Saturday, December 10, 2011

America's Communist President

By Alan Caruba

In his extraordinary book, “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century”, the historian, Dr. Paul Kengor, stated in his introduction that “We now know that American Communists and their masters in Moscow were acutely aware that they could never gain the popular support they needed to enlist the support of a much wider coalition that could help them push their private agenda.”

Most threatening, however, was Dr. Kengor’s discovery that “it was nothing short of stunning to research this book during the presidential bid of Barack Obama and hear so many of the names in my research surface repeatedly in the background of the man who became president of the United States of America. The way in which so many names and themes from the Cold War past aligned and made their way into Obama’s orbit was chilling.”

Obama’s December 8th speech in Osawatomie, Kansas revealed to anyone paying any attention that the President is a Communist. Speaking of the nation’s economic system that has created the greatest wealth for the most people anywhere, Capitalism, Obama said, “It doesn’t work. It has never worked.”

No one would argue that capitalism is “fair”, nor would they argue that life is “fair.” These are things that never were and never will be, but Obama’s reelection campaign theme will be that Americans are suffering because of Capitalism, because of a lack of fairness.

In a December 8 Washington Times commentary, Jeffrey T. Kuhner wrote, “There is only one problem with the White House’s narrative: It’s completely false. Mr. Obama is not a defender of the middle class but has been its mortal enemy. His policies have impoverished working-and-middle-class Americans.”

Other than the utterly brain-dead liberals for whom facts are meaningless, most Americans understand, as Kuhner pointed out, “His massive stimulus failed to restore economic recovery…his trillion-dollar deficits and skyrocketing debt have mortgaged the future of our children…Obamacare suffocates businesses, stifles job creation, and adds another unsustainable entitlement. It is creeping socialized medicine, which is wrecking the world’s finest health care system.”

Rush Limbaugh denounced the speech as “alien to American ideals and principles…your vision for this country is not rooted in any—not one—American tradition.”

Obama’s history, what is known of it given his extensive efforts to hide the facts that are usually available about a candidate or president, is testimony to the fact that he is a Communist and the only reason this remains clouded to many Americans has been the shameful failure of the Fourth Estate, the liberal mainstream media, to expose it.

He remains in office due to the failure of both the media and the Republican Party to cite the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition against anyone holding the office who is not a “natural-born” American. Obama’s father was a Kenyan, a subject of Great Britain. He should not have been on the Democratic Party ballot and he should not be in the Oval Office as this is written.

Many of the known facts about Obama were published in Dr. Jerome Corsi’s 2008 book, “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.” Thirty-five pages of footnotes citing the documentation of the facts cited were there for anyone to read. Obama was born into a family of Leftists. As a youngster he was mentored by Frank Marshal Davis, a member of the Communist Party USA.

Of his early college years, Obama said in his memoir that at Occidental, “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.”

Obama’s political career began with a fund-raiser in the living room of two dedicated, self-identified Communists, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. As Dr. Corsi pointed out, “The problem is that Obama sought out his relationships with the Alinski organization, the Ayers-Dohrn radicals, the scandal-ridden (Antoin ‘Tony’) Rezko, Reverand (Jeremiah) Wright and black-liberation theology, and Farrakhan and the Black Muslims. At the time he wanted these ties.” In the course of his 2008 campaign he rejected all efforts to tie him to these individuals.

The appointment of the many “czars” to oversee and guide the actions of government departments and agencies became the subject, first of ridicule, followed by the realization he was infiltrating the government with known radicals of different stripes. The one that quickly gained attention was Van Jones, an avowed Communist. When that became known, Jones resigned.

The Osawatomie speech was classic Obama. In the past he has sought to align himself with former presidents and this time around it was Theodore Roosevelt, a progressive. As Americans have sought to peel away the many layers of deceit surrounding Obama, the single abiding factor in his life is Communism. The views he expressed were a combination of class warfare and an attack on Capitalism.

In 2008 Americans, reeling from the financial crisis that all too conveniently began in the final months of the Bush43 presidency, were duped into believing that a man with nothing more than a message of “hope and change” was a messiah that would lead the nation out of its problems.

Obama was and is the first Communist President of the United States of America. We have a President who rails against “millionaires and billionaires”, corporations, Wall Street, and all other aspects of our Capitalist economy.

We have a President and a Democratic Party that have tipped their hat to the Occupy Wall Street radicals.

