Friday, December 14, 2012

Donations to Warning Signs

Looking back over the year, I am particularly appreciative of the donations that my blog, Warning Signs, has received.

They have afforded me the opportunity to purchase a new computer to replace an aging one and the costs of the technical assistance needed to install and maintain it.

While I usually refrain from requesting donations beyond the PayPal donation facilitator on the blog, as the year draws to an end, the fact remains that there are many challenges to individual privacy, a nation on the brink of financial collapse, and events elsewhere in the world require that I ask those who regularly visit and share my posts for their continued support.

No donation is too small (or too big!) and all contribute to the provision of daily commentaries on those issues that most affect your life and the future of the nation.

To those who have contributed this past year, my thanks, and to those who have been thinking of making a donation, this would be a propitious time to do so as we approach 2013, a year that will see everyone's taxes rise at a time when they should be reduced, along with vast government spending.

The U.S. Constitution is under continual attack and the second term by Barack Obama bodes ill for the nation.

If these concerns and the ability of Warning Signs to analyze and provide documentable facts have proven valuable, please consider donating now and throughout the year ahead.


Alan Caruba

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