Sunday, December 6, 2009

UN Climate Treaty: A Sneak Attack on Humanity

By Alan Caruba

It’s ironic that the United Nations Conference on Climate Change began on December 7th. For an aging portion of the U.S. population, December 7, 1941 will always mark the Japanese Empire’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. It drew the U.S. into World War Two.

Humanity has been threatened for decades by the effort of the United Nations, through its environmental program in general and its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in particular, to impose an international treaty that would put the UN in charge of all energy use.

The treaty, like the former Kyoto Protocols, would have no basis in science.

The pretext has been that “global warming” is the result of greenhouse gas emissions that are causing the Earth to warm exponentially. The IPCC encountered a problem when the planet began to measurably cool beginning in 1998.

Satellite data since then have demonstrated that the average global temperature has been dropping, mostly in response to the Sun whose solar radiation has moved into what is called “a solar minimum”, a reduction in magnetic storms. This is a natural cycle the Sun has gone through many times over the billions of years of the Earth’s existence.

Like an invading army, more than 16,500 of the world’s greatest liars will descend on Copenhagen for what may well be the last attempt by the United Nations to use the “global warming” fraud to alter the economies of industrialized nations in the name of “saving the Earth.”

We now know conclusively that a key element of the fraud, the data put forth by the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, was deliberately falsified. This will test whether the participants in the conference can maintain their massive, international fraud.

If the UN can control energy use, it controls mankind.

The Copenhagen conference has already generated a torrent of green lies from environmental organizations. The fraud-—now dubbed Climategate—-will require the masters of worldwide media to choose between repeating discredited climate lies or to finally report the views of legitimate climate scientists and others that have been repudiating them for decades.

Here are just a few examples of the Climategate propaganda being perpetrated.

Despite the revelations of a massive climate data fraud initially reported on November 20, on November 23, the World Wildlife Fund released a report filled with the usual predictions of climate-related catastrophes, from hurricanes destroying New York to changes in the Asian monsoon patterns.

The World Wildlife Federation announced that it is hosting “Eco-Schools USA” intended to “Green K-12 buildings, grounds and curriculum.” Instead of learning the three R’s, in addition to some real science, groups like the WWF have been steadily indoctrinating young Americans to believe the Earth is doomed.

In November, the Environmental Protection Agency announced a $52,000 grant for projects in which students “will explore their coastal ecosystems” in New Jersey. The projects “emphasize the importance of taking action to protect the environment.” Not much money, but “since 1992, EPA has funded over $45 million in environmental education grants to support more than three thousand projects across the country.” Is this education or indoctrination?

The EPA has gone on record dismissing the revelations of distorted and false climate data used by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and is moving ahead to produce a finding that would permit the agency to regulate carbon dioxide emissions despite ample evidence that it plays no role in climate change. This reflects the effort of environmentalists to control energy use.

A group called Rare Conservation that describes itself as “a leader in local social and behavioral change for global biodiversity conservation” released a statement to the effect that “tropical deforestation is widely believed to be responsible for 15-20% of climate change.” The Washington Post reported their absurd claim that the Earth’s great “carbon sinks”, oceans and forests, will not be able to absorb increased levels of carbon dioxide, though they have been doing this for millennia!

In October, it was reported that “The federal government has paid out billions of dollars to environmental groups for attorney fees and costs, according to data assembled by a Cheyenne, Wyoming lawyer. A review by the attorney, Karen Budd-Falen, revealed that “the government, between 2003 and 2007, paid more than $4.7 billion in taxpayer money to environmental law firms “and that’s just the lawsuits she tracked.”

It is very doubtful that Americans are aware that they have been paying billions for green lawsuits, many of which were intended to stop various forms of development, i.e. jobs, or to encumber agricultural activity.

Who has grown wealthy from the greening of America? In November, the Capitol Research Center compiled a list based on budget figures from environmental groups.

Nature Conservancy, $910.7 million.
Wildlife Conservation Society, $197.4 million,
World Wildlife Fund, $169.5 million.
Environmental Defense Fund, $108 million.
Natural Resources Defense Fund, $122.8 million.
Natural Resources Defense Council, $108 million.
National Audubon Society, $92.7 million.
Natural Wildlife Federation, $90.1 million.
Sierra Club, $81.8 million.
Sierra Club Foundation, $29.9 million.
Greenpeace, Inc, $26.3 million.

These are groups that have infiltrated the curriculums of the nation’s schools, frightening a generation of children with global warming claims, along with predictions of the extinction of species, rising sea levels to flood cities, and other base nonsense.

These are just a handful of environmental organizations that have grown fat while doing everything they could to slow the U.S. economy by acquiring private property to put it off-limits to mining, drilling, timber, and agricultural use, among others.

These are groups that have lobbied Congress for all manner of legislation and regulations that have encumbered industrial and agricultural development. The “Cap-and-Trade” bill, based on IPCC data, is awaiting a vote in the U.S. Senate. If passed, it would destroy all hope of any economic recovery.

These are groups that signed onto the global warming fraud and whose representatives will be attending the UN Conference on Climate Change.

It is a sneak attack on humanity.


Guy said...

It's always been my opinion that the huge sums of money these enviro-groups have received, and have come to expect, are the root of the problem.

Forty years ago, our weak environmental regulations and lack of knowledge were resulting in some pretty serious ecological damage throughout the US. These groups popped up in response, and at the time, they had their place. Some of them have been more effective than others, but they all have one thing in common now ... they've all addressed the main reason they were created, and they've all outlived their usefulness.

Over the years, we've learned a lot, we've implemented the necessary safeguards, and we've made the changes necessary to protect our ecosystem. There's always room for improvement, but I feel that here in the US, our environment is much healthier than it was forty years ago.

Sadly, over the years environmentalism became more of a religion or a philosophy than a science. In many of these organizations, it's become an obsession ...

Like runaway freight trains, once these organizations got rolling and the funding started pouring in, it became almost impossible to stop them. Just as we see with government programs, once they are created, it takes an act of God to dis-band them. It's just too easy to tap into the endless stream of cash and use it to sway public opinion, influence politicians, and raise even more money.

I'm not sure what the solution is, but one thing's for sure.... letting any organization that has become obsessed with a cause or addicted to their cash flow make environmental policy in this country is simply foolish....

sofa said...

Just like Pearl, we need a massive counterattack.

They want what they want. We don't want to give it to them.

After years of small skirmishes, they have fired a MASSIVE opening salvo. Game on.

sofa said...

Stealing my wealth and Liberty, and stealing my children's future.

How is doing it with paperwork any different?

I never get a chance to defend against them as individuals. They hide at a distance. Wussies, each and every one.