you're right Alan, but I have my doubts. If the media would have done their job for even a few days, Obama would have never even been elected. And now, we're depending on them to suddenly do their job and report the facts in this election cycle?

The media's love affair with Obama is far from over. Even if they don't continue openly stumping for him, they're still shading the facts about Obama's failures, and eagerly tearing every single opposing candidate apart. The ferocity with which conservative candidates have been attacked is terrifying. Based on the ruthless hit job they did on Sarah Palin, the attacks on Governor Perry, and the outrageous insult that NBC just heaped on Michelle Bachman, it's pretty obvious that they have no intention of abandoning Obama.

They should be ashamed of themselves, but I see no evidence that they have any intention of calling off the dogs or regaining their composure and becoming objective any time soon. The power that the media wields is overwhelming in today's society, because 90% of Americans learn everything they "know" from their televisions. I don't know what the solution to that problem is, but I do know that as long as the media is shamelessly supporting the Democratic Party, we have an uphill battle ahead of us.

Alan Caruba said...

Gentlemen: Watch the media ease awasy from Obama in the coming months. Criticism of his failure to mention God in his Thanksgiving message even showed up on Huffington Post, a very liberal outlet.

Small signs are evident.

The one thing Ronbo's fertile imagination has not considered yet is a full scale financial meltdown that will start in Europe and spread to us. It is a far more likely scenario than all the others.

J Johnston said...

He set out to hide the fact that he was born in a foreign country! Accomplishment!
He set out to hide any college records, etc.! Accomplishment.
He set out to hide the fact that his SS No. was issued by a state he never lived in! Accomplishment!
He set out to cram affordable health care down our throat! Accomplishment!

Yes, "The Shadow Knows!"
The Shadow knew how to manipulate the media! Accomplishment!
The Shadow knows....yes he do!

And ........
He has the taxpayers pay for cleaning up his inaugural trash, vacations for his spouse, etc.
He has continued voter fraud by the liberal hard core,
He has survived the southern border disgrace,
He has survived the credit rating downgrade,
He has spent trillions on "Stimulus" to no avail,
He has followed tactics in energy development that any moron can see through,

.... most of which the touts as Bush's fault!

I would have said this could not have happened in America...... but it did.

And as far as the Supreme Court....the cartoon with the cheer leader says it all.

Ronbo said...


Thanks for the response to my comment and I thanks once again for taking the time to answer your readers.

Yes, I did take in consideration a global financial meltdown starting in Europe, that seems to be in the cards any day now, as a major factor leading to an insurrection in America.

I have also said many times on my blog that I think Obama planned just such a disaster from Day One as president, and that all his actions since have been designed to wreck capitalism in the USA.

Obama thinks this would have two positive results for the Democommies (1) People would have no place to turn except to the government. (2) The chaos of an economic meltdown would allow him to declare martial law and impose socialism by his command.

Ah, but the best laid schemes of mice and men!

My take is that it would be more likely that a majority of Americans would see this as a Presidential putsch designed to impose a dictatorship and react accordingly to stop it against whatever force the Leftists muster.

So if this really is the Obama reelection plan for 2012, I say he gets both his dead capitalist economy and his insurrection, but I don't think the author of a socialist coup in America will like the outcome.

I think any rational person in the presidency of the United States wouldn't even seriously think about becoming a dictator; however, I do not believe Obama is rational in the objective sense of the word, but rather a not very intelligent mind numbed Marxist robot with an almost religious faith in "The Revolution."

Of course, I will the first to say what I've said above is not inevitable - any number of factors could keep it from happening, like a terrorist attack by Muslims on a large American city using a weapon of mass destruction. An event like this would serve to unite Americans under Obama against a foreign enemy, as happened after 9/11 to Bush.