Thursday, August 27, 2009

Healthcare "Reform" Can Make You Very Nervous

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Buzzg said...

'Health Care' is something that each individual is responsible for. Your own health and what you do to enhance or detract from it is your choice. Medical care is what is provided when you have illness, disability or other disorders caused by your own excesses or forces outside your control. The administration has made this a personal issue by characterizing it as "Health Care". What they are really espousing is government controlled medical care; socialized medicine. We need to keep this distinction in mind at all times. Your health and ultimately your well being is and will remain your choice. What will not remain your choice under the Dear Leaders plan is how you select treatment for illness, disease, infirmity, the discomforts of old age, and how you insure yourself against these things.
We do not need "Health Care Reform". We have the best medical provider system in the world. What we need is to remove government intervention into the free market aspects of the system we have. The federal law allowing states to prohibit interstate commerce in health insurance must be repealed. Look to Texas. Tort reform must be the point of the spear. Look to Texas. The state of Texas has done these things and others to promote better medical care to their citizens. It works. Medical practicioners insurance rates have declined by 27%, the number of doctors applying to practice in the state has increased by almost 57% and on and on. All without the heavy hand of government. There are elements of the current proposed government "plans" that have nothing to do with HEALTH CARE or providing medical care. This whole bill is designed to give government near total access into your personal lives, financial records ad nauseum. It is the ultimate Ponzi scheme. If you fall for it, you deserve what you get.