Saturday, January 24, 2009

Desperately Green

By Alan Caruba

As more and more people figure out that the Earth is cooling, the Greens grow more and more desperate to keep the global warming hoax going. They have a lot invested in this Big Lie and some of it comes in the form of proposed carbon taxes or cap-and-trade schemes, along with millions invested in ethanol production and so-called “sustainable” energy like solar and wind.

The fact that none of these ventures can make any money without a government subsidy—your taxes—should tell you something about how viable or sensible they are.The latest scam making the rounds among a hardy band of “skeptics” and “deniers”, two descriptions of real scientists, is the publication in “Nature” magazine of a study purporting that Antarctica is getting warmer.

Most of the mainstream, allegedly science-based magazines have long ago sold their souls to the global warming mob. Anything you read in “National Geographic” or see on their television channel when it comes to climate is just balderdash.So “Nature” comes out with an article by a team led by Professor Eric Steig that Antarctica is warming and guess what? It turns out to be based on those same tired old computer models that have been manipulating data for years to spit out “global warming” predictions and claims.

The U.S. Weather Service has some of the best computers available for predictions and it cannot tell you what the weather will really be next week. At best, it can predict weather about three, maybe four, days out. And even then you better bring an umbrella or wear your boots.

All the claims of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have been based on these utterly corrupt computer models and real scientists have been merrily tearing them apart for years.The problem is that you have to attend an event like the upcoming Heartland Institute Conference on Climate Change to get the real facts and, even though they were presented by some of the leading climatologists and meteorologists in the world last year, the media was around only to heap scorn on the event.

Without getting too deep into the weeds, the study published in “Nature” claimed to have new evidence produced by a computer model that combined satellite data with temperature readings from surface weather stations. The problem is that Antarctica has very few surface weather stations so the computer model, apparently using intuition, decided what surface stations would be reporting if there were any.

The bottom line is that all the satellite data for that past 30 years has reported that Antarctica is getting colder with the exception of a small part of the continent known as the Antarctica Peninsula. Antarctica is not melting. Last year’s sea-ice cover was thirty percent above average.

I can guarantee you that we shall see more of these spurious studies as it become abundantly clear to people all over the globe that things are cooling off, not warming up.

At which point, some folks may want to drag Al Gore from his over-heated mansion and run him out of town.


Sailingbum said...

Or burn him at the stake..
A punishment fitting a prevaricating warlock!!
If people like algore want to live in the Middle Ages; they should be treated accordingly..

Francis said...

Or perhaps a good Tar and Feather job?
Wasn't that the preferred method to deal with snake-oil sales men back in the days?

Alan Caruba said...

The nice thing about getting old is that you realize the value of patience and with that in mind, I am confident that Al Gore will reap the scorn for all his global warming lies. There will be payback!

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is a really hot topic and people are jumping with frustration at these bare-faced lies
The problem is, though, that they have the ear of 'offialdom' and the MSM. They can lie and deal bad science and our leaders back them to the hilt; there is no sign of back-off or reprimand. I find it inconcievable that real scientists, with all the research facts and explanations are being pushed into the dark in favour of pure liars and figure-fiddlers. Just what is going on?
Al Gore must have the goods on a lot of people for them to parrot his regurgitated garbage.
I also notice that Mike 'Hockey Stick' Mann is on the Eric Steig team - no doubt offering his expertise on fiddling the books.
As they say 'the truth will out, one day'

Rich Kozlovich said...

It is interesting that so many stopped believing in Anthropogenic Climate Change at around the time they stop listening to the MSM and reading the New York Times and a host of newspapers of the same ilk. I keep asking the same questions to those who still believe.
1. Since we know that the Earth’s temperature has varied drastically over the ages; what is the Earth’s temperature supposed to be?
2. We know that it was substantially warmer 1000 years ago than it is today and there was little of what could be called industrialization then; what caused all of that warming, which lasted for hundreds of years?
3. Since it was substantially warmer then that it has been for hundreds of years we have to ask ourselves; did the terrible calamities that they are predicting for today occur then?
4. Since that is absolutely no evidence, historical or otherwise, that any of these calamities occurred then; why should we believe that they will occur now?
We shouldn’t!

Alan Caruba said...

Rich: You keep expecting the Greens to think and act rationally. Silly you!