Monday, December 15, 2008

The Liar-elect and the Death of America

By Alan Caruba

Let’s understand something fundamental to everyone’s life in America and the entire economy. We are not “addicted” to oil. Like all developed, modern nations we use oil as a valuable resource for transportation, as the basis of plastics, and for a thousand uses from asphalt to Vaseline. We are not “addicted” to oil because it is essential to modern civilization everywhere.

Just because President Bush, whose family fortune was built on the oil industry, and now Barack Obama, President-elect, says we are addicted does not make that true, but Obama goes way beyond that statement to claim as he did in naming his energy and environmental team, that the world is running out of oil. That, too, is a lie.

The reason America must import oil is that, starting with President Jimmy Carter and in league with the U.S. Congress, access to our own billions of barrels have been forbidden by our lawmakers. We have the oil. Our oil industry is not allowed to explore for it or extract it.

Similarly, to suggest that somehow a nation that depends on its own abundant resources of coal for half of all the electricity generated should abandon that source of power in favor of solar or wind borders on either madness or a deliberate duplicity or both.

In all of the world, solar and wind accounts, as it does in the U.S., for barely one percent of all the electricity generated. Together or individually, they represent the single most inefficient, unpredictable, and unaffordable “energy alternatives” that exist today. They rank with ethanol as yet another bogus solution to “sustainability.”

As Obama introduced his energy and environmental team, all I saw was a lethal combination of ideologues and academics, all dedicated to a program of national suicide based on decades of lies about the actual science of climate change and energy use.

The notion that the United States should sign onto and accept the limitations on energy use incorporated in the Kyoto Protocols is yet another lie. On July 25, 1997 the U.S. Senate passed a unanimous resolution refusing to accept it and even the Clinton-Gore team, when in office, never offered it to the Senate for consideration.

But the Obama administration will send it and a Congress dominated by environmental loonies such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Harry Reid, a host of California lawmakers, along with the utterly deluded John McCain and others, will ratify it.

The United Nations Kyoto Protocol is based on the global warming hoax. The fate of the United States will be tied to something that is not happening!

There is no need to limit “greenhouse gas emissions” because Carbon Dioxide plays virtually no role whatever in climate change. Fully 98% of CO2 is absorbed by the Earth.

The cost of our use of every form of energy will rise based on climate claims that are lies. A nation that is already wounded by the collapse of our financial system will be pushed further into the grave by such a measure. And Obama must surely know this.

That the President-elect could stand before Americans and claim that we are seeing increased famines, face rising oceans, and fiercer storms, and not be challenged is obscene.

And he will not be challenged by what has formerly been the bulwark of our democracy, the nation’s press. It is the nation’s press that has spread the lies of the environmental movement since the days of Rachel Carson’s screed against the use of any and all chemicals.

Those who witnessed the introduction of the Obama energy and environmental team witnessed the beginning of the most aggressive attack on the nation’s coal industry, oil and gas industry, and nuclear industry. When you control energy use, you control every other aspect of life in the nation.

As the oppression gains, there will be fewer trucks on the nation’s highways to deliver goods as restriction upon restriction piles up. It has already begun in California with literally insane restrictions on trucks using diesel. As goods become difficult to deliver, the nation’s economy will suffer further.

Life in America is going to become very grim.

The nation’s financial troubles will begin to pale as the government enacts more and more restrictions, even as it presently demands to decide what kind of cars Detroit auto manufacturers must make to receive an ill-conceived bailout. New industries and those seeking to expand will encounter obstacles. Already, multinational industries such as Foster-Wheeler, Tyco, and Transocean International, formerly with headquarters in America have left. Others will follow.

That is the “change” the Liar-elect will bring. It is the slow death of the most powerful nation, economically and militarily, on Earth and only our enemies will cheer it on.


Unknown said...

After reading the MSNBC article about the Energy & Environmental positions and list of people he wants. I did some light reading on the topic and found that they are either healthy political state paybacks for the votes, intentionally Pro-Green party placements, or a rather nasty combination of both. Even though they look qualified they are and have been so Pro-Green in the past that they simply can not anything but bias.

They would be better off, for the American people, as Advisor's to the President rather than Ultra Green department Secretary's with power.

Saildog said...

This is all garbage. Denmark in 2007 produced 19.7% of its power from wind. Today the country supplies around half of all new wind power equipment in the world having built a thriving industry. Coal is doomed and while oil will never run out, the world has passed peak production. The US could never produce the oil it needs domestically even if it could drill at will.

You are no doubt paid by the coal and oil lobbies. Most of the stuff you write is not just based on ignorance, though that no doubt plays its part, but downright lies. You are a despicable old fool.

Alan Caruba said...

Sorry, Saildog, but you're wrong. As for Denmark, it is a very small nation with far less need for electricity than the vastnass of America. Efforts to create wind farms off America's coasts have been almost uniformly resisted by residents and politicians.

Coal is not doomed. We have tons of it which, in terms of supply and demand, makes it affordable as well as an extremely effective source of power.

The United States needs to produce some of the oil it already has. We import the bulk of what we need from Canada and even from Venezuela. Oil, Saildog, is a global commodity. It doesn't have a nationality, just a price.

I am still waiting for the check to arrive from the oil and coal lobbies. Apparently they haven't gotten the word that they owe me bigtime.

As for you, Saildog, I thought I would cut you a break and let you spout your usual nonsense. So, Happy New Year and don't expect to have your comments posted here in 2009. You are still banned from this blog.

Guy said...


