Saturday, November 14, 2009

Americans--Real Ones--Do Not Bow to Anyone

How many more ways can Barack Obama find to disgrace the office of the presidency with his bowing to foreign leaders? Since the day the nation was founded, NO AMERICAN bowed to foreign leaders, their representatives, or their flags. Obama's behavior is an insult to our nation's history and most fundamental values.

Seen above is a bow to the emperor of Japan and a bow to the king of Saudi Arabia.

Someone at the U.S. State Department better send him a memo on proper protocol.


Buzzg said...

The deliberate refusal to honor our flag is inflammatory to say the least, but what can one expect from a foreign born Muslim?

I have no idea how the Saudi reacted to the 'One's' bow/curtsy, but the Japanese are a different matter.
The Emporer could have thought it strange, hilarious or even insulting.
The Japanese have a very strict protocol with regard to bowing. It's almost a silent language and non-Japanese are seldom able to master the nuances. Visiting dignitaries are cautioned not to attempt it at risk of causing offense.
Apparently the 'One' feels no such restraint, as who could be offended by HIM?
What stupid arrogance!

irvin said...

Alan, as always you hit the target . This guy is desroying our Nation. He is a lousy imposter as a U.S. President.

Dave's Daily Day Dream said...

I would rather look at President Obama's butt than see his lying face with its superior, condescending manner.

Charles Rinehart said...

I have a message for all the Acorn, welfare babies, and union people out there. The zoo all are due back at 6.

Anonymous said...

We don't need the birth certificate, because his father wasn't an American, which probably explains why he doesn't act like one.