We have a President and a Democratic Party totally aligned with the unions in America, some of which put the auto industry in jeopardy, others in the public sector that have plundered state treasuries with sweetheart deals for pensions and health plans, and who we have seen thuggishly oppose the restructuring of collective bargaining. It is why a close ally of Obama, Andy Stern, the former president of the Service Employees International Union (SIEU), praised the Chinese Communist economic model in a December 1 Wall Street Journal article.

And we now have a President who says Capitalism “doesn’t work” and “It has never worked.” That is utterly absurd, but it reveals his ideology and his goal of fomenting a Communist revolution in America by bankrupting the nation to achieve it.

Obama is a horrid aberration, the result of a combination of the Democratic Party, the liberal media, and the education community to dumb down Americans and make them ready for the Communist America that Obama advocates.

Communism did not die with the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is alive and well in Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam and in Venezuela. The soft form, Socialism, has brought a number of European nations to ruin and threatens the U.S.

In 2010 Americans returned power in the House of Representatives to the Republican Party. We must finish the job in the Senate and in the White House in 2012. If we do not, the America we love will perish.

© Alan Caruba, 2011


Ronbo said...


One of your best articles!

Indeed, Obama is a Communist and admits as much in his very own words at Osawatomie, Kansas where innocent blood was spilled in the 1840s by radical anti-slavery proponent, John Brown.

This massacre of Southerners was part of the "pre-Civil War" in "Bloody Kansas" where Northern and Southern immigrants fought over the question of whether the Territory Kansas was to be admitted to the Union as a free state, or a slave state.

Why this Civil War symbolism by Obama?

More Importantly, why admit in public you're a Communist in a very anti-Communist and mostly Christian country?

I think Obama and Ayers are sending a "head's up" to their followers on the Left, by saying in effect, "Clear the deck for action."

The action being revolution.

Of course, this heavy handed propaganda and alarming symbolism serves to alert the opposition, however, Communists always believe they are the smartest people in the room, and us old peons are too stupid to understand what the "supermen" plan to do.

The next act of this drama will be playing everywhere in the near future: The Russian Revolution runs head on into the American Revolution.

As for the election of 2012:

"The great questions of the time will not be resolved by speeches and majority decisions...but by iron and blood." - Bismarck

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, Ronbo. I am, of course, only stating the obvious. It will likely take a lot of Americans to come to the same conclusion if we are to rid ourselves of Obama and his fellow travelers.

The Kansas speech was no accident.

Mamma Bear said...

I agree with Ronbo...One of your best articles. I sent out an email with a link to this article.

Lime Lite said...

First they control education, and through this medium they control the nation. How many school children aren't brainwashed today to believe everything Obama is saying? It is up to parents to watch what their kids are being taught and to defend them. All around the world we have PC indoctrination that will bring nations down in the future - the seeds are being planted as we speak. The Christian religion and the family unit are the current targets of the progressives. Obama came into power in 2008 because of his ego and white guilt - he was told that he would never fail, even though he is only the trojan horse. Next election he will have a very public record and we can only hope that there are enough sane Americans to see what he's done and is going to do to the USA if he's re-elected for another 4 years.

Ronbo said...


First of all it takes courage in this Leftist PC country for a well known author such as yourself to tell the people the truth, and this old soldier salutes your bravery.

Secondly, this obvious truth of Communist Obama is not believed by the majority of our fellow Americans, who even after three years of presidential treason cannot bring themselves to see "The emperor has no clothes."

Finally, since the Big Media has become the Orwellian Ministry of Truth, it is the duty of the Little Media to keep sounding the "Code Red" alarm until Lady Liberty gets her other eye opened.

Cheers, Ronbo


It was the "Battle of Osawatomie" on August 30, 1856 between Southern and Northern militia. The massacre took place on May 24/25 1856 at Pottawatomie Massacre.

scott adie said...

A great read as usual Alan. Though none of this should come as a shock to the modestly observant among us, it is a great consolidation of the clear and present evidence. I shall not waste too much time exposing my friends to this one!

scott adie said...

A great read as usual Alan. Though none of this should come as a shock to the modestly observant among us, it is a great consolidation of the clear and present evidence. I shall not waste too much time exposing my friends to this one!

SoulStraw3 said...

Karl said...

Great article. We're exploring this topic at, and peddling our Commie Obama hats at!


Headbones said...

He is promoting class warfare at its worst

Headbones said...

He is promoting class warfare at its worst

northierthanthou said...

Saying that Obama is a communist does nothing to show that HE is out of touch.