Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Observing Absurdities

By Alan Caruba

We have an unemployment rate in America that rivals that of the 1930s Great Depression, high foreclosure rates on homes, and credit card defaults are reaching new levels, but we are still being told that America is “in recovery.”

The longer I watch the members of the Obama administration and the President himself, the more I am impressed by a long list of absurdities they expect us to believe. Glassy-eyed or with a straight face, they tell us things that would make children go “huh?”

The recent performance—-that’s the only thing you can call it—-of Attorney General Eric Holder before a Senate committee set me thinking. How was it that the AG could not or would not connect the dots between the Fort Hood murders, the Christmas Day bomber, and the failed Times Square bomber? With stunning obtuseness, he professed he could not find any Islamic connection despite, of course, all three being Muslims and all three having communicated with or trained with Islamic terrorist groups.

If the AG is that dumb, Janet Napolitano, the head of the Department of Homeland Security and her intelligence colleagues in the White House has demonstrated a comparable level of willful ignorance. She’s like the cop at the scene of a bloody massacre saying, “Move along, nothing to see here.”

When, out of desperation, Arizona passed a law saying that illegal aliens should be subject to be asked if they are illegal, the President thought that was downright unconstitutional even though the Arizona law mimics the federal law that seeks the same determination. Even so, cops would only be able to ask if they believe a crime was being committed or about to be. It’s not that different from the frisk law that allows them to pat down suspected law-breakers.

It is much worse when you consider that the Senate is going to be asked to vote on a so-called “climate bill” that is based on the totally debunked science that says carbon dioxide has anything to do with climate change. It doesn’t. It’s barely 380 parts-per-million in the Earth’s atmosphere and most of the rest is just plain, old water vapor.

The Senate, however, knows it’s not a climate bill, but rather a stupendous way to raise gobs more money for the government to spend and waste. It would tax energy use, raise the cost of gasoline, and further impoverish Americans. It is pure fiction and pure robbery. It will kill the U.S. economy and with it the nation.

It’s the same kind of fiction that was passed off as healthcare reform. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, thinks Americans are so stupid, she actually said, “We have to pass it so we can find out what’s in it.” That’s what we want; legislators that no longer actually read the laws they’re passing. And, of course, weeks after passage, the CBO took a look at the bill and concluded it will increase the cost of medical care by billions.

Every time some White House advisor or Cabinet Secretary opens their mouth, it just adds to the flummery because they are either clueless, lying, or both. They are, however, mostly just lying.

So, Americans are supposed to believe now that it is perfectly alright for Iran to develop the capability to make nuclear weapons. Iran is a nation that sits atop billions of barrels of oil but has never built a refinery, perhaps because it is too busy refining uranium to a weapons grade level.

We are supposed now to believe that Israel, an ally of the U.S. since its founding, is not seeking a peaceful solution with the Palestinians after having already pulled out of Gaza and turned it over to them while also granting a measure of authority over a section of the West Bank. Never mind the endless attacks on Israel and its citizens, a daily affair.

The pioneer in space exploration, the United States will now abandon these and comparable efforts. To get to the space station, we will have to hitch a ride with the Russians or Chinese. This too is absurd, but it is also Obama’s new policy.

As for those annoying wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama has announced the date we shall leave. This is a great comfort to our enemies there. Why fight our enemies in their backyard when we can just wait for them to show up here?

Turning General Motors over to the unions that literally destroyed their golden goose and doing as little as possible to defend our southern border are just more absurdities, but we might as well get used to them because they is the main dish on the Obama menu.

Obama’s America has been turned into a giant funhouse full of mirrors and a rollercoaster ride to hell.

© Alan Caruba, 2010


Wakefield Tolbert said...

I'd say that's a good roundup of the late unpleasantries!

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, Wakefield. The real problem is that was a short list of their lies...the complete one would require a book!

Ronbo said...

I feel as if I'm living in the last days of the Roman Empire complete with barbarians within the gates...