Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not So Rare Cold Weather

By Alan Caruba

It’s December, the season of the year in which we in the northern hemisphere are accustomed to hearing about cold weather. It is, after all, winter.

It is, however, also the end of the first decade of a cooling cycle that began in 1998. Every single piece of legislation the in-coming Obama administration bases on the need to “reduce greenhouse gas emissions” to “stop global warming” will be based on a lie.

What Americans, the British, Europeans and others in the northern climes will soon grow accustomed to are longer, harsher winters. At one point during the Little Ice Age from 1300 to 1850 there literally was no summer!

That’s why we keep seeing journalists report “rare” wintry events. Having wed themselves to the global warming hoax for so long, they cannot conceive that everything they reported was a lie and thus greet each new wintry event as “rare” or “unusual” when, in fact, climatologists and meteorologists keep telling them that a big chunk of the Earth is headed for the deep freeze.

In early December, Californians and others were informed that a “Rare 50 year Arctic Blast Sets Sights on Southern California.” Yes, rare in the past, but not so rare in the years ahead. With temperatures in Siberia plunging, the cold air has to go somewhere and Californians are going to experience the spillover.

That’s the thing about the weather; it just doesn’t care if Al Gore and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change received a Nobel Peace Prize. I noticed at the time that no journalist asked what lying about global warming had to do with peace?

On December 10, Houston received a flurry of snow, tying the record for Houston’s earliest snowfall ever. There hadn’t been any snow in Houston since 2004 and it hadn’t snowed that early since December 10, 1944!

In the same region, New Orleans was blanketed with snow on December 11, the first time in nearly four years that snow had fallen, catching Metairie, Kenner and other suburbs off guard. It was soon replaced by freezing rain.

We are accustomed to looking toward various government agencies to announce their findings and this is particularly true of those charged with predicting the weather or analyzing its trends. It is useful to keep in mind that the best weather computer models can at best make a reasonably accurate prediction about five days out from today.

Short term weather trends, such as those tracked by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) often do not reflect the bigger picture of what is actually occurring.

While New Orleans and Houston were getting early snowfalls, NOAA was announcing that the November weather for the U.S. was “warmer than average”, albeit the January to November temperatures were “near average” for the U.S. According to NOAA, the U.S. is a virtual tropical paradise with an average temperature of 54.9 degrees F. Wait a minute, 54.9 degrees F is cold!

To its credit, NOAA announced that “an early November blizzard forced more than 100 businesses and schools, and Interstate 90, to close in western South Dakota on Nov 5 and 6.” And there were “mountain-enhanced snowfalls across the mountains of Virginia, North Carolina, and extreme northern Georgia.” Turns out that Banner Elk, N.C., recorded 6.2 inches of snow “making it the snowiest November since 1983.”

Here’s a tip when reading NOAA and other government news releases about the weather. Skip the headline and get into the heart of the text. While November was “warmer than average”, it was still cold and early snowfalls were occurring.

This is not rocket science, nor does it take a lot of brainpower to figure out that colder weather, blizzards and such, are becoming the “average” for the world’s northern hemisphere and there are increasing cold weather events affecting the southern hemisphere as well.

The global warming hoax was and is intended to wreck the economies of the U.S. and other developed, western nations. It’s proposed “carbon taxes” and “cap-and-trade” programs have NOTHING to do with the actual climate or weather.

If Americans do not PROTEST the Obama administration efforts to limit the ability of energy industries to acquire coal, natural gas, and nuclear power, we will all end up FREEZING IN THE DARK.

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Anonymous said...

Some of the best news that I have heard in a long time is that former ABC TV Chicago weatherman, John Coleman and 30,000 scientists are to sue Al Gore for fraud - for pushing the Global Warming hoax on the USA.
If such comes to pass, if it gets to a courtroom, then the very heart of this terrible lie will be ripped assunder and Gore will have to face an open investigation of his preposterous claims laid bare for the world to see. I wonder how much body type/airtime the MSM will give to such a case?