Sunday, December 14, 2008

Obama: A Red Diaper Baby

By Alan Caruba

Books have been written by and about Barack Obama, pro and con, and millions of words in the course of the campaign. Curiously, those who supported him the most, the far left, now feel “betrayed” by what is portrayed as his centrist or pragmatic choices for his cabinet and other administrative positions.

What has been a source of concern to me from the beginning is perhaps rooted in my profession as a public relations counselor. I am for the most part retired, but decades of shaping public images and influencing public opinion—and this after a career as a fulltime journalist—makes one especially conscious of how politicians who learn the craft can turn themselves into the apotheosis of voter’s dreams and, yes, of their hopes.

By way of example, that’s why we never saw Obama smoke in public or anywhere else. For someone who is conscientious about maintaining good health, smoking sends a message that he is less than perfect. He has a “bad” habit. To most people that would be seen as being “human”, but Obama wants to be perceived as both a regular guy and at the same time as possessing special spiritual or supernatural powers beyond the rest of us.

This is why Obama could talk of introducing a new era in politics that oddly reflected almost biblical themes such as taming the oceans, reducing the wrath of nature. The last man, however, who reportedly was able to make the waters part was Moses.

This is image making and one can only hope Obama does not himself believe that he has been singled out to transform America into something more, something other than what its Founders intended.

For one thing, the Founders wanted, indeed, designed a limited central or federal government. They wanted most power to reside in the States. They created a bi-cameral Congress that would slow down the process of lawmaking so that it would not fall prey to rash or suddenly popular fads. The last time that occurred it required a Constitutional amendment to repeal Prohibition.

Most Americans are quite unaware of the fact that we are just two States away from having a new constitutional convention. My friend Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center is trying to warn people of the danger this represents.

Thirty-two other States have called for a convention, allegedly to add a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, but if 34 States call for a convention, Congress must convene one. You do not need a convention to pass an amendment! The real purpose is unknown, but it could undo the long history of our nation and the rights derived from the people.

Such a convention in the hands of a President who has expressed some strong questions and doubts about elements of the Constitution could bring about cataclysmic changes.

From everything I have read about Barack Hussein Obama I have concluded he is a classic example of what used to be called “a red diaper baby”; a person brought up from birth to be dedicated to at best socialism and at worse communism. His mother and grandparents were extremely liberal and, in Hawaii, young Obama’s mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, widely known to be a communist.

I believe Obama has been personally driven from an early age to acquire power and, if possible, to seize power.

This is why it deeply worries me to read that new rules have been published in the Federal Register that would allow, in the words of a recent WorldNetDaily report, “certain civilians to call American soldiers into action inside the U.S. to prevent environmental damage or respond to ‘special events’ and ‘other domestic activities.’”

The proposed rules were published last week for the Department of Defense’s “Defense Support of Civil Authorities” plan. This is a plan to use the military against Americans. Under the Constitution, they exist to repel invasions and, as was the case of the Civil War, to quell insurrections. The DOD plan runs counter the entire history of the military in the life of the nation.

Do you see any insurrections on the horizon? Do believe that the U.S. military should be in the streets of America to enforce the actions of the federal government “to prevent environmental damage”? And I suspect you are also unaware that the Environmental Protection Agency has just unveiled its own version of the FBI Most Wanted list, unveiling a roster of 23 fugitives charged with environmental offenses!

The most environmentally committed President to have ever been elected will be in charge by Noon on January 20, 200 and the rise in gun sales across the nation suggests that a lot of people think the government is about to become the enemy.

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