Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ryan Takes Obama to the Woodshed


TexasFred said...

I was never a big Romney fan, but he is what he is, he’s all we’ve got, and while I am 100% certain that he is infinitely better qualified than Barack Hussein Obama and will turn the direction that this nation is headed around, I wasn’t going to become too terribly enthusiastic until I saw who he picked to be his VPOTUS candidate. Now I am getting some enthusiasm!

Lime Lite said...

Paul Ryan is a good, safe pick. Watch as the Obama-bots attack him from every side, especially the media.

BTW - Obama looks like he's about to sleep in the clip - he really couldn't care what his policies mean to the bottom line of the deficit. Obama is a liar and a phony and history will show him to be just that.

Janice Kearney said...

Obama's death stare says it all. If looks could kill... Not that we have any college transcripts to look at but methinks that Obama probably didn't do so well with math.

And yes - VERY much more enthused about the VP choice. The debate with Biden alone should be fun for conservatives to watch. Joe is too dumb to know just how outmatched he is by this "Young Gun"