Tuesday, December 30, 2008

People I Don't Want to Hear About in 2009

By Alan Caruba

If I had the power, there are any number of people from whom or about whom I would not want to hear, see, or read anything in 2009. Here’s a short list!

Al Gore. This pusillanimous fraud, a leftover from the Clinton administration who was defeated for president in 2000, has devoted his time to issuing warnings against global warming, the greatest hoax of the modern era. He tends to be most vocal during blizzards.

Dr. James Hansen. Right behind, with his nose deeply buried in Al Gore’s posterior, is the man who started the global warming hoax when, in the 1980s, he testified to Congress that the whole world is doomed. To his name I add the hundreds of other alarmists.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi. The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is quite possibly the most stupid person to have ever held that post.

Sen. Harry Reid. The Senate Majority Leader, like his counterpart in the House, holds a lot of idiotic ideas and beliefs. He continues to oppose the opening of Yucca Mountain, a multi-billion dollar repository for spent, but radioactive nuclear fuel.

Bill Clinton. Having cost Hillary a shot at the presidency and failed in so many ways during his own two terms in office, one fervently hopes he will busy himself giving million dollar speeches in Abu Dhabi and other venues far from the U.S. This is the man who once said, “We just have to slow down our economy and cut back our greenhouse gas emissions ’cause we have to save the planet for our grandchildren.” Well, he got his wish; the economy is slowing to a crawl. Happy now?

Jimmy Carter. This friend to every dictator on Earth was once elected President of the United States. Mistakes happen.

Barney Frank. Don’t hold your breath waiting for this House of Representatives’ Elmer Fudd impersonator to take responsibility for the nation’s financial crisis. He spent the last few years defending Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while both purchased billions in sub-prime mortgage loans.

George W. Bush. I have had to listen to President Bush for eight years and that is quite enough.

John McCain. America has voted, but less than half for you and most of them held their nose when they did.

Keith Olbermann & Chris Matthews. These two alleged political pundits so thoroughly embarrassed themselves and MSNBC during the campaigns that their co-workers refuse to sit at their table in the company cafeteria.

Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson. The next President of the United States of America is an Afro-American. Millions of white people voted for him. Now go away.

Mahmoud Amadinejad. This loony is convinced that millions must die so that a mythical Twelfth Imam can return to bring Islam to all mankind. Meanwhile, Mahmoud and the ayatollahs have been busy destroying Iran when not taking hostages.

Hugo Chavez. This Fidel Castro wannabe has managed to destroy Venezuela’s economy with his communist ranting. I miss the good old days when the CIA was encouraged to rid us of such pests.

Osama bin Laden. With any luck, this sucker is dead.

The United Nations. Anything that comes out of this institution should be treated like toxic waste.

So many annoying, deranged, and stupid people; we can be assured that the mainstream media will hang on their every word.


Unknown said...

I agree with most of that list. :)

But I would add Barack's names to that list as well as the entities/subjects like the EPA, Climate Change, and School Tax's.

[b]He continues to oppose the opening of Yucca Mountain, a multi-billion dollar repository for spent, but radioactive nuclear fuel.[/b]

I completely disagree, as the money should not have been spent on this to begin with!! We can put the spent nuclear materials into off coast spent (non-profitable) deep oil wells. Dozens of miles off shore and thousands of feet(+) into the sea bed while being under hundreds of meters/feet of water! Completely away from human traffic, construction, and future habitation.

Alan Caruba said...

Frank, $9 billion of the US taxpayer's money has already been spent on this much-studied project. Let's use it.

Unknown said...

Great list! If I may, I would suggest Alan Colmes for his endless whining noises, Barack Obama for the continuous 'ah' 'uhm' and 'uh' that come out of his mouth, and a new comer: Caroline 'you know' Kennedy.

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, Jon. You're on your way to your own great list.

Anonymous said...

A great list, Alan, and to one that can be added with much gusto; all the signotories to the Kyoto Protocol and especially Gordon Brown who, claiming 'prudence', has destroyed the British economy as no other chancellor has done so effectively in our history.
The only politician in the world who is not living in a greedy, self-indulgent, force-fed bubble-wrapped world in Vaclav Klaus.
Can anyone explain to me why we, the world, seem to get the worst of all possible scenarios and people into positions of power?
As I understand the nuclear waste issue much of the highly toxic 'waste' is not exactly waste. It can be fed into a different type of reactor where more energy is taken from it to a point that the eventual waste is a tiny fraction of the original whole.Of course, that assumes that there are available the reactors types that can handle this 'waste'.
The nuclear option is the way to go and the industry is brimming-over with new ideas, inventions and working developments and fuel-feed breakthrough. Public education is badly needed to banish and bury Chernobyl and Three Mile Island and put the present safety, efficiency, cleanliness, reliability and longevity of the modern (and progressive) nuclear industry. And no, I am not a nuclear engineer - fossil-fuelled aeroplanes are my business.

Peter Woods said...

Thanks for including George Bush on the list. Has any one man done as much damage to the Republican brand as this guy? He needs to go away and never be heard from again.

LoneRider said...

As far as nuclear waste, how about reprocessing the spent pellets first?


But no spent fuel from nuclear power plants has been reprocessed in the US. In 1977 President Carter established national policy that prohibited reprocessing based on the premise that limiting plutonium would limit the spread of nuclear weapons around the world.

And yet another person I with we could not hear from, Mr. Carter!

LoneRider said...

When I read the article, I went straight from Clinton to Frank, I subconsciously ignore Carter already.

Guy said...

There are so many of these blowhards around these days, I really wouldn't know where to start, but you covered the biggest ones pretty well Alan. Personally, I'd like to see you take it a step further, to include more organizations. I'd start with the Democratic party in general, and then move on to the leftist media outlets like CNN, MSNBC,and the like. Of course, there's always MoveOn.org, ACORN ... the list goes on and on. Too much to hope for I know, but we can always dream, and hope for "change" can't we? Have a Very Happy New Year everyone ....

Rich Kozlovich said...


Good list. It fascinates me that so many people with so little intelligence or sanity have found their way into so many positions of prominence so that they are sought out by so many people for their views giving them the opportunity to have so much to say about so many things in which they have so little understanding of or for that matter for the consequences of those views.

There really should be some punctuation in a sentence that long, but I really like the way it reads.

Best wishes,