Friday, January 14, 2011

Want to know why oil will hit $100 a barrel?

Sorry, America, but the Obama administration (and earlier ones as well) won't allow exploration and drilling for oil anywhere on the map that's red. It is not issuing permits for deepwater drilling where it's green. And China is busy buying oil for its growing economy while ours stagnates for lack of oil industry jobs and all the others dependent upon it. This is not rocket science. It's your government's energy policies.

-- Alan Caruba


Ronbo said...


I'm afraid nothing will change until we get rid of the stupid, corrupt, degenerate and socialist ruling class that has locked up the natural resources of America for the greater glory of the global warming hoax.

I think Chuck Baldwin has the quick and dirty way of getting rid of the dangerous parasites who infest our country.

joetote said...

In less than 100 words, a concise, exact analysis. Brilliant!

Guy in Ohio said...

It's pretty simple isn't it? Does anybody remember that it was a spike in gasoline prices that set off this recession we're in? When gas hits $5.00/gallon this summer, our entire economy collapses, and everyone is screaming bloody murder, I hope that the idiots responsible for this get dragged... oh wait, I can't say that can I?