Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Taking of America

By Alan Caruba

The United States homeland has rarely been invaded. The British tried to subdue the colonists for seven years until they finally gave up and went home. We became a sovereign nation. They came back in 1812 and the lesson we learned from that was to spend money in order to have a decent army and navy available.

The Japanese bombed Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor in 1941, but other than putting some troops on a few Aleutian Islands, they didn’t get close to the mainland.

Today, however, America is being taken prisoner from within. Leading the attack is Barack Hussein Obama who won an American Idol campaign against the worst GOP candidate since Bob Dole.

Both Obama and John McCain agreed that global warming was a threat. Both agreed that we need to extend amnesty to another couple of million more people who snuck into the country illegally. The primary difference was that McCain was a patriot who had fought and suffered for his nation. Obama’s disdain for America is just below the surface.

The first three months of Obama’s administration have been a dazzling display of how the new President has been everywhere all the time, especially on television, on the covers of magazines, and of course dominating what is left of the front pages of daily newspapers. It has been Obama! Obama! Obama! 24/7.

His “apology” tours are a turn-off to Americans, generations of whom have sacrificed money and lives to protect many living in the very nations Obama has visited. His overtures to both Iran and Cuba have been dismissed.

He has proven to be an extraordinarily divisive leader and one whom even his strongest advocates have begun to doubt for his failure to represent a nation that sees itself as inherently good, as founded in the best values of freedom and liberty.

In concert with a Democrat controlled Congress led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Read, Americans have been saddled with more spending and a greater level of debt than all previous 43 Presidents combined. There is no way these trillions of dollars can ever be paid back and Obama knows it.

He also knows or at least thinks that most Americans are so stupid they will roll over for all of this and just let it happened. He’s wrong.

The “Tea Parties” on Tax Day, April 15, are just the tip of the iceberg. Easily a million Americans turned out for anywhere from 700 to 850 events from coast to coast and they are not going to go away.

On July 4th, Americans by the millions should flood into Washington, D.C. and let the White House and Congress know that they’re “mad as hell and aren’t going to take it any more.”

They should be prepared to come back as often as necessary, but most especially they need to being organizing to turn out enough votes to take political control of Congress away from the Democrats. The Republicans need to become more than a rear guard resistance movement and needs a new generation of candidates to unseat Democrats.

That will be the first step in shutting down the Obama Express, a political bulldozer that is burying the America that men fought and died for through many wars and for which both men and women now serve in our Armed Forces in nations and on oceans around the world.

Unless you haven’t been paying attention, all that TARP money that banks were forced to take is going to be converted into shares giving the government voting power over how those banks are run. The government is not supposed to be in the banking business. It is supposed to regulate it, not own and operate it.

This week, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass) and Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich) will hold meetings to “find ways to help the struggling newspaper industry.” Watch out! If the government decides the best way to do that is to purchase an interest in major newspaper chains, America will return to the bad old days of the Nazis in Germany and the Soviet regime in Russia.

There are a number of bills introduced in the U.S. Senate (#773 and #778) that would grant the White House sweeping new powers to access private online data, regulate the cyber security industry, and to shut down Internet traffic during a declared “emergency.”

If Americans can’t be weakened financially enough by the insane spending and borrowing that Congress has engaged in, it has one more way to suck what little money you have left out of your pocket.

Congress will hold hearings on the Environmental Protection Agency’s finding that carbon dioxide is “harmful” to everyone’s health and, as the by-product of all energy use, must be regulated with a “cap-and-trade” program that will require industries and businesses of every description to buy “carbon credits” in order to operate. Billions will flow into the government’s coffers and the price of everything will rise for consumers.

And it is all based on a lie called “global warming.” Carbon dioxide plays no role in so-called climate change. The climate is always in a state of change and the current one is a cooling, not warming of the planet.

Americans are now adrift in a shrinking lifeboat on a sea of lies. The taking of America is occurring with every passing day that Obama is in office and the Democrat-controlled Congress is in session.

And you wonder why ordinary Americans are buying guns and ammunition in record amounts?

An administration filled with tax cheats and environmentalist loonies, and a Congress filled with people fully engaged in lining their own pockets poses the greatest threat this nation has ever faced.


Brian G Valentine said...

I have always ben an anti-Communist conservative and I always will be one.

I have also been a gun sissy, until the day I heard Michele Bachman say, "I want citizens armed and ready for revolt in the event of an imposed carbon tax."

Tea-sippers stated that although Michele may have been speaking "rhetorically" they "hoped" that Bachman wasn't somehow advocating "armed revolt."

Honest to God, I hope Michele wasn't just spouting off empty words

Dave's Daily Day Dream said...

President Obama is accelerating his program of installing a global pantheistic socialism here in these United States. His plans can be seen and clearly understood as one reads Antonio Gramsci and more importantly Saul (Obama's hero) Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals".
All you have to do is read the fourth chapter, entitled "The Education of an Organizer", check out the Americorps bill (signed today) and wonder why none of this is getting any press.

