Saturday, September 11, 2010

This is Ground Zero 2010

This open pit represents a level of incompetance that defies the imagination. It has been nine years since the Twin Towers were destroyed.


marie therese 1 said...

I agree. The pit is indicative of a profound incompetence and sadness in the face of such a hateful terroristic war on us. Those people and those who have continued to suffer and die for truth, justice, freedom and life deserve better.

the gregarious hermit said...

The elites of the West have lost their nerve, no longer knowing what the West means. They seem to be waiting for Muslims to decided how and what construction needs to take place here. Very sad.

Ronbo said...

The last years have been a re-run of the 1930s appeasement and economic Depression, which I predict will end the same way the last era of appeasement and Depression ended - In a world war led by a new elite of American leaders who kick butt and take names overseas, and release the dynamo of American capitalism at home.

Cathy Palmer said...

There are reasons why the rebuilding is taking so long.

Have any of you seen the 911 research of Dr Judy Wood?

Please check it out: