Thursday, August 20, 2009

Signs of Sanity

By Alan Caruba

I have this theory that nations go crazy from time to time. Collectively they lose their wits or, as is often the case, the people either elect or have imposed on them a complete lunatic, discovering it in slow stages as reports of various horrors make their way to the countryside.

These days, those stages are greatly speeded up by the mass media that swiftly spread the word. Unlike the United States, in many nations the news is what the government says is news, but it must also be said that the mainstream media has utterly disgraced itself over the course of the recent campaign and the first months of the Obama administration. There are signs, however, some have rediscovered their role in our society.

The most vigorous signs of sanity among the general populace of America have been the recent town hall meetings. The tea parties, too. And just wait for the big march in Washington, D.C. on September 12!

That will surely put the fear of the people into the hearts of Congress men and women. It is far better that they fear us than the other way around.

The sage of Baltimore, journalist H.L. Mencken noted that, "The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule." Healthcare “reform” is a perfect example of this warning.

Healthcare is far too important to be left to the machinations of politicians and bureaucrats. A society that does not put a high premium on life, from newborn to the elderly, is itself sick.

The concept of caring for the ill, looking after widows and orphans, is as old as the Torah, the Old Testament. You can find the foundation of charity there, too. A society, whether it was an ancient city-state or a massive modern one, that does not tend to those who have fallen on bad fortune or illness is not worthy of existence.

Though Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid are “liberal” concepts, I think they reflect the religious roots of the nation and a belief that the common good is served when those citizens who have contributed to these systems benefit and require care.

These two systems, however, are in trouble because they have been poorly managed and their funds have routinely been taken by Congress that left IOU notes in their place. If these two systems cannot be trusted to Congress, why would anyone want to turn our entire healthcare system over them?

Americans, even in the early days of the Republic, had developed a unique capacity to organize themselves for all kinds of public service and purposes. Alexis de Tocqueville, in his famed “Democracy in America”, was especially impressed by this aspect of our society because it was so uncommon in the Old World of Europe.

So I think Americans have collectively looked at the insanity coming out of the Obama administration and decided to reverse course on what looks like a very bad political decision; first to turn power over to the Democrats in Congress and, second, to have entrusted the present and the future of America to a man who can barely speak without uttering a new or old lie and is laughably dependent on a TelePrompter.

It is insanity, when the nation is reeling from the financial crisis of the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, to spend billions to take over General Motors instead of permitting established bankruptcy procedures to occur. It is insanity for the government to own a huge insurance company.

It is insanity for Congress to vote, sight unseen and unread, on a multi-billion dollar spending bill for the purpose of “stimulating” the economy when everyone knows it is just a huge compilation of political pork projects, often of dubious merit.

It is insanity to expect Congress to vote, again largely unread, a massive “reform” of the nation’s healthcare system, one sixth or one seventh of the economy, when the government is clearly not empowered by anything in the Constitution to do so.

It is insanity for Congress to vote for a “cap-and-trade” bill based on the utterly false assertion that America must save the planet from a global warming that isn’t happening. It is a cap-and-tax bill on the provision and use of the most vital element of society, the energy it uses. It will drive up the cost of electricity and drive out jobs and industry.

It is insanity to triple the national debt in the midst of a Recession or, as Vice President Biden said, to spend more to avoid a Depression.

Despite this, I am not ready to despair for America. There are Americans, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, who understand the threats and who are showing up to demand that Congress do their bidding. That is exactly the way our system is intended to work.

If the Democrats in Congress ram through healthcare and cap-and-trade they will destroy their party, but since it is now led by people whose lust for power renders them irrational we need to keep in mind that next year’s midterm elections are the remedy and that, even if passed, these bills can and will be repealed


Anonymous said...

Thanks. You say all the things I'm thinking, but you say them so well.

Alan Caruba said...

I appreciate that, Andy. It is testimony to the fact that a lot of us share these views.

Foxwood said...

Do you believe the Constitution is the rule of law? Do you believe in the original intent of our founding fathers? Do you want to reform Congress? I'm not talking about reforming a Democratic Congress, but Congress.

Ayrdale said...

You're right. There is no need for widespread despair, there is only a need to learn from mistakes of the past; and the biggest mistake is the acceptance of the MSM as culural arbiters over the last 50 years.

Carolyn said...

