Monday, November 9, 2009

Captive Voters

By Alan Caruba

Americans are beginning to learn what it is like to be governed by a Congress that doesn’t care what they think or want. All over the world there are legislatures in nations that exist for no other purpose than to rubber stamp what the local despot or monarch wants to do.

Those like myself who live in New Jersey have become so accustomed to the indifference of those we elect that it took one of the most obtuse and incompetent governors in recent times in order to get a Republican elected.

Jon Corzine, multi-millionaire, tool of the civil service and teacher’s unions, and serial perpetrator of some of the highest State taxes in the nation was replaced by Chris Christie whose campaign promised nothing specific beyond the fact that he was not Jon Corzine.

Christie faces a hostile, Democrat-controlled legislature. He joins the rest of the vast majority of Americans in facing a hostile Democrat-controlled Congress led by two of the most vile, demented politicians in modern times, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

We can blame Pelosi for a two-thousand page so-called healthcare reform bill pegged at a cost exceeding a trillion dollars. Reid is likely to have a harder time getting the Senate version passed, but if the Democrats remain united it will, barring a filibuster.

Nobody likes the healthcare reform bill except people who are determined to “transform” America into a socialist workers paradise comparable to failed European and Russian governments. In Europe, ten percent unemployment has been the norm for years. Americans regard that with horror, but if they keep electing Democrats to office, it too will become the norm.

The odds are pretty good that our military will be incrementally reduced in size and that offensive war, regime change operations, and occupations will become a thing of the past. An all-volunteer military, such as we have had since the 1970s, is simply not capable of sustaining such efforts without severe human cost to our service personnel. The military suicide rate is testimony to that.

The Army is so worn out and so politically correct it could not spot something seriously amiss in a major who dressed like an Arab on base even though he was American-born and bred. His openly expressed opposition to American policy in the Middle East should have gotten him cashiered, but didn’t. So he killed thirteen servicemen and wounded another thirty or more in a now classic case of “Sudden Jihad Syndrome.”

Despite calls to “Drill here, drill now” Americans who want to tap abundant reserves of oil have been ignored for decades. It is nothing less than obscene that a patch no bigger than a few football fields in the massive Alaska National Wildlife Reserve cannot be permitted to tap millions of barrels of oil. Or that more than a hundred coal-fired plants to generate electricity have been cancelled in recent years because of an utterly bogus limit on “greenhouse gas emissions” that might “cause” a “global warming” that is not happening.

A similar grievance regarding the protection of our southern border against further illegal aliens has been ignored by Congress and, no doubt, given the opportunity, they will extend another amnesty to the estimated twelve million illegal aliens living in our midst. This will automatically double their population as extended family members of the new citizens join them. Apparently Mexicans cannot leave Mexico fast enough.

The most astonishing aspect of the House Democrat vote for healthcare takeover, not reform, is the way it totally ignored nearly a million people who came to Washington on September 12 to oppose it, the earlier “town hall meetings” that opposed it, and the even earlier coast to coast tea parties that opposed it.

When the Republicans didn’t listen, they lost ground in both the 2006 and 2008 elections. The zeal to impose more Big Government, Big Spending, and Big Borrowing, along with bailouts and takeovers, has blinded the Democrats.

We the People voted for the current members of Congress (or insufficiently for their opposition) and, unless we vote them out and replace them with legislators that will actually listen to and act upon our grievances, all the rallies, tea parties, and protests will be meaningless.

If we fail, we will be looking at an incipient, authoritarian dictatorship.


Carolyn said...

What really kills me this day Alan, is that it is the 20th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin wall (I remember exactly what I was doing when it fell). It kills me that so many of our politicians were all so gaga over it, but don't seem to get it. Uh, it was the collapse of communism, was it not? The conditions for the east Germans and all behind the curtain was 3rd world. Now, seems all our current leaders, while praising Gorby for tearing down the wall (no mention of Margaret or Ronald!) they are wanting to build a wall in and around the US! As for obama- of course the collapse was all about him, that freedom for those coming out of communism into the free world,was that same freedom to have a black man of "African roots" to be elected to the President of the United States! Now our esteemed leaders want to take it away from us. I really hope that enough people will vote these deaf perpetual politicians out next time! Coming from a mildly socialist country to America was a great thing, and I don't want to see that chance disappear for those who bravely escaped from more strict socialist and commie states. God Bless you Mr. Caruba~

Buzzg said...

With the recent abrogation of our Constitution, which actually goes back a long way, we must realize that we are in the grip of a totalitarian government.
George Bush, though he did much that I admire, has been quoted as saying the the Constitution " just a God damned piece of paper."
I have found no evidence to refute that he actually said that,and I believe that he did.
I know that he skipped over the Constitution when he signed his version of a "stimulus bill".
The Constitution has been a doormat for a lot of years and the voters have somehow failed to recognize that they are being sold a pig in a poke.
Unfortunately, when a populace discovers that they can vote themselves largesse from the public coffers,(not allowed by the real Constitution) who do you think they will vote for? The candidate that says he's going to revert back to Constitutional government or the one who promises continuation of the dole?
We are being systematically destroyed from within, aided and abetted by our own who can't seem to see that the dole is what is keeping them in poverty.
When you give money to someone for not having done anything to earn it, you haven't helped them up, you are keeping them down.
When you rob from Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul.
Please, don't get this old cynic started on the subject of illegals in this country.
This site doesn't have sufficient space.

Brittanicus said...

Unfortunately the House passed a bill that allows illegal aliens to use the new health care "exchange". There are several loopholes that doe’s not require stringent verification to keep illegal aliens out Health care reform. However the bill was not in the best interest of the majority of Americans who want health care reform, but wanted a bill approved without the financial complication of insuring the millions of illegal immigrants. Now the next hurdle is the Senate chambers where enactment must bypass Sen. Harry Reid and other Democratic leaders who are adamant on giving illegal immigrants access. Please call all Senate Members and urge them to vote against the rule that provides a weak verification mechanism that still allows illegal aliens to purchase insurance from the health care exchange.
E-verify is a progressive computer tool, that is capable of ensuring illegal aliens are excluded from nationwide work-sites. Its innovation frees employers from being held responsible for unknowingly hiring foreign nationals, if accompanied with the federal 1-9 documentation.

Other pieces of relevant information contributing to the dilemma of US legal population: House Members Urge President to Enforce Immigration Laws to Lower Unemployment. Friends of Arizona Businesses with Illegal Workers Take E-Verify Law to Supreme Court Senate Census allows to Count Illegal Aliens for Congressional redistricting . CBO Says New Health Care Bill Would Cover 2.5 Million More Illegal Aliens. Sen. Reid Kills E-Verify Amendment to Unemployment extension Bill. Pro-Enforcement Candidates win in Virginia and New Jersey. 68% of Americans Oppose Sanctuary Cities and States

You can learn about the corruption and incompetence of lawmakers at NUMBERSUSA. Court cases, political sleaze and immigration non-enforcement at JUDICIAL WATCH. How population growth will effect future generations at CAPSWEB. SAY NO BLANKET AMNESTY!

Jinglebob said...

For an answer to why and what to do, please go read my blog entry for today.