Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shovel Ready in America

By Alan Caruba

The only thing that is “shovel ready” in America today is Teddy Kennedy’s corpse and casket. Fortunately for his mortician, Kennedy had already embalmed himself.

One can only pray that his brand of insane, unrealistic, and very expensive liberalism will be buried with him, but that is not likely so long as our Marxist President draws breath.

With considerable schadenfreude I watched as William Kristol, founder and editor of The Weekly Standard, choked back his utter disdain for Teddy Kennedy during a panel discussion on the Fox News. Columnist Charles Krauthammer had nothing good to say of Kennedy either and it was to both their credit they did not feign any regret over his passing beyond the standard expression of sympathy for his family.

After prayers are said over his bloated remains, he will be interred in Arlington cemetery beside his brothers Jack and Bobby. The baby of the family, an indifferent student, boozer, womanizer, and bloviator, Teddy managed to get to the far Left of his more distinguished brothers.

Their careers in public service were as proxies for their power-mad father who rose from poverty as a bootlegger. These days he would probably be driving an 18-wheeler full of cigarettes from North Carolina to Boston.

He wanted, believe it or not, to be president, but FDR put an end to that nonsense. When oldest son, Joe, Jr., died in World War II, he turned to Jack to fulfill that ambition. The dutiful son complied, greatly assisted by the brilliant Ted Sorenson and the flamboyant, best character of the group that got him elected, Pierre Salinger. To the astonishment of everyone, Jack picked brother Bobby to be his Attorney General. They were a tight-knit family, the Kennedys.

When Bobby was assassinated during his campaign to become president (by a Palestinian—something that nobody ever bothers to mention), daffy, pudgy little Teddy was shoved in line to fulfill the same demented ambition. Only the drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne, something he failed to report for many hours, put a stop to his presidential ambitions.

This is America’s “dynasty”? That was “Camelot”? The Soviet Union’s clownish Nikita Krushchev took a look at Jack and decided he could get away with putting long-range missiles in Cuba. He was mistaken.

Can you even imagine what comparable world leaders today are thinking of Barack Obama who wet his pants trying to decide whether to kill some Somali pirates that were holding an American ship captain captive and for ransom? Who couldn’t find a good word to say for the brave Iranians in the streets of Tehran protesting that monster, Ahmadinejad and the crazed ayatollahs? Et cetera!

Now the Democrats, who can’t find enough votes among their own pathetic herd in Congress, the majority party, intend to rename the totally Socialist “universal healthcare” bill after Teddy in a lame effort to ram it through despite polls and town hall meetings, phone calls, emails and faxes by the hundreds of thousands denouncing it.

If passed it would hasten the bankruptcy of a nation rendered bankrupt by Obama and the Democrats. What a legacy!

As the Irish are fond of saying, let us be about our Father’s work. Let’s shovel Teddy under and get on with saving the nation from the likes of him and those to whom he has passed the torch.


baump said...

You stated that Kennedy "failed to report [the accident] for more than 24 hours". I can't imagine that you are trying to mislead your readers, but a simple internet search indicates that he entered the police station approximately 10 3/4 hours after the accident. Obviously the timing is still unacceptable especially considering his other behavior that night and subsequent morning. But, I believe that accuracy in writing helps promote respect for the writer's views.

Louise W said...

An appropriate commentary on the passing of a man whose only reason for being in the Congress was his family name. Certainly the family is saddened as families usually love you regardless of what you have been.

Americans can be saddemed that in sp[te of all the advantages and opportunities he had he chose to follow a sordid path that did not accomplish much.

Personally, I think being buried next to his brothers, Jack and Robby will be an honor he really doesn't deserve.

Gramfan said...

Brutally honest, Mr Caruba,,but true!

I can't help but think how he and his brothers should have fared with the media.

JFK made Clinton look like an amateur in the "predator department".

Now,,,a free pass of course.

I am waiting for the 'messiah' to beatify him as they are indeed doing right now.

I still think Marilyn Monroe was an "inconvenient woman".

Alan Caruba said...

I agree and will make a correction to the text.

Buzzg said...

I say, Lad, can you tell me the penalty for vehicular homicide in the great state of Massachussetts?
Aye, certainly I can. Lifetime election to the Senate.

Rich Kozlovich said...

If anyone would like to know how a Kennedy can get away with murder in the state of Massachusetts, please read, Senatorial Privilege: The Chappaquiddick Cover-up by Leo Damore.

Michael Z. Williamson said...

You're far too kind.

Michael Z. Williamson said...

Mr 0bama, I think I see some problems in your health care proposal.

That's okay, I'll drive off that bridge when I come to it.

Doug said...

Unfortunately, TV is in the process of creating another Michael Jackson self-feeding frenzy. For the life of me I cannot understand why this man is being canonized. Why? Because he was relentless in his desire to spend my money? And it was never enough?

I see that old Ted sold his compound, worth an estimated $8 million, for $1 before he died, qualifying him to be a Florida resident and thereby avoid Massachusetts inheritance taxes. The same thing they did for Rose. Nice.

Where's The Kennedy Foundation to give his money away? Not once in his lifetime did Teddy give ANY of his property to charity. Not once! But steal MY money? Yessiree, Bob!.

Perhaps now I'll be able to keep a little more of my money with his departure.

Good riddance, Teddy.