I have been following your writings for quite a while now, and there aren't too many subjects that I don't agree with you on. The ignorance of the left never ceases to amazes me. They continually live in a fantasy world, based on little half truths that the media seeds into their daily lives, and then whips into a frenzy, using hatred and fear. The way the media destroyed the public's support for the war on terror was despicable, and bordered on treason in my opinion. I, for one, am sick and tired of it, and I want you to know that I support your efforts completely. Boneheads like this Saildog need to grow up, open their eyes, get past their hatred for George Bush (another thing the media whipped into a frenzy), and start seeing what's happening today for what it is ... the destruction of our country and our way of life. I was once a young liberal, full of grand ideas and wonderful dreams, but as I matured, the realities of life hit me square in the face. As I struggled to start a business and pay my bills, I realized that nothing is free, but I also realized that there are ample rewards waiting for anyone ready to put in a hard day's work. At least there used to be. Now, if these morons have their way, we'll all be reduced to the common denominator, taxed into submission and throttled by people who've never put in a hard day's work in their lives. The assault on our freedoms has gotten out of hand, and Socialism is invading our country at an alarming pace. For those of you out there who don't understand what Socialism is, just start a business and you'll find out all about it. Keep up the good work Alan, and rest assured that although we may be outnumbered at the moment, life has a funny way of weeding out the dreamers. From chaos comes order, as history has repeatedly demonstrated. Saildog will either grow up some day, or fall victim to the Socialist ideas he supports....

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, Guy, and welcome to the followers of this blog.

Saildog said...

Guy, from a single post, calls me a bonehead and a socialist. In fact I am neither. I am a CA (same as a CPA in the US) and I have a Masters degree in Sustainability Sciences.

I have worked hard and run my own business and disagree vehemently with big government and heavy taxation, which as a CPA I understand far too well.

I also understand natural resources and have taken the time to learn about the environment from a scientific standpoint. Ecology, climate and mans impact on the world generally all comprised components of my Masters.

Just because I address these issues from the vantage point of knowledge does not mean I am a bonehead.

Alan Caruba said...

Saildog, since you were specifically named, I have posted your response.

I have known many men with graduate degrees who were boneheads, so I suspect merely matriculating you way through life is not proof you still have any idea of how wrong you are.

P.S. You should cease attempting to post comments here. Happy New Year!

baump said...

Alan: Did Saildog's "old" comment hit a button or you just don't like conflicting opinions in your comments? Guy calls Saildog a "bonehead", but doesn't get excluded? You are should get money from the petroleum sector as I have never read a negative word about it on this blog. As for Guy's socialism you understand that our nation is not purely a capitalist economy? Who builds and maintains highways and other infrastructure? Was Eisenhower a socialist for building the interstate highway system? And as usual, I have a global warming question...are all of the reports of shrinking ice fields, disappearing glaciers, and the opening of the long sought Northwest Passage a conspiracy against the producers of fossil fuels and our industrial economy? Can that many people worldwide be trusted to maintain the secrecy necessary for this conspiracy?

Alan Caruba said...

1. Saildog's original comment was posted here by mistake. He had been banned from posting earlier largely due to a combination of inaccurate information and a bad attitude.

2. Since Guy called him a bonehead I felt it was only fair to permit Saildog to respond.

3. You are not likely to be granted permission for further posts because (a) without the oil industry the entire civilized, modern world returns to the stone age, (b) I will add that I do not receive funding from any aspect of the oil industry,(c)there is no room on this blog for the advancement of flat out lies about glaciers melting, etc. Many, in fact, are growing. And, (d) this is MY blog and I determine who posts here.

Guy said...

My definition of "bonehead" is someone who's skull is so thick, that any real information or ideas cannot penetrate, which describes 90% of the Bush-hating liberals I talk to every day. They are so obsessed with their hatred of Republicans, corporations, and George W., that they refuse to open their eyes and honestly evaluate the information that we are presented with every day. The number of true scientists coming forward to de-bunk the myths of global warming is exploding, and yet the left continues to beat Al Gore's global warming drum. Oil and energy are fact of life, like it or not, and without them, we'll be returning to the stone age. Don't like that fact? Well you can stick your head in the sand and pretend it isn't true, or you can open your mind and look for VIABLE options. But cutting off the supply of oil will not make these options magically appear. I own a small piece of land, and have been experimenting with a wide variety of alternative energy sources in an effort to do my part, as well as save some money. I've found that there are few substitutes for the energy we get from the fossil fuels we have at our disposal, and the BEST renewable fuel we have, wood, is now under assault by the "carbon footprint" gang. I don't know about you, but I enjoy staying warm in the winter, and I have no intention of letting my family freeze to death while a bunch of BONEHEADS scream about global warming!

Unlike the leftists, who seem to blindly hate each and every person who doesn't subscribe to their particular philosophies, I welcome ALL the people I meet into my life with open arms and an open mind. Then, AFTER I've heard what they have to say, I decide whether they are a friend, or a foe. My definition of a FOE is anyone who doesn't respect the constitution, doesn't respect the fact that millions have died to protect the freedom we have in this country, and doesn't respect MY RIGHT to earn as much money as I care to earn, and do with it as I see fit, as long as I respect the freedom and rights of others.

This last election was a big eye-opener for me, and I found out that a lot of people that I thought were friends are nothing of the sort. When it comes to freedom and democracy, you're either with us, or you're against us. For a government official to maintain the delicate balance between doing what is good for the people,and staying out of their lives requires honesty, and a strong commitment to our constitution. I'm seeing very little of either these days, and I consider anyone who supports a politician who lacks these qualities to be part of the problem. So there you have it. Sorry if I called someone who considers themself to be educated a bonehead, but if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and looks like a duck .....