Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year - 2011


Joanna said...

Happy New Year!!!
Best wishes to You and Your Family!!

Alan Caruba said...

@ Joanna: Thank you! Now onto 2011!

Geoff A said...


Thank you for another year of excellently researched and presented reading material. Have an excellent 2011!

Kindest regards

Geoff Alder

Ronbo said...

"May you will live in interesting times." (A Chinese curse)


My seat belt is clicked and my hands are in the air as the roller coaster gets to the top of the first big dip...

I yell at the top my voice along with my fellow riders on car 2011 as we plunge into the abyss...


What a ride this will be!

Jo said...

@Alan Caruba
"now onto 2011".
in a honesty?...
...I fell like some 50 years ago jumping into a dirty fish pound with my eyes closed and my nose plugged... suit my peers it was all childs game but I hated every single possibility of the outcome!!!

Jo said...

@Geoff A
AMEN !! to your statement!!