Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why Comments Were Not Posted Until Now

It was brought to my attention that no comments were being posted. They have since been published, all 47 of them!

The problem was that Google normally sends an email that informs me that a comment has been sent and which allows me to read it to determine if it is appropriate to post to the blog. Some, frankly, are not.

If any of the recent comments are upsetting in any way, it is because they were not monitored in this fashion.

I will try to determine why the Google Blogger system changed without notice and will monitor new comments via my "dashboard."


TexasFred said...

Not just your blog, several apparently... It's Google, it's free... Sad... But I may have to move back to it soon myself... Money is tight at The TexasFred house right now!

Ronbo said...

Sounds like BLOGGERGATE, Alan! :-)

It is well you launched an immediate investigation. :-)

--Cheers, Ronbo