Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Global Carbon Footprint Scam

By Alan Caruba

I never cease to marvel at the environmental alarmists who create one “crisis” after another using wretchedly bad “science” to support their scams. On Tuesday, November 24, the Global Footprint Network is going to “release new data on the Ecological Footprint of 100 nations and humanity as a whole, and the current ledgers are sobering.”

Well, of course, they’re sobering. Everything the Greens announce is sobering because, as you well know, the oceans are rising, the glaciers and polar caps are melting, we’re running out of oil, every animal on Earth is endangered, incandescent light bulbs and global warming will destroy all life on Earth, yada, yada, yada.

“The figures provide a data-driven look at some of the most pressing issues facing humanity, from climate change to equitable distribution of resources.”

Is the “equitable distribution of resources” the same as Barack Obama’s “redistribution of wealth”? Is this shorthand of every liberal’s wet dream, communism? Oh, yeah. Been there, seen it, don’t want any part of it. After giving communism a try for over seventy years, the Soviet Union imploded because it doesn’t work, never has, and never will.

After Chairman Mao Zedong introduced communism to China, his various programs managed to kill off several millions through starvation until his death allowed a revision toward capitalism that initiated the transformation that holds out vastly improved lives for its 1.3 billion citizens.

However, according to the Global Footprint Network, “Humanity now requires the resources it would take almost one and a half planets to sustainably produce, according to figures to be released.”

The Greens have an established pattern. They use bogus computer modeling to conjure up scads of “data” that take years to debunk and dispute. In the meantime, billions are wasted on their schemes.

This new hogwash conveniently debuts just before the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Copenhagen in December. The many delegates will wine and dine their way through tons of champagne, caviar, and other delicacies while trying to convince everyone the Earth is doomed unless virtually all industrial activity is ended

They will warn that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are responsible for “global warming”, but there is NO global warming beyond what the Sun provides and CO2 plays no role whatever in climate change.

The phony “carbon footprint” ignores the fact that carbon compounds form the basis for all known life on Earth!

Their bogus “carbon footprints” ignore the fact that CO2 is vital to life because it is to all vegetation what oxygen is to all animals. It is food! More CO2 is better than less because it would provide for more abundant crop yields, healthier forests, and would reduce the spread of deserts.

The “carbon footprint” and the mountains of phony data built around it provides the Global Footprint Network the ability to announce that “The new numbers also reveal a growing disparity between those countries with the largest Ecological Footprints per capita and those with the smallest.” This is their way of saying that nations that produce more food and more commodities have an unfair advantage over those that do not.

It ignores the fact that “poor” nations are famous for despotism, oppression, and corruption, none of which have anything to do with whether they have abundant resources such as oil, natural gas, and coal. It has everything to do with encouraging class or tribal warfare, religious strife, and all the ills common to humanity.

The key to spotting the Big Green Lie is the word “sustainability.”

Sustainability is a subterfuge for the destruction of property rights, a concept so essential to success in America that it is protected by the Constitution.

Wherever you see the word “sustainability”, you know that the Greens are emphasizing “renewable energy” (solar and wind) which cannot begin to compare with oil, natural gas, and coal. Renewable energy is responsible for a mere one percent of all electricity generated in the United States and reliance upon it will leave people in nations such as Great Britain freezing to death in the dark.

The Greens want to replace hydrocarbon fuels with “biofuels” such as ethanol which diverts real food like corn into a useless form of energy that reduces mileage and actually emits more CO2! The Greens want to pack humanity into crowded cities, forbidding people from living in suburbs filled with trees and lawns. They want to reduce vehicle size and encourage the use of electric vehicles.

There is little evidence that the Earth is running out of oil or other sources of energy. Oil not only provides for transportation, but is the basis for fertilizers and other beneficial chemicals that ensure more crop yield to feed humans and livestock. It has a thousand other uses as well. Coal is so abundant that its use is calculated in centuries.

In short, the Greens want to impose the most stupid and evil standards and restrictions on human life. They would drag humanity back to an age when horses and oxen were the modes of transportation and means of agriculture.

This is the goal of the United Nations Climate Change Conference and its treaty to impose a One World Order with its incumbent oppressive government structure to deprive its victims of privacy, dignity, and initiative. And, as history has repeatedly demonstrated, of life itself.

The “carbon footprint”, along with “global warming”, should be consigned to the dustbin of failed and false economic and schemes known as socialism and communism. They are a synonym for suffering and death.


Adolfo Giurfa said...

This is a case which could draw the attention of the public if addressed properly, by exposing its roots: This is about RELIGION and SCIENCE. GWR´s elite is a kind of Dan Brown´s ILLUMINATI pretending to rule the world and to impose on us their own, naive, but however dangerous, "weltanschaung" (cosmology), well translated by some as the actualization of Aldous Huxley´s "Brave New World".
Then let us be clear: They are the same people which are after policies which go from abortion to gay marriage, from the "day after pill" to centralized economies up to the destruction of core cell of humanity, the family unit.
"Climate Change" is all this, the so called IDEOLOGY that has achieved the control of many governments all over the world and their bureaucrats have taken by assault UN bureaucracy.

Ol James said...

BRAVO!!!Sir, Bravo!!!
As you and other folks have pointed out- these are the same groups,(plus a few more), that back in the 70's and 80's said we were going into an Ice Age.
After all, their poster boy is Al Gore, ya know...the guy who invented the Internet...!?

libertyforusa said...

Yet another excellent assessment Alan.

The big foundation money behind "Sustainable Development", the "Apollo Alliance" is the new organized crime network of the millennium(administered via the UN).

The cost paid by the masses to these power hungry conspirators will be a complete abolition of individual choice and no doubt decades of misery.

Ironic that this would be the most unnatural of states for humanity.

The hubris of it all is also quite a contrast, those opposed to God, deciding to play God, and having the arrogance to think they will prevail.

waterman27 said...

I would begin by advising that I am one of the so called "greens". Those of us that know the truth are often also the same as value the gifts bestowed upon us in the natural world and how this place is potentially abundant beyond measure. But we are persistently inhibited from gaining autonomy through the imposition of fictitious regimes bestowed by fictional entities (corporations and banks).
The devastation of this planet has not been wrought by the ordinary man, woman or child, save for their indoctrinated ignorance of this world through the educational system.
We are entereing a suimultaeneously orchestrated multifaceted attack upon the human. This is being perpetrated by all the crises that are being deployed. From the global finacial meltdown to the wars of terror and the occupations, the corruption of our food and water, but perhaps most pertinent, the poisoning with venoms produced in bio-weapons research laboratories & pharmacuetical corporations operating under international government control (G20, UN, Bilderberg et al).
In Copenhagen, they will finalise and make their marks on papaer to bring into being, their global government & carbon credit system.
In so many ways, our youth are being intoxicated, poisoned and corrupted in their minds into the derision of all that is sacred in love & living. This is their new Babylon and the storm that they will seek to wreak upon us all, is underway.
What do we do? We draw together with our neighbours and families and cease all subscription for this system. We take upon ourlseves, the meeting of all essential needs and prepare to defend these with our lives. We adapt and relearn how to re-engage with the cosmic forces of life that surround us even now.

Alan Caruba said...

Waterman. Let's all join hands and sing a song together.

Take away the banks and the corporations and you are instantly back to the days of feudalism.