Alan Caruba said...

Man proposes. God disposes.

Obama can try to do whatever it is he thinks he can achieve, but America is a very BIG, very messy place to govern. Lots of people have their own agendas and anything that gets between them and a dollar is going to meet resistance.

That was the message of the Tea Parties.

Note to Brian: Take a "chill pill" because we are a long way from a dictatorship and millions of Americans that will not lay down for one.

Brian G Valentine said...

Barack, your good friend, my good friend, everybody's good friend, is "good cop."

He leaves it to others to be "bad cop." He just turns his back while the bad cops do the "bad cop" routine.

Harry Reid, Henry Waxman, other communists don't sound like mini-Napoleon's to you?

What do they sound like to you?

Alan Caruba said...

What does it sound like to me?

It sounds like you are very angry with Obama and some folks in Congress.

Brian G Valentine said...

I am angry with them.

How do dictatorships arise?

They arise from "emergencies".

The Government has to "take control" in order to "protect" (something) for people's "own good."

Now we have an emergency!

It's a "climate emergency"!

It's a "true planetary emergency," as Al Gore will attest.

For the good of the Planet, the Government needs to take control of fuel and electricity.

Stupid people and other "deniers" don't know a climate emergency from their left shoe.

So, the Government will show you how to handle a Planetary emergency, and you and I will be expected to lie down and behave or go to jail.

But as Harry Sinclair Lewis profoundly memorialized, "It Can't Happen Here."

Or can it?

Kendra said...

And where were you when Tobacco Control abrogated private property rights in the name of "health."

Where it embarked on a systematic denormalization campaign, stripping not only business's private property rights but the individual right to autonomy - also based on pseudo-science on an appalling level.

You sat by while not only was money stolen, but it was used to demonize, coerce and marginalize the very ones who paid.

This was the microcosm - this was the crucible. You had the chance to see what was coming, but -

You probably didn't like the smell (look up nocebo).

You had the chance to stand up for liberty - where were you?

Alan Caruba said...

Kendra: You have not been paying attention. I have consistently opposed the restrictions on smoking and the hysterical taxation imposed.

I have smoked cigars for years, so you are seriously mistaken if you think I have been silent on the subject.

As to your other complaint (not posted) about difficulties signing on to comment, I cannot help you.

I will not post comments, however, that are totally inaccurate, so you better have your facts straight before accusing me of being for or against a particular issue.

Kendra said...

Sorry Alan,

It wasn't a personal you. I do know you smoke cigars and are against such taxation without representation.

It was a general "you," aimed at what I'm starting to perceive as fair-weather conservatives. I just want to wake up some commenters, not only on your site but on others, who seem to pick and choose which issues are worthy.

SCHIP: Although it was acknowledged by you and a few others that it would impact those with lower SES, SCHIP is just the icing on the cake of what has been not only allowed but encouraged, from the right almost as much as the left. Taxation is so NOT the main problem (after all, the black market's on it way).

The demise of neighborhood bars, bowling alleys, bingo, etc., etc., old people thrust into the cold - and on and on. I guess all that low-class behavior isn't worthy.

Sometimes I just get tired of waiting for some kind of acknowledgment, that there are other tests of liberty and freedom, and have been waiting in vain for someone, anyone, to "get it."

Most of the conservative commentary about SCHIP was only directed to the expansion of government healthcare and short shrift was given to the inequity of one group being singled out to pay. And nothing at all about what had already taken place.

It seems that it simply isn't important what has ALREADY happened - the incredible damage junk science has already incurred is simply never acknowledged.

Since one of your (and mine) major issues is the use of bogus climate change junk science to control behavior, this is simply a natural place for me to bring this up.

(Insignificant) people's lives have already been disrupted, their businesses destroyed. Why does that not count? Why is that not worth fighting for?

Far worse has been government bans and denormalization, and denying those in the hospitality industry the right to serve their own customers - in fact, forcing them to be inhospitable to them, to play cop - based on propaganda promulgated from a number of highly-paid special interests.

As an aside, I'd like to point out that there is a difference as well between a cigar smoker and a blue-collar cigarette smoker. In fact, it's gotten so ridiculous that in some places where cigar bars are still exempted, only cigars may be smoked. To set the record straight, I smoke cigarettes and my husband smokes cigars (and don't accuse him of elitism) - but, I guess, if we ever come back to the states to visit, he'll get to smoke and I won't (I'm so below the salt).

Something I brought up once before: Many/most of those who discovered the lies about SHS - and the use of those lies to control and destroy - have been politicized. They have gone on to question climate change "science." They are a huge, untapped political force for liberty.

But it doesn't seem to go in the reverse - people who question climate change can't be bothered to concern themseles with the damage done by SHS pseudo-scientific propaganda.

It only concerns a quantité negligable.

Kendra said...

