Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Greetings

A special wish for a happy New Year
to all who visit this blog,
who are among its "followers", and
especially those who have donated to
Warning Signs in 2012
and who will hopefully continue
to support the work it requires.
Even a labor of love has to pay the bills!


TexasFred said...

I hope 2013 isn't the disaster we are expecting.

Happy New Year to you too Alan!

Alan Caruba said...

Fred, it will be.

Necromancer said...

Alan and TexasFred. I'm afraid both of you might be right. Happy New Year is probably the best we'll be able to say this year.

Unknown said...

Alan, then do you think it would be best if Iran gets the bomb and puts us out of our misery?

Alan Caruba said...

No, Hugh. I think it would be better if we turn Iran into a parking lot that glows in the dark.

Unknown said...

Ok...I'll go with that!
Happy New Year!

Lime Lite said...

Happy New Year Alan and all your readers. May 2013 be a good one - one can hope!

Ronbo said...


All the best for you and yours in this New Year!