Thursday, January 8, 2009

Under the Weather

No daily post on Thursday and maybe not even Friday. Have picked up a virus making the rounds of the northeast. It is a nasty thing that leaves one quite weak. Keep an eye here for a new post, a sure sign that my obituary is not in the local paper.


Guy said...

You and Longstreet too ... and my whole family. Ugh ... I love the Winter, but not that aspect of it. Hope you feel better!

Dave's Daily Day Dream said...

We'll join the chorus of woes and give our sympathy too. It's been since T day for us. Buy stock in Kimberly-Clarke.

Anonymous said...

Since moving to the Philippines from the UK my family have enjoyed a more balmy climate. I do sympathise with you in the frozen north and I remember well my years working in frozen-up airports and icicle-laden aeroplanes, me, wrapped-up like Nanook of the North, barely able to move my extremities within my snowsuit. Brings to mind a B707 wheel change in Gander at minus 40degC - not nice. I never want to experience such extremes of cold again.
Yep - been there done that, the 'T' shirt is in the freezer as a reminder.
Get well soon, Alan. Spring is this year, now, not next.

Alan Caruba said...

Thanks, gents. Feeling better. Expect to return to full strength over the weekend.