Friday, December 2, 2011

Cartoon Round Up


Guy in Ohio said...

I love that Supreme Court cartoon. If they do uphold the Constitutionality of Obamacare, I wonder ... how long will it be before that very scenario comes true? With Government on every level from Federal, to State, to City, increasingly looking to dip their beaks into private enterprise, I can foresee the day when we will be legislated into "buying" a wide variety of government products and services. Of course, this is nothing but taxation by another name, and it will NEVER be Constitutional.

Ronbo said...

The upside this holiday season for the gun industry is that Obama has sent record business to them.

Ditto the emergency food business...the gold sellers...and the survivalists.

Something wicked this way comes, methinks.

...And you don't have to be a weatherman to know the wind blows from the Left.

Ronbo said...

@Guy In Ohio:

Regardless of Obamacare socialized medicine being made the law of the land by the Supremes, the U.S. neo-fascist economy will very likely collapse within the next twelve months.

I think this was Obama's plan since he took office in 2009, but he and his whiz kids think the economy will have a soft landing into brave new world of communism.

What they are too stupid to understand is that if the economy is destroyed, they also kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, and everyone - including them - fall into the same black hole of anarchy and civil war.

Clearly, the current way of doing business in this country has come to an end, as we are entering a new era where the real power in a post-industrial world belongs to the individual and not the state.

The last time in this country when such a major transformation happened - the change from agriculturalism to industrialism in the middle 19th century - the result was a civil war between the agriculture faction (South) and the industrial party (North).

No ruling class in history has went quietly into the night without an insurrection, and like the slave owners of the Old South, neither will our current ruling class wedded to the old system.