Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Mosque is Not a Synagogue, Church or Hindu Temple

By Alan Caruba

Despite the fact that former President G.W. Bush said we are at war with “terrorism” and Obama says the U.S. is “not at war with Islam,” it is more than apparent to anyone paying attention that Islam is at war with America and has been for several decades.

Take, for example, Obama’s endorsement of the Ground Zero mosque—formerly called the Cordoba mosque to honor the Muslim conquest of Spain for seven centuries and then renamed Park 51 to mask its true intent.

During his most recent press conference, Obama compared a mosque to a synagogue, a church, or a Hindu temple. In doing so he ignored fourteen centuries of Muslim history in which, wherever they conquered, they went out of their way to build their mosques where former churches or temples existed. In India alone, they did this more than two thousand times to obliterate Hindu temples or shrines.

The Muslim conquest of what was then known as Palestine resulted in the Al Aqsa mosque on arguably the most holy site in Jewish history. Its gleaming golden dome dominates the skyline of Jerusalem to this day.

There is an important reason why the proposed mosque should not be built near Ground Zero and that is because mosques around the world are often places where hatred of unbelievers is preached and where attacks are planned.

Obama counts on American’s general ignorance of Islam and on the nation’s long tradition of tolerance. By contrast, in practice Islam has no tolerance of religions other than Islam.

A case in point is the way "Cordoba House" changed its name to Park 51 which is odd since the address of the location is 45–47 Park Place, but look to the Koran, the battle plan for Islamic conquest, to understand the new name for this project. Koran chapter 51, verses 45-47 suggests the real story:

51:45 And they were unable to arise, nor could they defend themselves.
51:46 And [We destroyed] the people of Noah before; indeed, they were a people defiantly disobedient.
51:47 And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander.

Obama, a former student of Islam when he was a boy living in Indonesia, has never made a secret of his affinity for Islam and, as his first actions following his inauguration revealed, he was intent on “building bridges” to Islam in the Middle East.

His first television interview was with Al Arabia and his first major international speech was in Cairo. Recently we learned that the director of NASA was given a new priority that has nothing to do with the exploration of space, but rather as “outreach” to Muslim nations.

Little wonder, then, that many Americans believe Obama is a Muslim, especially since his first endorsement of the Ground Zero mosque occurred in a speech given at a White House dinner celebrating Ramadan.

There have been more terrorist attacks and attempted attacks in the United States during Obama’s first year and a half in office than in the preceding Bush administration.

The Ground Zero mosque is intended to be a demonstration to Muslims throughout the world that they achieved a great victory with the destruction of the Twin Towers.

Does New York City and its boroughs need another mosque given the fact that over a hundred already exist? More to the point should New York sanction a mosque near ground regarded as hallowed by the deaths of the Twin Towers victims and first responders?

So, to repeat myself, a mosque is not a synagogue, is not a church, and is not a Hindu temple. Those places are devoted to faiths that do not preach that unbelievers should be slain or enslaved. Those places do not represent an international campaign of terrorism.

If Obama does not know that, someone should explain it to him.

© Alan Caruba, 2010


AD said...

I know you're too much of a coward to approve this comment, like all the others you've ignored - heaven forbid you permit dissent - but you still deserve to hear how wrong you are. Well, actually you don't deserve much of anything, but it should be said.

We're at war with Islam?

How many times have we been bombed by Indonesia (86%)?

Did Bangladesh (89%) launch any sorties recently?

Does this mean Egypt (90%) is no longer our ally?

Should we re-occupy Kuwait (85%) and Kosovo (90%), only this time for being Muslim instead of to help them?

Is a bombing campaign of Uzbekistan (88%) immediately necessary, or can we wait a few years?

Do you know how many people in the Maldives (100%) have been slaughtered by the vicious Muslims in charge recently? Was it all of them or only a majority?

We have some military bases near Turkey (99.8%), so should we pre-emptively strike?

Shucks. It's almost like lumping together hundreds of diverse millions is kind of an absurd thing to do.

Alan Caruba said...

AD, I generally don't let morons post here, but I do accept disagreement based on facts.

You obviously do not know the difference between a so-called RELIGON called Islam and the various NATIONS you mentioned.

And your pea-sized memory has managed to forget all the times the US has been attacked in the name of ISLAM.

I strongly recommend you NOT read this blog and NOT comment. I don't like wasting time on morons.

Guy in Ohio said...

I understand AD's point that not everyone of the Mulim faith is necessarily our enemy. However, you can't deny the fact that the Islamic faith does indeed teach that if you aren't Muslim, you are an infidel. Radical Islam is the obvious enemy, passive Islam, the millions who don't actually pick up the weapon and attack, are complicit if they fail to denounce the violence being perpetrated by their brethren, and take clear action to stop it.

Demonizing those of us who recognize that, and painting us as bigots is the typical liberal response. They can't face reality, and want the rest of us to join them in their ignorance. I'm not buying it ... and neither should the rest of us.

TexasFred said...

Islam is the ENEMY of ALL free men and women in the world!

We ARE at war with Islam, the Muslim in Chief just doesn't have the *stones* to say so, he doesn't want to offend his brothers and voters of Islam.

AD, calling you a MORON is much kinder than you deserve, do you, somewhere in that dark area you call a brain, do you remember the reaction of from the entire Muslim world when the attacks of 9-11 were broadcast?

MORON indeed...

Dave's Daily Day Dream said...

Worshippers of the moon god "allah" enjoy freedom from the constraints of living where there is the separation of church and state.

Theirs is a political, testosterone-driven, illogical way of doing things which we as a nation have bought as being a religion.

Theirs is, and has always been, a world view in which they will be the rulers of those who disagree, assuming there might be someone living who would be allowed to disagree.

In our zeal for cultural Marxism, we can no longer even comment on a person or people group that is obviously deranged, sinful or stupid. The PTBs will not consider that we should defend ourselves from such evil.

bostmass said...

Where in the world did commenter AD get these percentages? I'm personally sick to death of Islam stoking the embers of hate in the name of God. Co-opting another religion's symbols, dates, and holidays has been going on since Christmas co-opted the pagan winter solstice. The difference is that Islam continues to do it with a wink and a nod to it's congregants. Let 'em build their mosque: 10 miles east of Manhattan. Oh wait, that'd be underwater. Works for me.

Ronbo said...

Islam is a great danger to the national security of the United States - and were I a modern day Cato and member of the U.S. Senate, I would end every speech with these words of wisdom, "FURTHERMORE, ISLAM MUST BE DESTROYED!"