Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Adam Lanza Killed Christmas 2012

By Alan Caruba

Adam Lanza didn’t just kill twenty children and six teachers and staff on December 14th. He killed Christmas 2012 with his dark shadow of insanity and evil. He killed the zone of safety that we ascribe to elementary schools when we send our children there. He made us all afraid for our own safety.

Lanza’s act sparked a dash to gun stores and shows across the nation to purchase guns and he gave all the gun-grabbers an excuse to propose still more laws against gun ownership that fail to protect people in the moments when they are threatened.

In the week that followed, during the media coverage of Christmas Day, and around the dinner tables of America as families gathered, his deranged act took away some of the joy of the holiday. For the families of the victims, it turned Christmas into a day of mourning.

There will be many more Christmases to come and this one in 2012 will fade from memory, but this one, when recalled, will be done with a shudder; a reminder that there is incomprehensible evil in the world and a constant need to be armed against it.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

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