Friday, November 27, 2009

Don't Drink the Global Warming Kool-Aid

By Alan Caruba

It's time to free ourselves of the baseless fears generated by the global warming/climate change crowd.

It's time to denounce the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen for its real purpose, a One World Government, run out of the United Nations.

Celebrate the truth that there is no global warming and let's rededicate ourselves to defeat the socialists in the U.S. government seeking to destroy our nation with "healthcare reform" and "cap-and-trade" bills as their highest priority.

You have two Senators and a Congressman from your district. Call them. Write them. Email them. Fax them. Let them know that a vote for either bill will be a vote for whoever opposes them in 2010. Do it NOW.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be "Mann-made global warming?"

Just for the sake of accuracy, mind you.

Adolfo Giurfa said...

Just imagine a rally where everybody carry a big hockeystick
with the word "CLIMATEGATE"

Alan Caruba said...

I like both of the recommendations!

Dave's Daily Day Dream said...

Hah! You write that I have 2 senators and a congress "person".

I have Boxer, Feinstein and that woman from Silicon Valley (BTW, I have been gerrymandered!)

I live within fifty mile of a Pelosi, so I must be close to the center of the world.

A giant earthquake might be a good thing. Provided that they are in their large homes with a view.