OK, Alan, maybe I solved the commenting problem. It seems that maybe if I sign in under followers, it might work. I became a follower a hundred years ago and it never occurred to me to look there for a sign-in (because I was always so excited to read your new article!), because it always told me who I was when I wanted to comment. It just wouldn't accept me and I lost a number of comments (not all about smoking, haha).

I'm also sorry if I missed a post from you about bans, private property rights in relation thereto, junk science in relation to, etc. I looked when I first discovered you and didn't find anything, but without a keyword search, I might have overlooked something.

Alan Caruba said...

I've been aware that you signed on as a "follower" for quite awhile and, as you may have noticed, we are closing in on 80 folks who, like yourself, enjoy the daily posts on this blog. We're happy to have you among them.

Kendra said...

Guess I'm on a roll!

I see now, reading back, that Brian set me off! So he's the guilty one!

"How do dictatorships arise?

They arise from "emergencies".

The Government has to "take control" in order to "protect" (something) for people's "own good."

Now we have an emergency!

It's a "climate emergency"!"

Just replace the word "climate" with "public health."

Throw in some "countless lives" and "no safe levels" - guaranteed to require various Saviors, whether in the guise of His Obamaness, "public health" astroturfers on the take from RWJF, John Banzhaf, and myriad others who put Big Tobacco's "racketeering" in the shade.

Kendra said...

While I'm at it:

I gave my real name instead of my usual nom de plume.

so, is Dave's Daily Day Dream a real name?

Or do I not understand the word anonymous?

Alan Caruba said...

Many people prefer anonymity and that's okay with me. As for Dave, you might want to click on his profile. I believe you can access his blog from there.

Kendra said...

Yeah, Alan, I'll be looking tomorrow but then won't be able to til Tuesday, so you better have some good stuff up by then!

For fun: I joined the Facebook I "heart" CO2 and get lots of "likes" from people who see its links!

There's hope!

Brian G Valentine said...

I *valentine* CO2

I also *valentine* tobacco. I smoke cigs and cigars too.

I DON"T like government control of people - and that is what the US Constitution was designed to eliminate.

But there seem to be a lot of people in the Obama administration and in the Congress who don't *valentine* the US Constitution very much.

As a matter of fact, they appear to like themselves a lot better than they like the Constitution.

[Sorry about the reference to Valentine's Day for those who don't *heart* it. Some folks wish it fell on Feb 29, and others, on Feb 30]

Kendra said...

Brian, you're certainly being a troublemaker today - Now I've gotta find out about this Valentine problem!

Now, of course, here in Switzerland, the elitists get to sneer, as it's supposedly a "commercially-inspired" holiday. Nevertheless, once the scoffing's out of the way, they can go ahead and enjoy it. I never met a single person who wants to actually do away with it! Except there are the guys - also ubiquitous in the U.S. - who simply don't want to be forced by anyone - business, church, family, peer pressure, to be romantic "on demand" and cough up the chocolates and flowers or be consigned to the neanderthal category. I said "guys" on purpose - never met a woman who felt pressured by the day!

Speaking of presents, as an expat, the DVD fiasco was especially excruciating for me. After years of being patronizingly reassured we Amis do indeed have culture - jeans, westerns and Hollywood - there went all my efforts at exploding shallow stereotypes. He outdid even the crassest where's-the-ketchup tourist. (That's the typical story - what's considered worse and hardly anyone seems to know - ordering milk with dinner in France. I've never observed that in Switzerland, though.

Here's a fun note: Ordinarily, it would be considered cheap here to order tap water - especially if that's all you're drinking. If you were getting the water in addition to wine, that was a different story, altho still "strange." Now we can say we want it because it's more environmentally friendly!

Brian G Valentine said...

When I was in college, a girl proposed marriage to me because she liked Valentine's Day so much and she wanted my last name.

She said she wouldn't "hold me" to an "actual" marriage, however

(which I didn't believe, and what's the point of a marriage if it isn't "actual", anyway).

So I told her I would if she would guarantee me alimony, and I didn't hear from her after that

Kendra said...

Well, what's in a name!

I'm very partial to my maiden name, Harris, but I simply couldn't resist Schauwecker. It appealed not only to my bit of American Indian blood but also my sense of humor.

It means: Look (at the) alarm clock!

I know lots of modern women have sort of an "identity crisis" - and want to keep their own name. Which was their father's anyway! Because I had - at least when I was growing up - a very unusual name, my identity issues are tied up in that. Even today - unless it's a kid named "after" me - I get a shock if I run across it.

I started to get used to it and even one day did a yahoo image search. There are dogs, horses, chickens, as well as humans, named Kendra.

I felt like taking to my bed.

Brian G Valentine said...

I think Kendra is a pretty name and you're a lucky owner of the name.

I have the same name as a Microsoft executive (now he is with Amazon).

Anyway, he gets email berating him for being a global warming denier and I get email berating me because Microsoft Windows Vista is no good.

So I guess we're on par somehow

Kendra said...

Thank you Brian, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your comments in the future and will try not to let them light a fuse under me.

Have a good weekend, everyone.