Friday, September 27, 2013

More Global Warming Lies

By Alan Caruba

The release today of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control’s Fifth Assessment reveals how the IPCC has been wrong on every prediction and claim it has made over the years in which it has waged a war on the use of the primary sources of energy on which the entire world depends, coal, oil and natural gas.
It is an insidious war on the development of better living standards and on economic growth at home and around the world.

A combination of environmental and political entities has joined together to advance the bogus claims of “global warming” since its establishment in 1988 by the United Nations.
The new Fifth “Assessment”, based as always on flawed and false computer models, is another attempt to deceive people into believing that the world is at risk from rising temperatures, but the reality is that for at least sixteen years, the Earth has been in a cooling cycle and is likely to continue to cool for decades to come.

Claims that “global warming” is responsible for major weather events are baseless when one understands that, during the time the IPCC has been in existence, the Earth has had a record low in the number of tornadoes, the number of hurricanes, and no change in the rate of sea level rise, despite its claims to the contrary. Moreover, there have been record gains in the amount of Arctic and Antarctic ice.

The “science” the IPCC cites is without merit and it does not take a degree in meteorology to understand that it is the amount of solar radiation that determines the Earth’s overall temperature and that the Sun has been experiencing a natural, cyclical decrease as the result of less sunspot activity. Moreover, the other primary factor is the amount of water vapor, not carbon dioxide, in the Earth’s atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a minimal element of the atmosphere and plays no role in either heating or cooling.

It is time to end the propagandistic and nefarious activities of the IPCC and end the greatest hoax of the modern era.

(c) Alan Caruba, 2013

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Unknown said...

Alan, it should be also noted that greenhouse gasses act to MODERATE temperatures. Therefore we should NOT be seeing the record high And low temperatures that are still occurring!!!