A lust for power is exactly what it is. I like all of your blog posts, but especially this one. I agree with Andy that you say it so much better than a lot of us!
One thing this one reminded me of is how the democrat power is making things hard on charity. It's never been the government's job to be charitable, and since so many people seem to forget America's Biblical roots- they look to the government for charity, not churches and private organizations for such help.
Since all the mess came down the past year or so, many charities are hurting for funding, and having a hard time providing for the needy. Even the latest scheme-cash for clunkers is taking a toll on charities which depend on old and used cars to provide transportation for the poor. It's rough all over, but power hungry people used to getting a free ride by "serving" seem not to care-
Thank you though for your hopeful words! God Bless!

Buzzg said...

If you think the Government might ban personal ownership of firearms, if you are returning from active duty in a combat zone, if you agree with the Heller decision, and if you're a NRA member, you might be a TERRORIST!
There might be signs of sanity here and there, but if you believe these power mongers in Congress are going to go down without a fight you are deluding yourself. These people have the reins of power firmly in their grasp and they have a large contigent of supporters with lots of MONEY. Plus they are giving our money away at record levels to insure votes. The American Bar Assoc., the SEIU, the UAW, ad nauseum are not going down easily. Expressing our opinions on blogs is nothing more than preaching to the choir. Somehow, we as conservatives, have to find a way to get directly in the faces of our so-called representatives and yank 'em up by the stackin' swivels and let them know they are our REPRESENTATIVES. The GOP, RNC are not doing this. Michael Steele is Demokrat-lite. He's not going to make waves, and neither is the GOP. We're on our own here folks. We're down to really grass roots fundamental get the bastards out. I don't know if there's enough of us, but I'm doing all I can here in Oregon (a Blue State).


Alan Caruba said...

Buzz, I have no doubt these are a power hungry bunch of crazings in the WH, but I also think they are discovering the grasping power is a lot like trying to hold onto a pound of Jello.

They are being beaten up by the Far Left and, at the same time, being deserted by what might be called the "moderate" left.

Bottom line? NOBODY except the suicidal diehards likes Healthcare Reform Obama-style.

J. L. Krueger said...

Good thoughts Alan. I'm almost as pissed at the Republican leadership too though. They are just as complicit in allow things to get to this stage in the first place. They were also irresponsible when they controlled both Houses of Congress, especially the so-called moderates.

Maybe they were so prepared to battle Hillary that they had no plan for Obama, but they sure passed on lots of opportunity to at least minimize the damage. So now we're fighting delaying action.

libertyforusa said...

Another inspiring read Alan.Indeed I am a member of the choir. Preach away, at all times, please, please, never stop.

Preaching to the choir informs me, preaching to the choir inspires me, and that in turn leads me to become involved.

We have had a lot of people that have been preaching to their own private circle of buddies in Washington DC, but they have not been speaking to me.

Me and my choir friends are now out and about and looking for those preachers and finding out they do not hear us.

Our numbers keep growing by the day. We are more informed and we are more inspired than ever, and our education is not coming from a truly disgraceful media. Our education is coming via common sense blogs that so eloquently express what we wish we could say effectively like this one always does, or institutes with experts via the internet like the Heartland, or Heritage or Cato.

We have relearned that our friends do not lie to other friends, and can help us find where the truth is located,while our former sources of information lie about lies and than repeats them in sound bites.

The choir has not heard it all, they will hear and learn more, because we are listening.

When sanity reclaims it's place our new government will have new members that all come from our choir.

Singing will be heard along with praises to the preacher.

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, Susan. Tell your friends and family about this blog so that others may enjoy it as well.

Anonymous said...

Alan ... I write a local op-ed and often quote you. Keep delivering these gems. We need thoughtful people loke you to help drive the debate. Thank you.

Alan Caruba said...

Thnks, Frank. Who doesn't like being quoted.

Email me and tell me where your local op-ed appears.

Travis sez said...

Thanks for providing us with "an encouraging word", which is seldom heard these days. It's time the squishy middle awakened and realized that we have a Marxist grad-student doing his best to kill private industry and replace it with a sugar-coated government substitute. The mainstream version is that Ben Bernanke is optimistic, but I prefer your straight talk, Alan. Kudos again.

Alan Caruba said...

Susan...We have a "Borden" who left a similar message and now yours under the name "Martha." Is this just a coincidence?

Glad you are enjoying the blog.